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Highly Recommended

Posted by Reviewer1635948 on Jun 08, 2008

I chose Now Foods' Candida Clear based on the positive reviews of others, and I'm pleased to add my own positive to the list. Few supplements have had such an immediate, positive effect as this one -- even the first dose was a bit of "ah! at last! finally!" from my body. Be advised, from its effects this seems to be a VERY warming supplement (from a Chinese medicine perspective) -- use common sense and moderate your intake if you feel too 'hot'. But for those suffering from damp, sluggish constitutions, this warming/drying formula sure hits the spot. I noticed an immediate improvement in energy and well-being and have already placed my order for this product again to continue with it.

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candida clear, woo hoo !!

Posted by Reviewer1387121 on Dec 11, 2009

Slowly but surely my internet research showed me how many Candida symptoms I had. So I figured this stuff was worth a try...and, Wow this stuff works great, started noticing a difference in a couple days, then after about one and a half weeks, my puffy red upper cheeks started to "shrink", the darkness under my eyes went away, most of my neck pain went away, most congestion cleared up easier to breathe, all around feel healthier !!My face actually changed shape !!!! Guess I was pretty bad... anyway....Ive done detox's before but never did they seem to do so much... one caution though, I am on blood pressure meds, after about two weeks I noticed I started having pain behind my eyes, and ringing in my ears, started watching B.P. (have monitor at home), it was higher than it should have been... I think the Candida Clear was stripping my body of my B.P. so I laid off for a few weeks, then will try again in about a month... modifying diet to exclude grains and dairy also ...

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Works real good

Posted by BrendaYoumans on May 19, 2008

Works real good, I only wish they had a label telling you what to expect when you detox your body. I had reactions to Candida clear and stop taking it because I thought it was a allergy but instead I found information under Herxheimer which explains what happens when you go through a detox. This was good to know and I am still taking Candida at smaller doses to lessen the effects.

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Excellent herbal formula for raging candida

Posted by Reviewer2226476 on May 20, 2009

I use this in conjunction with Candex, also available thru iHerb, to stop candida when I've let things get out of control. The two products together act fast to rid me of itching, discharge, headaches, sinus, eye irritation, fatigue, and crankiness. Two bottles will get me back on track, and then I can maintain with just Candex. Other herbal formulas I've used seem less strong and effective. This one really works.

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I Love Candida Clear

Posted by Reviewer2057538 on Dec 26, 2007

My family uses Candida Clear for colds, sinus infections, yeast infections, any infection for that matter... the ingredients of this product act as a natural antibiotic. I love this product and always keep a good supply of it around. For candida I take two capsules three times a day but if I am fighting a cold or infection I take it more frequently. You have to find what works for you.

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It will help with fungal stomach problems but watch out for the itchy anus!

Posted by Reviewer2142889 on Apr 14, 2010

With sustained use this product does it's job....clearing up gut fungus. However I believe it will never work to it's true potential unless the user alters their diet drastically. If you keep eating and drinking foods that feed candida, the infection will come back....candida clear will only help lower fungal levels...but you will not be rid of your problems entirely. Elimination diet together with these capsules will work well....maintain for a few months...then eat risky foods again (in moderation!). My weakness is beer...it undoes the good C.Clear can do very quickly...and a large C.Clear dose after a drinking session will always give me an itchy anus!....This I'm sure is a good sign...as the fungus is being killed off again...but it leaves a sting on my ring. Also, if you're taking probiotics, don't take them at the same time as C.Clear...I'm sure they also kill off some good bacteria....better to seperate your doses by 3 or 4 hours....that way both supplements can do their job well. I was gaining no benifits from probiotics until I did this.

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It really works!

Posted by Reviewer2812482 on Feb 13, 2011

I found out I had been haveing candida for a long time, many years. I found theese on I herb and liked the reviews. The first week I took theese, I got sick from all the toxins that where released in my body, faster than my body could get to clean out. I got fever, sweats, the flu, and headache. But at the same time I felt better in my head and brain. It was like a carpet was removed from my brain. My activity raised, I started laughing again and became in a much better mood, and did not get that feeling of the brain is toastet black on a pan. The white layer on my tounge in the morning started to desapear and so did the white secret from my vagina. I also tolerate diffrent foods better now. I am not cured yet, but is still in progress.

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Yeast control is key to staying healthy!

Posted by Reviewer1124933 on Mar 28, 2007

This product is very effective in controlling candida in the gut immediately, and effectively brings levels of candida lower in the rest of our bodies as well over time. Must be taken with food, to avoid gastric reflux. This is as important as taking a probiotic regularly to resupply the good bacteria in the gut.

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I finally have my face back!!!

Posted by Reviewer1342133 on Aug 22, 2011

For the last ten years my face have been quite swollen and puffy. The doctors could not find any reason why, and after a while they assumed it was the way I had always looked. I have been on lots of superfoods for the last year, I feel great, but my face was still the same. Two weeks on Now Foods Candida Clear my face is suddenly more defined. I finally have cheekbones and a neck!! And I look healthy! I may sound shallow, but when I looked in the mirror and realised that my face had changed, it was one of the happiest moments in a very long time. Thank you Now Foods for getting rid of my “moon face”.

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Stomach Relief!!

Posted by Reviewer2654689 on Oct 31, 2008

No more intestinal pain. Bloated feeling gone. Constipation gone. I have also noticed cystic acne gone since I started taking this. This was definitely worth the money.

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