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    Didn't work for me, use niacin instead

    Posted by NaturalMum on May 16, 2013

    After reading "the Mood Cure" a great book on mood symptoms and non-medical approaches to treating them, it was suggested that 5htp might help me. Perhaps I didn't give it enough time to work or I didn't dose high enough but I just didn't notice a difference. After some research I discovered the role of niacin in the same serotonin pathway as 5htp and tried it instead. Wow what a difference niacin made and even better, its a lot cheaper than 5htp!! Please click 'yes' if you found this helpful and click my NaturalMum link above for more reviews on the benefits of different niacin supplements as well as natural beauty products, vitamins and supplements.

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    5-HTP is great for so many things!

    Posted by Reviewer2662502 on Oct 01, 2009

    My depression and headaches were getting the better of me so I finally went to the doctor who gave me samples of Cymbalta which made my headaches even worse! While reading up on the side effects and withdrawal symptoms people have had with Cymbalta, I found a mention of 5-HTP and decided to read up on it and try it. I've tried a couple different brands and this one works very well for me, and for the price, I see no reason to try any more brands at this point. My ideal dose is one of these 50mg caplets, three times a day. It (as well as some other supplements to compliment that I found in Dr. Murray's book about 5-HTP) have totally brought me back from a very deep depression. I was sleeping as much as 13 hours a night and still not feeling rested; now I don't need more than 8 hours of sleep. Between 5-HTP and magnesium citrate supplements, I rarely have headaches now, when I had been getting them once a day with a rare day off. Sometimes I find that 5-HTP curbs my appetite and sometimes not. If you have any issues with depression, anxiety, mood swings, or poor sleep, I honestly feel that you should check out this product. Also Dr. Murray's book on 5-HTP is a great tool for learning about serotonin and how 5-HTP works (in so many ways) to improve the lives of people who have low serotonin levels.

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    Posted by Reviewer1105031 on Oct 23, 2009

    This is the best and most effective brand of 5-HTP I've ever used. Whether you are taking this for depression or sleep, this one works well for both -- and I've tried about four other of the top brands on this site. The 50 mg here usually does the trick, so I seldom need to top up the dose with a second one. Open up the capsule and wash it down with water (or mix it in) for a quicker and what seems to be a more potent effect. Like all amino acids, take on an empty stomach with water or juice, only, for best absorption. Add a small dose of B-6 if taking before bedtime.

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    Great for a good nights sleep

    Posted by Reviewer2331338 on Sep 25, 2008

    This seems to be the perfect dose for me to get a good nights sleep without that hangover feeling. I wake up a lot throughout the night--have for many years--and when I take 5-HTP I usually get a better sleep. Only woke up once last might, for example. And all brands are not the same. THIS brand works. I also hear it is good for mood and weight loss but I havent been tracking that.

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    Excellent results

    Posted by Reviewer2757517 on Aug 10, 2009

    After years and years of suffering with anxiety and, to a lesser extent, depression, I feel like a new person. I take one 4 times a day and feel like a different person. I even sleep much better. And the best part is no side effects. Routine excercise is also most beneficial.

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    5HTP is a great source in helping relieve mild depression

    Posted by KiMaLi on Apr 16, 2013

    I have used 5 HTP to help relieve my depression. Along with exercise and eating a healthier diet 5 HTP has helped to lift my moods and keep them stabilized. I'm not a doctor by any means, but if you suffer from mild depression at times I would give 5 HTP a try. The price is reasonable and it could help keep you off of prescription medications. If you found this review helpful please click on the yes button. If you order 40.00 or more you will receive free shipping!

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    Better with an empty stomach

    Posted by Reviewer2744608 on May 19, 2010

    If 5-htp its taken with food, vit B6 will convert it to serotonin before crossing the BBB (Blood brain barrier) being serotonin unable to cross it. So avoid supps with b6 and take it on an empty stomach so 5-htp will cross the BBB and will be converted to serotonin (and later to melatonin) on the right place.

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    Good product

    Posted by WhiteRose on Mar 07, 2016

    I have used this product for the period of about 3 weeks when I had a slight depression due to personal issues. My personal opinion is that it works. It just takes some time to do so. I can't say for sure that I got better because of it or it was just a placebo but I believe it helped me. It is also said that it helps with insomnia as serotonin itself is connected to melatonin.What I like about it is that it is natural. Unlike all antidepressants that are synthetic 5htp is a seed extract that is being transformed into serotonin in the brain. That's why it is not considered as a drug but as a food supplement. As a conclusion I'd say give it a try and see how you are going to react. Don't expect any psychological or side effects from it. You would also need to take it some time before it has any affect as it is based on a storage principle.

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    Great support for sleep

    Posted by AIM-FOR-GOOD-HEALTH on Mar 16, 2016

    5-HTP gives you tryptophan what the body needs to produce its own serotonin which enables you to fall asleep. As we age (or reach menopause), we produce much less serotonin and for many sleep becomes a problem. Great supplement, great brand and highly effective solution for insomnia. My advice is to take it immediately before getting into bed otherwise your brain will get the message that you want to stay awake and will take action to counter its effects - that's been my experience of some 20 years of using this. In the end I fully resolved my issue by addressing over-stressed adrenals (which is often a big factor in today's society and for women in menopause especially when symptoms go on for years). I took the herb Schizandra for my adrenals - miracle stuff. I am now cured of Chronic fatigue and insomnia after 9 years of searching for a solution to my sleep issues. (Feel free to go to my Iherb page by clicking on my username too see my 100 plus reviews)

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    subtle but effective

    Posted by HealthandBeautyGirl on Apr 27, 2015

    I am taking this for sleep and stress issues. I take 1 50mg capsule in the morning. I am definitely sleeping better with this and it seems to even get better the longer I take it. This, along with Rhodiola rosea by Nature's Answer (100mg mid-afternoon) plus 18mg of Iron all are making a positive impact on my sleep. I took one at a time to start so I know what is making an impact and all 3 of these are helping my sleep. I also notice my stress level is not as high with the 5-htp and Rhodiola. I hope this review helps someone else. Please see my page for more reviews and info!

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