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weight loss, more energy !!!

Posted on Jul 06, 2007

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now this is a weight loss product that works !! and cheap. feel more energy too. but it takes a little while to get used to the taste.

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Chromax by Nutrition 21

Posted on Oct 12, 2008

9 people found the following review helpful

this is the weight loss final answer. i feel the results within a week after taking this. there are 2 books mentioning this particular brand of chromium picolinate, one by Dr. Gary Evans, and another by Dr. Malcolm Noell Mcleod. read them, take the supplement, and say goodbye to overweight. the latter book is about lifting depression using this supplement.... another major brand of CP is Chromate, which I haven't tried. this Chromax version costs slightly more, by still very affordable by vitamin standard.

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eyes sores relieved !

Posted on May 07, 2008

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it worked for me.....my eyes usually sored after work, and the sore-free feeling is real ! 2 pills a day does not work for me, follow the instruction, 3 pills a day !

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Just as good as the OTHER brand

Posted on Jul 12, 2014

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I bought this one and 16oz Bragg on my last order. iHerb always has better price than my local store. Without the 32oz Bragg in stock, I tried this one out 1st time. It tastes slightly less strong to my mouth. Without a precision instrument, it is impossible to test the pH value out (to compare to the other brand. My good news is that the belly fat starts to melt away in the 3rd week. Without exercise. Now in my 4th week, I can feel the belly 'less solid'. As a food supplement, size(volume) does matter. That's why I am writing this review, it allows me to drink a little bit more. There are many reviewers praising the power of vinegar drink already, and I am sure there are some better or more effective ways to consume vinegar, so drink as you pleased. This is my 2nd trial of vinegar, my 1st trial years ago wasn't quite successful. And I now know the reason. Make sure DO NOT skip any meal. In fact I am eating regularly and have more appetite. And yet the waistline is slimming ! The fat 'needs' energy to melt. This is my take. No, it doesn't taste good, but IT WORKS !

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this is THE selenium

Posted on Oct 18, 2008

10 people found the following review helpful

go buy Dr. Edgar N. Drake's book on selenium and it will tell you all the benefits about this supplement. one warning though, he mentioned zinc supplement counteracts the effect on selenium. go read the book and decide yourself.

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it works !

Posted on Jul 07, 2007

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I am not overweight, but I want to cut a few pounds. When I am lighter, I feel more energetic. The 1st week, taken 4 pills a day is a little too much for me. couldn't go to sleep. other than that, no bad side effect. there is a subtle feeling in the abs, a little bit tighter. I am now taking this 1 pill a day with breakfast. and drink the RAW APPLE CIDER VINEGAR 2 times a day. I feel and see the result in the 3rd week.

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Cheapest and yet effective health food

Posted on Dec 09, 2013

2 people found the following review helpful

This is my 2nd time eating flax seed. 1st time was years ago, along with flax seed oil, and a bunch of regimen, and it worked. But somehow, somewhere I did not continue. Now Foods always sell in a reasonable price, and I don't see how other expensive brand can claim superior quality. As long as the seed germ is not exposed to air, it is good. Yes, I need a small coffee grinder to grind the seed 'open' before I can consume. 1st week of taking in flax seed see a change of appetite. Suddenly the appetite was being suppressed. Eating less and can stay longer between meals. There is a sense of improved mental clarity. Yes, I am very sensitive to my hungry feeling. In the 3rd week, I think the new appetite has settled down. And compared to before-flax-seed eating habit, I definitely eat less now. and more clarity. To the weight watchers out there : While I don't have a scale to weight myself, just by counting my food, I am sure the weight will come down. It is just simple calorie counting. The body(cells) is constantly repairing, so weight may not be a 1st priority to it. But the improved mental clarity is important. I supposed it is telling me that the blood sugar regulation is improved. Brain food is blood sugar, glucose, only. Another subjective suggestion : Eat like a king during breakfast. From the dinner time, and then sleep, and next refuel, which is breakfast, I see people usually have a 10 hours or longer gap. If the breakfast is light, the body has to wait until lunch to do the refueling. It doesn't matter how good and fancy the vitamin supplement is, not enough fuel, the car is not going to run smoothly. A big breakfast is half of the secret of good health.

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best of 2008

Posted on Sep 28, 2008

1 person found the following review helpful

this flax seed is not powdered, nor milled. it is cracked according to the description. each seed is in perfect shape. I used to be a Barleans brand follower because of their freshness. price is not cheap here, but it works ! food never stay long in the body with this flax seed. powdered, or blend it yourself is a minor problem, the heat (from the blade) will oxidize the oil. cold milled is 1 step better, but still, it kind of exposed the whole seed for oxidation. I supposed this "cracked" version is the latest technology.

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nails grow !

Posted on Apr 03, 2008

this is the 2nd week, and i noticed my nails are growing faster. need more time to tell whether it is helping my hair grow faster or not.

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It works !

Posted on Jul 08, 2006

as a tea drinker, my teeth has a 'tint'. My dentist told me to drink tea with a lighter color.... I tried all the major brands, and they never quite lighten up my teeth. Until now. it does a great job removing the stain.

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best for its price !!!

Posted on Apr 27, 2009

it is a surprise for its price and result. no dry feeling. perhaps the pH 5.5 does the trick !

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