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many oil

Отзыв размещен Oct 22, 2011

2 людей считают этот отзыв полезным

The berries taste good, moderately sweet. But almost no flavor itself blueberries! And most importantly, they very generously greased (I think it was possible to add less.) I made ​​conclusions for themselves, frozen blueberries fragrant and delicious!

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not for me

Отзыв размещен Oct 14, 2011

3 людей считают этот отзыв полезным

Firstly, I did not like the packaging, metal tube of cream (although I understand that the environment is more useful than the plastic packaging) --edge sharp and can scratch your hands! Second - not very nice pungent smell of geranium! Third - cream uniform - decomposed into fractions - individually separated cream oil that is released when pressure is applied first and then the butter cream. I think that this was not intended by manufacturers and the defect has arisen due to the temperature difference in airfare. (As sent Calendula Diaper Care Cream also disintegrated into factions) So you have to mix the cream on your hand first and then applied to the face. Yes, the skin moisturized after him, but he had long absorbed and there is no feeling of freshness. I have normal skin so that admit to very dry skin it will fit more. I'm not going to take. I wish you all a pleasant shopping! (sorry for my english)

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Отзыв размещен Oct 21, 2011

Gentle, soft, fine flavor and aroma. Feeling fresh enough for a long time! Like the whole family! I love anise!

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