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Posted on Jun 08, 2010

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It took some trial and error to find the right dose but it was worth the effort. While most take 2-3 pills a day I found that taking only a 1/2 tablet every other day is what fits my system. I have been taking it at this dose for about 9 months now and find I sleep better, am less anxious, can think more clearly and am less depressed. Higher doses had side effects like insomnia and increased anxiety, if you get either of these problems try lowering the dosage amount or increasing the time between doses before just giving up. I tried other brands and found them to be quite different in effect. For example, one left me very sensitive to bright light while this one doesn't have that effect at all. If you tried brand x and it didn't work, don't lose hope, just try a different brand.

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What happened?!

Posted on Jan 24, 2015

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This used to be an excellent brand but it appears they've changed. It used to be tasteless, smooth and it dissolved well in water. Now it has crystal chunks in it, it doesn't dissolve well and it tastes terrible. On top of that it doesn't work as well. I emailed the company asking if it was a problem with a particular batch but got no response. If they ever respond I'll update my review.

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Lower quality

Posted on Sep 17, 2010

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I open the capsules and take a small amount throughout the day. As a result I end up tasting it and feeling the texture whereas I know most don't. This brand's texture is that of small hard clumps and the taste is, well, nasty. My usual brand has a texture similar to powdered sugar and the taste is very mild, almost absent of taste at all. I thought I'd give NOW a chance after reading the glowing reviews but I'm going back to my usual brand.

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Items 1-3 of 3 total