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plumps up the skin of the whole body

Posted on Jul 11, 2010

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I ostensibly ordered this for my husband's injured foot, but I really wanted it for my skin (totally vain). Firstly, my husband's foot is fine and his face looks great. Next, I initially took 2 caps of this product morning and evening. But after a week, I started taking it only once a day. My skin feels so good. I've always had beautiful skin, but my face started losing fat because of age (almost 60) and weight loss (lost weight taking Life Extension Mega Silymarin: that's another success story). Now, I have no fears about losing weight. I look great.

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No Sweetness

Posted on Aug 26, 2013

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I was forced to buy this stevia extract after the wonderful extract powder from KAL was discontinued bu iherb. This Dukan stevia is pathetic in comparison. I have resorted to ordering the KAL stevia extract powder from Vitacost.com, and am now savouring the taste of delicious stevia. The 100 g previously lasted me over 4 months so it is very economical. I would not recommend the Dukan brand to anybody.

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If you want to lose fat around the waist

Posted on Jul 11, 2010

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I started taking this after reading Dr Eades' blog about a fatty liver being responsible for excess abdominal fat. I tried his detox diet, but didn't care for such an un-natural way of life. But I continued with this very concentrated silymarin. Lost size without doing anything. My husband, who is super-fit, slim and an exercise fiend, lost the small amount of love handles that started showing up this year. He actually started COMPLAINING that his pants were getting too big. Men!!! I told him that it wasn't his pants getting bigger, but his body getting normal. We take one cap a day. Highly recommended.

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Excellent for allergy relief

Posted on Dec 26, 2009

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My husband has been taking this for years. Before, he would be constantly blowing his nose, or sneezing over and over again while driving: not the safest mode. He only needs to take one when he gets up in the morning, without food, and that's it for the day.

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Absolutely delicious!

Posted on Oct 28, 2014

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I got it only because it was healthy. I still shiver at the memory of brewers' yeast. Horrible! This is totally different. I just add several tablespoons to my kale smoothie, and I could drink this all day. I noticed that my hair looked even better.

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Love, love, love this stevia

Posted on Jun 06, 2010

I have favourite uses for this stevia. I add a bit to skim milk with 1/4 tsp cocoa powder and a few leaves of my chocolate mint. Delicious! Even better is the skim milk + stevia + one strawberry: heavenly! I've also become addicted to the stevia + ground organic ginger mixed in a small dish. Okay, it can get pretty hot, but it takes my mind off of the chocolate chip cookies in the freezer.

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makes a smooth milk shake

Posted on Aug 05, 2010

At first I didn't see what people liked about it because I was adding it to a water-based smoothie. But there's something about milk, even totally skimmed milk which is what I drink, that makes this powder so good and creamy. I can add fruit, greens, or anything I want because it's unflavoured. And the price is right.

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Excellent before a workout

Posted on Nov 15, 2010

My husband takes only 1/2 teaspoon, and that's all he needs for his high intensity workout. The powder does not have a bad taste alone.

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If energy is what you want

Posted on Oct 23, 2011

I take it every day before workouts, so do my husband and several children. What I also like about the container of this product is the wide opening, so we can reach the last little bit and no waste. Don't take it at night unless you have an intense workout or you work night shift.

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Excellent Book

Posted on Jul 17, 2009

I'm very happy to have gotten this very practical and thorough book.

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