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Posted on Nov 02, 2012

42 people found the following review helpful

Представляет он собой стакан с откручивающейся крышкой емкостью около 800 мл. К стакану прилагается венчик (фото). Для того, чтобы смешать нужные ингредиенты, необходимо добавить их в стакан, кинуть туда венчик, закрыть крышкой и потрясти стакан вверх-вниз. Очень удобно смешивать и взбалтывать, например, омлеты, пищевые добавки в виде порошков,( которые надо растворять в воде или соке), соусы и т.п. Смешивает он очень качественно, без комочков. На стакане есть измерительная шкала в унциях и мл (от 0 до 600 мл) – удобно отмерять жидкости. Стакан очень легко моется, прошел у меня проверку даже в посудомоечной машине – не деформировался, краска не слезла. Сделан он очень качественно. Отдельно стоит отметить, что в составе материала блендера нет вредного для организма человека BPA (бисфенола А)*********используйте купон QOQ439 и получите скидку в 10$ на заказ от 40$!

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This is amazing stuff.*************USE coupon code VDK000 to get $10 OFF!!!

Posted on Nov 10, 2012

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I have been plagued by almost constant earaches for at least 10 years. Most of the time I wouldn't even bother going to the doctor for them. When I did he would prescribe an antibiotic and the earache would temporarily go away, but then be right back in a week or two. Finally he decided I had sinus problems and prescribed a couple of medicines that helped somewhat, but still did not eliminate my ear problem, so he advised that I should go on two more prescribed drugs and they would probably take care of the problem. . . I refused. These prescriptions would have cost in the neighborhood of $300/month and additionally some of them had rather unpleasant side effects. Now, I do have health insurance and after meeting my deductible, it would have covered 80% of the cost, but roughly $3600 per year for my sinuses????***I felt there had to be a better, simpler way to deal with the problem, so I started researching on the Internet for what else might be available. . .and I found this quercetin/bromelain product. Reading many many articles in the public press, and a few scientific studies, etc. piqued my interest and I ordered my first bottle about 10 weeks ago. The initial effect was immediate. Really within minutes my sinuses began opening. . .within days my ears stopped aching and in a few weeks my energy level had gone up to a point I hadn't had in maybe 20-30 years.***Again reading on the Internet, I hadn't realized what a problem chronic sinusitis could be and I want to tell you that I never considered myself to be one who had a sinus problem. I never had any obvious signs. My nose wasn't continually stuffed up. I did not realize that I had constant drainage, etc., but chronic sinusitis can have as a symptom: great fatigue.***I'm afraid that my extreme enthusiasm for this product will make you think I'm some sort of a nut, but since starting to take it I'm walking my dog 2-4 miles per day. I've lost considerable weight. My grand children are living with us at the moment, I've begun to get up out of bed 2 hours earlier than I need to for my Bible devotions and to have breakfast with my grand children. I feel better than I have in years and years.***I think the chronic sinusitis was like carrying around a 30 or 40 pound weight everywhere I went. It was a drag on my whole system. Maybe this won't work as well for you, but for me it literally has been a life changer. . .******************This supplement works great with Madre Labs's CocoCardio( http://www.iherb.com/p/23802?rcode=vdk000 )

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Items 1-2 of 2 total