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Great product..BUT !..its coated with a banned plastic !

Posted by Reviewer2494531 on Sep 21, 2012

Ive only been using this for a short time and so has my 71 YO mother. We have both felt better only after 2-3 weeks. The problem is,we wont be using this brand again because of the enteric coating which is made of a banned plastic ! Can you believe that. ALL of doctors best enteric coatings are made of "hpmcp" which was banned from childrens toys in 2003. What retarded person in DrBest then thought it would be OK to use it to put it into our body. Idiots. So here is their email. PLEASE tell them you are not happy with "hpmcp" and maybe they will change the enteric coating to high dencity cellulose which is NOT harmfull. info@drbvitamins.com Its outrageous that this coating is used in ALL their products. Plastic has serious side effects on hormones. WE DO NOT WANT THIS ON OUR SUPPLEMENTS ! ------------------> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * 8-12-2013 - RESPONSE FROM: Doctor's Best: We regret the miscommunication to iHerb because Doctor’s Best removed the usage of Hydroxy propyl Methyl cellulose- Phthalate (“hpmcp”) in Q4 2012. All Doctor’s Best Serrapeptase products are currently manufactured with a specially designed Serrateric™ system which encapsulates the Serrapeptase ingredient itself; not the capsule. Serrateric™ is a non-GMO natural coating-free acid protection system. Serrateric™ is a combination of approved food additives (self-affirmed GRAS) that work to provide gastric protection for pH sensitive enzymes without the need for additional coating. The Serrateric™ system dissolves by coming in contact with bile salts found only in the small intestine assuring bio-absorption of the Serrapeptase active ingredient past the stomach pH environment. Doctor’s Best does not believe the products provided previously were unsafe but we do recognize advances in science and technology afford us the ability to consistently improve our products and formulations. We sincerely believe we have partnered with our manufacturer to develop the safest and most effective Serrapeptase product on the market.

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Posted by Reviewer2548727 on Jun 18, 2008

I gave it to my husband because it had helped me soo much with a sore knee and shoulder problem. I didn't expect that it would stop his snoring and apnea. Go figure!

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Worth a try

Posted by Reviewer2386318 on Aug 28, 2010

I have been taking Serrapeptase,Nattokinase and Acetyl-L Carnitinne with Alpha Lipoic acid after developing peyrones disease and scarring on a coronary stent. My doctors could not offer an explanation of what was happening and I felt terrible even though blood tests and ateriogram showed good results after a new stent was inserted. I read as much as I could and discussed with my doctors the possibility that I was suffering from some kind of underlying inflammatory condition. Since the doctors could not offer any other options, (I already take a bucket of daily medications and exercise regularly)I decided to try these as supplements. After 6 months the peyrones disease effect seems to have eased rather than progressed and I have had a thorough physical and blood tests which showed normal results. More importantly, I do not feel like I am walking through treacle just to get out of bed and go to work. My doctors are encouraging me to stick with the supplements as they can see not detrimental effects on my blood chemistry or blood enzyme activity. I definately do feel better and think it is worth my while to persist with these supplements.I feel I should add the rider that my view is these are supplements to a careful diet and regular exercise. Diet and exercise provide the foundation on which to re-build health. cheers, Brad

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Posted by Reviewer1539732 on Jan 17, 2011

It's hard to find any literature about the negative side effects of Serrapeptase. If you search the internet it looks like a miracle enzym. And it is for many people, but not for me and not for my friend. First I had some fatigue and head ache, this can be normal for the first days. After a week the fatigue was gone and I didn't notice any positive effects. A week later I started to have MORE PAIN in almost ALL MY JOINTS and much acid in my muscles. When I checked with my friend she had the same reaction, so I was sure it was because of the Serrapeptase. But... maybe we just had to get through this and then it would be better, so we tried another week. Then my friend got pneumonia. She was getting sicker every day. And I didn't feel good either. I searched the internet for negative side effects, but couldn't find any in the first place. After a couple of hours I finally found something and it became clear that our pain en her pneumonia was caused by the Serrapeptase. We both suffer from FM (Fibromyalgia) and MPS (Myofascial pain syndrome) and my guess is that the latter in combination with Serrapeptase can cause more pain, inflammation and in my friends case pneumonia. It may help for FM, but be aware that most people with FM also have MPS and my reaction to Serrapeptase was more pain, inflammation in the muscles and many more trigger points! So, if you have FM and want to try it, pay close attention to how you feel!

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Bigger bottle size means ECONOMY

Posted by Reviewer3021388 on Sep 08, 2008

Serrapeptase is a naturally occurring protease enzyme and digests non-living tissue, blood clots, mucous, cysts, arterial plague and inflammation in all forms with NO inhibitory effects on prostaglandins.

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Ms Sandra John

Posted by Reviewer2809630 on Dec 26, 2008

I am using the Serrapeptase for myself as an anti aging supplement and for an aged dog with chronic Allergic Bronchitis as an anti-inflammatory substiute for Prednisone. I can't report any dramatic response in either case but I can say I have almost phased Prednisone out without any apparant adverse change. I tried before without Serrapeptase and there was a worsening of symptoms. It's hard to be more precise as I am using many other things as well, but my feeling is that I want to continue with the Serreptase.

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Mr Brian Hudson, Brisbane, Australia.

Posted by Reviewer2394618 on Nov 14, 2008

I was diagnosed with a thing called Mortens Neuroma and told the only way to fix this would be surgery. After surfing around on the net i got onto Serrapeptase and with all the write ups being positive I thought I would give them a go. The traditional "allow 3 months for them to get into your system" for me blew out of the door when after 3 weeks I started to feel some very a lot better. Mortens Neuroma is a kind of cyst that grew in between bones in my foot and gave me excruciating pain at certain times which made it very difficult to walk without a pronounced limp. Anyway after being on 3 Serrapeptase tablets per day, taken every night before going to bed, I can honestly say that 3 weeks from starting to take them I can walk without pain. Thank You Brian Hudson

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This stuff does work!

Posted by Reviewer3173432 on Sep 11, 2009

I've been taking Serrapeptase (4 caps twice a day) for over 2 months to get rid of a number of fatty tumors I have under the skin, and those tumors are now just a fraction of the size they were when I started taking the serrapeptase capsules. I have a friend at work that started taking it, and in 3 days she no longer needed to take a nasal spray for her blocked sinuses at bedtime. And her 85 yr old father with emphysema, after 4 days on serrapeptase, was breathing deeper and easier. My barber noticed after taking it for 1 week that a pain she had had in her leg for 15 yrs due to an ATV accident just went away. A co-worker who's taken it for several months now said that the grinding in a rotator cuff injury in his shoulder is getting less and less. So this stuff does work. I currently have about a dozen friends now taking it.

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Superb Product!

Posted by Reviewer1949280 on Apr 02, 2009

I've been taking 2 Serrapeptase capsules every morning (1st thing - empty stomach), for over three months. The first thing I noticed within a few weeks was decreased insomnia, after 6 wks - less joint pain, after 2 months - no more shortness of breath when going up stairs. Blood pressure has also gone down about 5 pts. Absolutely NO side effects. I'm not sure all the good things this product is doing for me, but with stroke and heart problems in my family history, I am hoping it will lessen my risk for these things as I get older. I am now in my 50's. Please continue to carry this product. I love the veggie caps and I also like getting pure serrapeptase without any other additives. There are so many additives, minerals, and herbs that I am allergic to, so I am always seeking the purest form of supplement that I can find. I will order this from you continually for many years in the future. My husband takes this as well and it has lowered his blood pressure and he has noticed improved sleep as well. Thank you for carrying this brand.

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Best Serrapeptase

Posted by TinVal on Mar 04, 2011

The Serrapeptase in this product really relieve inflammation of any kind. 2 times x 2 capsules is perfect combination :) Thank you iHerb to providing this product at best price!

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