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Posted on Feb 01, 2013

66 people found the following review helpful

Have tried many probiotics, both personally and with clients. This one has delivered more results and faster than any other. I have found it to be as effective as VSL-3 (considered the king of probiotics and with research supporting its efficacy even in conditions such as ulcerative colitis.) And certainly more impactful than Sedona labs, Primal Defence or Dr Ohhira - all sold by Iherb and with excellent reviews. These are ultra-ultra high potency. And Ultra stable. Perhaps that is just what makes the difference. Or it could be the care that Healthforce put in to all their products - the packaging, the supportive co-factors etc. Either way, can confirm that one patient who had suffered with spastic colon and various forms of non-functioning bowel for 20+ years, found that things healed up within two weeks of using this product. And another patient with chronic constipation (due to chronic neurological condition that reduced peristalsis of the bowel), began to have regular bowel movements within a week. Finally a third patient with bacterial vaginosis - an inbalance of the beneficial bacterial of the vaginal tract that can be influence by an imbalance in the colon - experienced a 75% improvment on this probiotic, when nothing else had helped. A few tips: 1) Likely to cause 2 - 7 days of odd digestion on initial use. This stuff is powerful. Nothing painful - but be prepared for odd, as the bowel re-colonizes. 2) Even though this a wonderful product, there are many holistic doctors who say the effectiveness of any probiotic is INCREASED if rotated regularly - so that the harmful bacteria never have a chance to adjust. 3) And ideal schedule might be three days of 1 -2 tsp of Healthforce Friendly Force, then two day of a different brand with other strains, and then again three days of Healthforce. Good luck. A real find, in my opinion

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Posted on May 05, 2013

23 people found the following review helpful

Many, many times more effective than Caprylic acid. I believe it is something like 300x more concentrated - so don't bother taking ANYTHING with caprylic acid in - head straight for this product. Great value for what it is. Yes there may be a little die off to begin with, but that is how you know you finally have something that will really do the job. And, unlike so many other products - some of which do admittedly work such as oregano oil - there is NO negative effect on the other good flora and bacteria of the gut.

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Posted on Jul 04, 2009

16 people found the following review helpful

This advertises itself as All Natural. Well it is NOT. The fragrance is artificial and of the the sort that is highly toxic to the central nervous system and intolerable to anyone with even mild chemical sensitivities. Overpowering and unpleasant chemical fragrance smell. I threw it away and am looking for one which is truly All Natural!

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Posted on Sep 17, 2007

10 people found the following review helpful

Stops viral and bacterial infections dead in their tracks. Woke up one morning with tonsilits (I don't mean a sore throat, I mean tonsilitis). Thought about seeing doctor for antibiotics - but instead mega- dosed on this stuff. 6 pills every four hours. Within 12 hours my throat was not longer hurting. Carried on with lower dose for next few days to be safe. Top Tips: Take at the VERY first hint of a cold or flu. And take LOADS. At $21 for 180 caps it is outstanding value and affordable to knock every infection on its head. Works EVERY time for me. And I am an immune compromised patient - so pick up everything going. But this stuff is always in my house and in the past 18 months nothing has ever actually gotton a hold. Good Luck. Keep swallowing these pills (they have everything known to man to help fight infections.)

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Absolutely Awesome

Posted on Dec 09, 2008

64 people found the following review helpful

This stuff is incredible. For me it as at least as powerful as standard prescription medications designed to aid sleep, relieve anxiety and reduce pain. All the benzodiazpines, sleep meds etc which I steer well clear of because of the very significant side effects and extremely dangerous tendency to cause nasty withdrawal symptoms. This really works profoundly as an anxyolitic and relaxant without any sedation, hangover or (so far as I can tell) alteration in sleep architecture (ie deep stage IV sleep is preserved) I think it works so well because it is a combination of 4 powerful nervous system inhibitors: phenibut, magnolols and l-theanine are all powerful in themselves, but dynamite in comination. Following a severe and repeated viral encephalitis (acute inflammation of the brain) I was left with a nervous system that was highly wired but had a very deficient braking/inhibition system. I spent years feeling like I was on speed, going through some sort of car crash. Tried pretty much everything. This is the best so far. Along with lots of melatonin at night, natural progesterone (I'm a girl!) which is very calming and alpha adrenergic receptor blockers. ONE VERY SERIOUS WORD OF WARNING. Phenibut acts on Gaba2 receptors. It does so very effectively. There is therefore, unfortunately a very real risk of developing dependency - as the receptors get used to having the stuff they start to need it and get miserable when it is withdrawn. Therefore YOU MUST TAKE BREAKS WHEN USING IT. This last point is very serious and should not be ignored. It's really a pity as I should like to use it permanently. However, I find that 5 days on and weekends off works well. Or even 4 days on and 2 days off. Additionally, I find that I need far less than the recommended dose of four capsules. I take 1/2 capsule at night. If I notice after several nights that I need more, then that is a sure sign I have already developed tolerance! Good luck. Its brilliant stuff. Throw away your Baclofen, your valium, your clonazapam. Here is something natural and effective. Just be cautious - it is powerful stuff.

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Posted on Aug 22, 2011

5 people found the following review helpful

Be warned: The main ingredient in this product is Fructose. (Levulose - as listed on ingredients) is just a fancy name for fructose. Fructose is cheap and easy to purchase. But not very good for you. Lo Han is something quite different - low G.I. , an antioxidant, immune enhancing, almost zero calories. Fructose is pure badness in comparison. I don't know how a health food company could sell such stuff with a good conscience. I will never, ever again purchase anything from Trimedica again. This - for people who have to follow a low GI, low calorie or low carbohydrate diet - is actually a pretty wicked thing to do. A label that loudly shouts about Lo Han. A blurb that lists all the virtues of Lo Han. And then the small print: Proprietary blend of Levulose and Lo Han. (As the levulose is listed first there is the most of it) - and still they try to hide the fact it is fructose by calling it a fancy name ie Levulose. Shame on Trimedica. I have been using this product for a while in good faith and trust only to learn it is actually pretty fraudulent.

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By far the best anti-inflammatory on the market

Posted on Apr 19, 2011

4 people found the following review helpful

Work brilliantly. First most prescribed product in my clinic. Used to use New Chapter Zyflammend - check out the amazing reviews on that for staggeringly effective reduction of pain and inflammation. But this product appears to work exactly as well at only 65% of the price (considering the tablets contain more active ingredient each). For many of my patients, the on going cost of high dose natural anti-inflammatories (works best at 2 tablets 3x per day and long term minimum of 2 tablets 2x per day) is a real consideration. Hence these make it more affordable to remain flexible and pain free over very many years. All the the ingredients known to down regulate those pesky immune complexes and messengers that cause all the trouble, are contained in one tablet. And the right amount of the active ingredient is always included. 300% better than trying to buy the ingredients individually. Cheaper. And as they work synergistically (enhance each other), you get much better effect all round with a broad spectrum pill such as these. VERY highly recommended. BUT appears to be out of stock at least 50% of the time!!!!!! Enough to make me wonder if Iherb is really selling it or rather keen we continue to purchase Zyflammend (which also works brilliantly - just more expensive).

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Great value all round product.

Posted on Aug 10, 2014

4 people found the following review helpful

I have been using Resveratrol for several years: it has many excellent properties but chiefly I am using them because of all the various beneficial flavenoids out there, this one is superbly neuro-protective: reducing neurological inflammation and acting as a reasonable preventative against so many disorders including dementia. This is great value for money at $7.80 for 60 caps of 100mg PLUS it has some extra goodies in too - grape seed extract and red wine extract. I use it liberally, and at this price I can afford to.

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Have not used it for long but...

Posted on Jun 18, 2008

28 people found the following review helpful

this product contains Methylparaben!!!!!! OK. I usually dislike it when people write reveiws of products they have not used. But this is such a big mistake on the part of Source Naturals that I had to mention it. Like many people I go out of my way to purchase cosmetic products which advertise that they do NOT contain methyparabens. These substances are HIGHLY toxic to humans and are added to cosmetics (lotions shampoo etc) as a preservative. But since what is placed on the skin is often absorbed by it, I would prefer to avoid it. To put methylparaben in to a health food supplement for oral ingestions is absurd. Even if it is only a small amount, it is completely the wrong ethic for a health food company. Source Naturals? Methylparaben is a man made and one of the most toxic substances in our daily environment. The Eurupean Union is currently considering banning it from all human produts. I will be throwing my bottle away. Shame on Source Naturals. (There are so many natural and safe ways of preserving foods, even just a little ascorbic acid (vitamin c) is effective. )

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Great affordable Cilantro

Posted on Sep 01, 2009

40 people found the following review helpful

Dr Klinghardt is considered one of the great doctors in the world of detoxification, especially heavy metal removal with an emphasis on mercury. His protocol is complex, but the effectve simplified version is take a lot of Cilantro and wait ONE HOUR. Then take a really large amount of chlorella. Jarrow Yaeama would be perfect. By large I mean work up to at least 10 -20 capsules. Do this twice per day. The Cilantro mobilizes the mercury - pulls it from the tissue stores. But the chlorella is totally essential to actually absorb/chelate it out of the body. You can add a bid of alpha lipoci acid too. The cilanto off the Klinghardt website is painfully expensive. His chlorella too. By using this cilantro and Jarrow chlorella, I have save hundreds of dollars. Wonderful Iherb as usual! Good luck.

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Awesome, Amazing. Extraordinary product.

Posted on Jul 19, 2011

35 people found the following review helpful

I run a Clinic near Oxford, England. We treat all conditions related to central nervous system dysfunction - autism, M.E. MS, Fibromyalgia, Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s etc. We use a very broad range of interventions, and I observe that many patients have fatigue as a debilitating side effect of the condition. In M.E-CFS and Fibromyalgia, the fatigue may even be the primary symptom. NT factor has blown my socks off. It has had independent trials performed showing real results in fatigue state illnesses - do a Nicholson google search. These studies are blinded and controlled and seem reliable. But it is my own results I want to report. We have seen some dramatic improvements in fatigue ratings and recovery from exertions. No cures - but for people who have long term chronic conditions, every improvement in quality of life counts. I would say it appears to making some real difference to mitochondrial function and probably even nerve myelination. I even suggest it offers some benefits with pain. I wish I know what was in this stuff – “Phospholipid complex” would mean a bunch of things like Phosphatidyl Choline, Phos serine etc. But there may be some proprietary process going on in how these lipids are stabilised. I don't know. I just know that it works a good amount of the time, where hundreds of other supplements bring no relief. It is also an energy which has no "side effects". Because it acts on the central energy producers - the mitochondria - it doesn't work via the HPA (hypothalamus-adrenal) axis the way so many energizers (ginseng, rhodiola etc) do. Therefore, there is close to zero chance of overstimulation or buzzyness. There are various NT formulations, but I certainly like this one best for any fatigue related states because of the additional (and hard to find) mitochondrial supports of fumarate etc. If you do get benefit for NT factor then also worth exploring Dr Patricia Kane’s work. She is the Queen of Phospholipid medicine, and there may be further ways you could improve your health my stabilizing cell membranes and protecting nerves. Good Luck. I just want to add a brief note: I mention my work and the beginning of this entry in confidence that this website is very largely international/USA. It is purely there to offer credibility to my review - I am assuming no one in the UK would see the review.

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Outstanding natural energy and health

Posted on Aug 13, 2007

25 people found the following review helpful

Look at the ingredients list! Just awesome. I work, in part, as a naturapathic therapist, and this is one of the products I recommend most to patients. For $54 you get two months supply of extraordinary "goodness". Funny, old fashioned word to use, but there is none better to describe it. Plus it gives great, almost instant, energy. If I am at a loss what to prescribe, then this - and also the Garden of Life Living Multi - are my staples. The combination of super foods is without compare. I have never come accross a mix of superfoods that is better. This has amino acids, natural fatty acids, rich in RNA and other cell supports, chock full of antioxidants, phytochemicals, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals. And all as nature (or God) intended. You can scour the net and read hundreds of reviews recommending other green foods. But this is the one I ALWAYS come back to as the quality and quantity and variety is so high. There is simply none better. Perfect food for mind and body, indeed.

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Items 1-12 of 51 total

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