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This is working for me

Отзыв размещен May 10, 2010

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This is helping peripheral neuropathy from diabetes along with horse chestnut and nattokinase. I used to have severe leg pains despite careful diet and exercise. I am also controlling diabetes with Banaba Leaf, Gymnema, Chromium, ALA and Garcinia 1000 without insulin. That's a lot of supplements but its better than taking insulin.

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Small pill, right dose

Отзыв размещен Jun 06, 2010

I think this form in the softgel works better for me than the kind that comes in capsule. The higher dose is good too since I do not need so many of them and the price is reasonable. I have heard from the Vitamin D council that it is hard to get enough Vitamin D from Cod Liver Oil because it will push your Vitamin A levels too high.

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Love the Taste - GMO Risk

Отзыв размещен Mar 25, 2013

While I love this product it contains Maltodextrin; I called the company to ask if the source was non GMO, and I was told while they try to buy non GMO, they could not guarantee it. If you have been reading the dangers of GMO's you'll know this is a big deal. I asked them to please make sure it was non GMO and label their products accordingly, so hopefully this will change. Right now I cannot put myself at risk and use products which compromise our health.

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Позиции 1-3 из 3