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The description is inaccurate - This product contains magnesium stearate.

Posted on Dec 08, 2015

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Magnesium L-Threonate is an excellent supplement, and I generally like the brand "Doctor's Best" (and I love iHerb). But iHerb needs to update the "Product Overview - Other Ingredients" on this page because this product does contain magnesium stearate. Frustrating if one orders it specifically because it was supposed to be magnesium stearate-free. It looks like the only brand for magnesium L-threonate without magnesium stearate is Mercola's brand. (I find Mercola and Thorne to be the most reliable brands. The only reason I don't buy them exclusively is because they are more expensive.)

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Excellent product (But be warned that the new formulation smells HORRIBLE, due to the addition of selenomethionine.)

Posted on Sep 09, 2013

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This product SMELLS very strong. I actually thought there was something wrong with it and considered returning it. But first I checked Thorne's website and found this: "Some customers have noted that the multiple vitamin-mineral formulas have a strong odor. This is particularly noticeable to patients who have been taking the multiples long-term. The change in odor is due to the fact that we have (over the past year) changed from selenium picolinate to selenomethionine. While we believe selenomethionine is a superior form of selenium, it does have a bit of a sulfur smell, which is normal and does not reflect a problem with the product." "A ~bit~ of a sulfur smell" is quite the understatement. Superior form or not, I suspect they might switch back because some people just won't take a supplement that smells this bad. I'd like to add that in my 20 years of researching supplements, Thorne is the best brand I've found. They seem to use the best forms of nutrients more consistently than other brands, and they don't use unhealthy additives such as magnesium stearate. (Info on magnesium stearate: "Magnesium stearate is essentially a chalk-like substance, which prevents the supplements from sticking together and allows the machinery to run smoother and faster, which equates to cost savings during the manufacturing process. Magnesium stearate is not a source of magnesium and has no benefits, but may have a detrimental effect on your immune function as stearic acid has been linked to suppression of T cells. The filler also stimulates your gut to form a biofilm, which can prevent proper absorption of nutrients in your digestive tract." - Dr. Joseph Mercola) (I'm giving the product 4 stars only because the smell makes taking this supplement very unpleasant.)

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I wish they weren't made in China.

Posted on May 17, 2015

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These are very soft and comfortable, but I was disappointed to discover that they're made in China. ("Made in P.R.C." in minuscule font on the box.) It's well known that the safety and purity of products made in China are questionable. (And the reason to choose this product is the presumed purity!) There are also ethical considerations: China is weak in the area of human rights, and factory worker safety standards are not enforced. I'm REALLY disappointed that these are made in China, and I'm not surprised that the company tries to hide that fact. That being said, these are at least more pure than the mainstream synthetic (made of who-knows-what) products sold at most stores. I would use Natracare, but they add corn starch (allergies). So I will continue to use this brand but will be looking for a replacement.

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Product is rancid and unusable.

Posted on Jun 02, 2016

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I should have heeded the warnings in other reviews, because this product IS rancid. That makes it unhealthy as well as bad-smelling. It shouldn't be bad, as the expiration date is well in the future, and the ingredients are *excellent*. With manuka honey, other bee products, and vitamin e, the product would have kept well if it had been manufactured and stored properly. But it's rancid: And rancid oil is oxidized--full of free radicals--exactly what we *don't* want in or on our bodies. (We use anti-oxidants to protect from oxidation that occurs in the body. Using rancid oils is hugely unhealthy.) Great price or not, it would actually do more harm than good to put this product on your body. I'm usually very pleased with iHerb, but they really need to pull this product and stop selling it. Next time I'll listen to the reviewers--It's unlikely that more than one person would claim that a product is rancid if it isn't.

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Well-tolerated scented lotion

Posted on Oct 31, 2011

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I like this lotion. I have severe chemical sensitivity and allergies to scents, and this is the only scented lotion on the market that I can tolerate. Dr. Bronner's uses good quality ingredients. I've had to pay close attention to products and ingredients for many years, and as far as beauty care products, I trust Dr. Bronner's and Aubrey's the most. This is just a basic body lotion, not a treatment for extremely dry or chapped skin.

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Favorite Pill Containers--Very Handy

Posted on Jul 07, 2016

Good quality. The little containers for each day can be taken out of the base and carried in purse, etc. Each of the 7 separate pill boxes (approx. 1.75" x 2.75") is divided in half: Each half can hold 7-9 medium-large capsules. (I use the 2 sides to separate pills to be taken with food from pills to be taken on empty stomach.) Divider comes all the way up to top of container, so pills won't fall across to other side. Opens and closes easily, and stays securely shut. The oval shape is nice to hold and cute. ;)

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