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A MUST For Your Medicine Cabinet!

Posted on Sep 26, 2011

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I discovered the real healing power of Oil of Oregano this summer when a red hot reciprocating saw blade broke and my left palm landed on the blade for for about 2 seconds. I was in severe pain and the 2" long burn started to blister. I immediately ran the wound under cold water, but this did very little to bring down the pain and blistering. I remembered the Oil of Oregano in the medicine cabinet and rubbed 2-3 drops of the oil onto the wound. Within 15 minutes the pain for almost gone and the blistering was reduced. Within 3 days the would was almost healed. I now put 3-5 drops in a small amount water 3-4x/day to help heal my prostate cancer and to rebuild my immune system. This stuff is a natural antibiotic AND antiviral! I LOVE NOW supplements....great products and wonderful prices through i-Herb.

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Incredible Results!

Posted on Feb 09, 2009

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I've been taking supplements for YEARS without noticing any results that I can actually feel and I've given a lot of money to the health food stores. I've been taking Doctor's Best Ubiquinol (the best form of COQ10) for about 3 weeks. Wow! I sleep like a baby, wake up refreshed, no more aches and pains in my muscles in the morning, more energy and an "over-all" sense of well-being during the day. I take this in combination with Jarrow's B-12 sublingual (METHYL). This combination has made such an improvement in my mood during the winter months. I did a ton of research; B-12 and COQ10 are a must as we get older (I'm 61 years young) because they are readily depleted from our bodies. Give these two supplements a try for a month.

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Simply The Best

Posted on Sep 28, 2012

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Oreganol P73 is simply the best oil of oregano on the market. It comes from wild sources in mountains of Turkey and is not grown on farms. Everyone should have oil of oregano in the medicine cabinet. Do yourself a favor and buy the book, The Cure Is In The Cupboard by Dr. Cass Ingram. He explains the dozens of cures and uses of this amazing healing oil. I take 2-3 drops under my tongue daily for keeping my immune system strong and also use one drop in water to kill the bacteria on my toothbrush. This amazing, God given oil kills viruses and bacteria!

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These Are The Best!

Posted on May 20, 2009

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I've been taking the Jarrow Methyl B-12 for the past 4-5 months and have really noticed a differnece in how alert and focused I feel during the day! The Methyl formula is a MUST if you are going to notice a difference. I've been taking many different kinds of supplements for years and have never really noticed any difference in how I feel, but the Jarrow B-12's began working almost immediately! I will continue to order all of my supplements from i-Herb because of the incredible prices and super service that they give.

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Great Stuff!

Posted on Sep 28, 2012

I take one Oregamax daily at work and 2-3 drops of P73 Oreganol under my tongue each morning as part of my daily health routine to kill bacteria and viruses and to make my immune system stronger.

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Items 1-5 of 5 total