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coenzyme b complex source naturals

Posted on Apr 27, 2010

24 people found the following review helpful

this is the best b complex ive used, and ive used all kinds, including all natural b complexes from food, lypo-speric b complexes, and coenzymated bs that are not sublingual. ive noticed this formulation and delivery method alone is able to provide the slight thermogenic effect (due to increased metabolism of sugars from cocarboxylase thiamine.) this product has alot of the b's in a form the consumer usually can only wish they would produce upon consuming a regular b complex; but the fact is, and has certainly been in my experience, that the body is unable to coenzymate b vitamins in the therapeutic quantity i take them in supplementally on a consistant basis. this product has also raised my energy, whereas ive noticed other b vitamins would simply be dicarded via the urine quickly. i am however dissapointed that the product contains folic acid instead of a 5 methylfolate, especially in light of all the bad press synthetic folic acid is getting these days, and i also consider their choice to include calcium pantothenate instead of the coenzymated pantethine to depreciate the product, as pantethine has only been shown to stimulate the adrenals when it is brought directly into the bloodstream, as a sublingual would accomplish. i for one would pay more for this product were these adjustments made to master it

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best iron

Posted on Sep 05, 2010

17 people found the following review helpful

this iron uses a patented iron bysglycinate which is the only iron on the market that has recieved the gras (generally regarded as safe) approval from the fda, on account of its specially bonded chelate that protects it from being eaten by bacteria in the digestive system that normally would grow on iron to comprimise immunity. futhermore, this iron, unlike others, doesnt require vitamin c for conversion, is way better absorbed and utilized, cannot be surpressed if taken with food, and doesnt suppress other minerals on account of its complete chelate delivery which brings it though the stomach wall direct into the bloodstream; i found this product to provide iron without ANY side-effects whatsoever.

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doctors best camu camu

Posted on Mar 03, 2011

17 people found the following review helpful

ive found this vitamin c to deliver benefits beyond any other kind ive tried to date, including lypo-spheric c, the right c, meta-c, ester c, sodium ascorbate, ascorbyl palmitate, and the other more common and more inferior types. i would say meta-c is the most gentle vitamin c, showing no negative side effects at over a gram a day.) i would say i like this one the best, as i believe (unlike meta-c which goes directly to the bloodstream) this form goes to the intestines, where ive read additional benefits accrue as a result of its interaction with food present within the tract. ive also read a wholefood c like this can be 50times more potent than regular vitamin c, and that scurvy cannot be cured using vitamin c supplements, but that it must come through a foodsource like this. i noticed an adrenal improvement with this, as well as an improved volume of blood during exercise taking i cap 6 times a day

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albion calcium best patent

Posted on Oct 21, 2009

16 people found the following review helpful

ive studied the patent that carlson is using here; this is an albion product. the site stated that, unlike other forms of calcium, this is FULLY REACTED and therefore will not bind to other substances in the body to become useless, does not require anything further to deliver it and therefore will not impede upon absorption of other minerals (its the same technology that alows someone to take zinc with copper and have nothing comprimised). further, they say this calcium requires no hydrochloric acid to absorb and it was proven to reach tissues better than any other form they tested against. this last point has been my experience with the product; although my calcium levels tested high on a spectracell (the gold standard of nutrient tests)reading, my jaw was week (ive read the jaw is the first area to lose calcium). i couldnt address this with the coral i was taking, but this stuff got there. i take this stuff with the assurance that im not suppressing the iron, zinc, ect in the food im eating, since its been sealed in a double bonded triple ligan. great product. i wish iherb carried one that had vitamin d in it

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supreme fish oil

Posted on Aug 24, 2010

8 people found the following review helpful

ive researched fish oil extensively and had come across studies comparing fish oil (commonly in the form of ethyl-ester) to eating salmon. due to the artificial molecule attached to these products, the oild becomes very hard to digest. the study concluded that someone would have to eat 9 grams twice a day of fish oil to get the same amount of epa/dha in the blood as a single serving of salmon. i wrote the company and they said vectomega is equal to one 5oz serving of salmon. this product does everything 4 grams a day of the other stuff in one tiny tablet and with zero negative side effects.

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effective for bloodsugar. high quality product

Posted on Jan 06, 2013

6 people found the following review helpful

we were working with chromium, and this took us an extra step beyond that; i observed a reduction in urine flow in my girlfriend, who urinates excessively due to a problem with blood sugar. the dose we used was 5 caps 15 minutes before a meal, three times a day. i understand bodybuilders take higher doses. this product does not contain any sort of chemical filler, and the size is great for the price. i wish iherb sold a higher concentration extract of corosolic acid, say one at 30% corosolic acid content, as we would be taking more; studies found the active compound stimulates glu4 production, which is a compound produced after excercise to do what insulin does; this results in the benefits of insulin without insulin, though glu4 delivers nutrients exclusively to muscle cells while depriving fat cells.

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thorn r-5-p

Posted on Apr 29, 2010

10 people found the following review helpful

i believe that coenymated vitamins are more active than the usual ones, but i think this product would have to be used sublingually (dissolved under tongue), ive read the body will digest the coenzymation from it otherwise, and in my experience i think that is true, since this product had a diuretic effect on me, and ive read that is what happen when the b's arent used and are immediately flushed. ive opted for another coenzymated b complex that is sublingual and ive noticed things no other b complex has been able to do, such as increased body heat (imroved basal metabolic rate) and energy.

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best vit c on market

Posted on Aug 17, 2010

9 people found the following review helpful

ive been taking over a gram and a half without any side-effects. that wasnt the case with ester-c, food c's (such as megafoods or new chapter's) the right-c, amla, even an insanely expensive product called lypospheric-c. this one tops them all in tolerability; this amazing tolerance is attributed to its design which is the same alkalinity as bllod ph, enabling complete absorption into bloodstream without giving the intestines a chance to react badly. furthermore, this super-delivery contains bioflavonoids which are necessary for vitamin c to even work. finally, this product contains an additional and rare for of a vitamin c metabolite which is the only form that ultimately ends up stored in the brain. ive noticed improved/shinning eyes, and improved digestion (as indicated by increased basal metabolic rate or body heat) that no other vitamin c has delivered, beyond the usual purposes this product also provides.

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coenzymated b1

Posted on Apr 11, 2010

4 people found the following review helpful

i noticed pronounced appetite with the product, which says that the metabolism improved with 2 days use at two tabs, 3 times a day; however i discontinued the product due to its sorbitol (laxative) content. im now using bentofothimine, which is effective, albeit perhaps less so

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best biotin on the market

Posted on Feb 20, 2012

3 people found the following review helpful

this is an awesome brand using advanced production technique; they have ommited all of the filler.binders, which, though good for the assembly line costs and conformities, often has negative impact in health areas; this 5mg biotin in 1/10th the size of biotin pills ive taken with 1/25th the potency, so as you can imagine, there is a very substantial amount of gunk the competitors are using to get around the cost of paying for a individualized pill mold in the assembly line

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now liver powder

Posted on Mar 03, 2011

2 people found the following review helpful

this liver has an exceptionally low iron content which has enabled me to use it as a protein source (6 servings a day at 48 grams). unlike the meat we eat during meals, this is prepared at a low heat wherein nutrients are damaged; i consider this a relatively well undenatured whole food supplement

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Posted on May 18, 2010

1 person found the following review helpful

i tried it at recommended dose and noticed nothing so i took 8 losenges at once and noticed nothing, except maybe sleepiness. while it is possible that the relatively tiny dosage may be to blame here, it is also possible that, being young and nutritionally responsive, i just dont need niacin (of which this is the coenzymate)

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