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great for bronchitis and that constant cough

Posted on May 31, 2008

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I came down with the flu and bronchitis, after finishing my z-pac, I was still coughing. The dr. gave me an inhaler (proventil). I was sick for almost 2 weeks, when I decided to order this product. After taking it for just ONE DAY (3 pills throughout the day) my cough is gone. This stuff works better than the prescription benzonatate pills the dr prescribed!!! I highly recommend buying this product, get it now while it is in stock and keep it in your house for when you come down with a cold, bronchitis, congestion, asthma etc. Cause when you can't breathe without coughing and choking, nothing else matters!! BUY IT NOW!!!

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great for bronchitis and cough

Posted on Feb 28, 2008

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Wow this stuff is great, you can feel it working throughout your whole body. You get almost a warm/cool feeling throughout your body almost like how when you put vicks vapor rub on your chest, that menthol feeling, well you get that feeling through your body and it feels really nice and comforting!!! It has helped me with my cough/bronchitis (I take it along with the lung, sinus, bronchial formula) Great stuff, I think everyone should try it!!!

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it works!

Posted on Feb 21, 2008

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I am getting over the flu and have bad bronchitis, so I thought I'd give this a try. Just like any medicine that works, this stuff doesn't taste good at all LOL! After taking it you feel warmth in your chest which I like. I find I have to take it with food because on an empty stomach the menthol/alcohol upset my tummy a bit, but to be fair, I have a sensitive tummy. It seems to be helping me cough up the phelgm, which in turn helps the cough ease up afterwards. You cannot go wrong with the price. I think everyone should have a bottle of this on hand.

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Items 1-3 of 3 total