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Posted on Apr 28, 2013

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This really is a very special honey. Worthy of lable Premium - I don't know what kind of nector those wild bees are hitting on but it produces a nice medium dark sweet honey that I use to sweeten most of my hot served teas with, and it compliments the darker teas very well. Better than sugar. Excellent for some of my lighter teas as well like green or white tea and my fresh Bay Leaf tea- Thats when I started using this honey; when I started steeping whole Sweet Bay leaf- (try it you will like it and it is good for production of bile and fatty acids / dietary tract) "they have a good price on Kosher 1 LB bag of the Lorlus Nobilis whole Bay leaf too). Excellent quality.

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Superb! Laurel - Sweet Bay and is Fresh!

Posted on Feb 16, 2013

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Excellent choice-Kosher - extremely fresh and sweet- make an excellent tea- you really dont need an infuser- use fresh spring water that is pure- bottle spring water etc. run it thrugh the coffee maker- 'say 8 cups of water , per cup of water use 3 whole fresh leaf , drop a couple or 3 leaves in the filter holder- let it begin it's cycle , when there is a skiff of hot water in the bottom of the pot then drop in at least 3 whole fresh leaves per each cup of fresh pure water into the pot- 18 whole leaves - let the coffee maker run the 8 cups of water trough and over the say 4 whole leaves in the filter holder. Let it set and draw as they float on top of the water for at least an hour or loger- not to long because it will look pale but will become slightly bitter edged- stir gently 2=3 minutes leave it set and settle- then strain/ filter into a container / glass pitcher or jar etc. it is now fresh strained pure and ready to use - sweeten with your favorite 100% pure wild honey, only about 1 tea spoon per 6-8oz serving. I use CC Pollen Wild Honey "Fine Select Visionary Collected from the Sonoron Desert- Sonoron Desert Honey from iHerb.com it is super sweet and is slightly grainy but melts as smooth as any other honey- it will crystlize if you leave it for a very long period (don't get a chance to with me) however just put the jar in a hot water bath and in just a few minutes it will liquify. Excellent Honey also Very sweet I use 1 tea spoon per 11-12 oz serving of bay leaf tea. This tea is excellent antient used for many things but I use this mix for intestinal dietary and bile and the cecreations of other dietary juices vital for digestion and related issues even to sooth a sour stomach and for constipation etc.

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Items 1-2 of 2 total