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Anyone with health problems should give this a try!

Posted on Sep 05, 2008

16 people found the following review helpful

This protein has boosted my energy, mood and mental clarity tremendously. After battling CFS like symptoms for the past 5 years this is the closest to normal I have felt and I've only been taking this product for 2 weeks. I started out taking 1 teaspoon (1/3 of the scoop) for several days, then increased to 2 teaspoons and thats when I knew it was working.. I started feeling slightly fluish and had muscle aches , typical detox reaction. I am now up to a full scoop and plan to work my way up to 2 scoops to see if I benefit futher. I'll update in the future with my progress.

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Unbelievable in effectiveness

Posted on Jul 31, 2007

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I have been dealing with terrible depression and anxiety issues for a while.. it built up recently to the point where I decided to turn to treatment with an SSRI.. Lexapro increased my anxiety, gave me a horrible cloudy head, and did nothing for my symptoms, Zoloft made me suicidal and borderline psychotic! The only thing that worked for me was 5-htp and Jarrow's B-right b-complex ...I tried 5-htp without the b-complex at a does of 25 mg and I saw better sleep but not so much of an impact on my other symptoms...with the b-complex (during the day) and 50mg of 5-htp at night I effectively rid myself of years of depression practically over night...It is miraculous I will update in the future as I am only in the beginning stages but this is by far the most effective supplement I have ever tried for depression

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Effective Energy Boost!

Posted on Jul 28, 2007

1 person found the following review helpful

I have to say that only one 500mg pill provides me with a very noticable boost in energy, alertness, and it even seemed to enhance my muscle tone....I believe that since it is a Amino Acid it would be best to take it on an empty stomach or at least away from a meal with protein in order to see its full effect... I have not experimented with higher doses and have stopped using this product after 5 days in order to evaluate other supplements but I assure you I will definitely begin taking this again!

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Items 1-3 of 3 total