Introduce iHerb to Others and Help Great Causes

iHerb believes in the value of helping others, especially through charitable giving. Since 2010, iHerb has supported numerous charitable organizations. Now 5 years later, iHerb is expanding our charitable giving with a new program where customers can help.

Beginning in 2015 for every first-time customer that is attributable to a charitable organization below, iHerb will donate $10. All you need to do is decide which cause you want iHerb to donate to and forward the highlighted yellow link to people you know.

Copy and paste one of highlighted yellow links below and email it to as many people you wish, or post it to your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts. When you share these links, first-time customers will save $5 on their first order with iHerb.

Doctors Without Borders is an international medical humanitarian
organization that provides aid to nearly 60 countries.

Cambodian Children’s Fund provides life-changing services under the
leadership of its founder Scott Neeson.

Or choose the following link and we will donate $5 to each of the above organizations - for a total of $10.

Frequently asked questions:

What charitable organizations does iHerb assist?

In 2014, iHerb contributed $425,000 to assist organizations such as New Hope Cambodia, Cambodian Children’s Advocacy Foundation, and IPIC Kampong Thom Poor People Project. This contribution is in addition to the organizations recognized above for 2015. We’ve also made donations to events such earthquake relief in Haiti and famine relief in Somalia.

How does this program work?

This program is an extension of the iHerb Rewards Program: Instead of earning Rewards in your account, you will be donating these Rewards to the above charitable causes. The Rewards Codes assigned to these two organizations, DWB111 for Doctors without Borders and CCF777 for Cambodian Children’s Fund, will allow us to track the number of new customers joining iHerb, and compensate the related organization accordingly.

Is there a limit that you will donate to these organizations?

There is no limit. The $10 donation is limited only by the number of new customers that join iHerb.

Are there other ways that I can share these links?

Yes, on our Rewards website we’ve created numerous ways to share these links, including creating a shopping cart of your favorite iHerb products and sharing it with others. To ensure these organizations receive the credit, make sure to use the appropriate Rewards Code: DWB111 for Doctors without Borders and CCF777 for Cambodian Children’s Fund.