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Symbiotics, Colostrum Plus Powder, 21 oz (1 lb 5 oz) 595.3 g (SYM-04022) 40911

Posted by Reviewer2884480 on Oct 22, 2008

Best Value in colostrum available on the market. I'm a survivor of MRSA (Super) Staph picked up in the Fr West Indies. It took me over 3 years of alternative methods after firing my Primary care doctor for 1 1/2 years of failed antiobiotic treament.... which only poisened my system further and gave me additional complications from his failed treatments for staph. I have since come in contact with 8 people who buried family members with the same super strain of staph I had.. Colosturm was enormously helpful in rebuilding my immune system which was severely comporomised in the process of trying to get well. I have turned lots of people on to this low cost way to boosting weakened immune systems, including my gradson who was plagued with asthma attacks. All colostrum is good, but this lower cost product is just as effective as the high cost product that you buy in capsule form..

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Posted by Reviewer2988221 on Mar 13, 2012

This helped heal leaky gut so severe I was having allergic reactions to ALL 88 foods on the test. I took 1-2 scoops empty stomach am and pm of colostrum, aloe vera empty stomach, l-glutamine empty stomach 2-4 gms daily, and gamma oryzanol. Was able to eat without pain and reactions within days. Start off w/new foods tho b4 trying old ones.

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Posted by Reviewer1967089 on Jan 23, 2007

I feel this product is a miracle worker! I have more wonderful stories about colostrum, one being my Siamese cat diagnosed with kidney failure 4-years ago and was failing fast until 6-months after diagnosis I put him on colostrum and he will be 18 on April 11 and is full of energy and life! He responded within a few months of starting Symbiotics Colostrum.

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Terrific for Leaky Gut and Immune Support

Posted by Reviewer2441157 on Nov 11, 2011

I bought this product to help heal my leaky gut. To my delight, it's also helping modulate my immune system. It eases my allergies and chemical sensitivities, while activating the immune cells that attack viruses, fungi, and bacteria. I had been taking Threelac for 4 months for systemic Candida. It contained the infection but did not eliminate it completely. Within a week of taking colostrum, I no longer needed Threelac. For the first time in years, my immune system is strong enough to keep the Candida at bay all by itself! For me, this product is absolutely indispensible.

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Weight Management!!!

Posted by Reviewer2904677 on Apr 17, 2007

This product has been so amazing for me keeping my weight in check. So many people have asked me what I'm doing to keep in shape. I honestly know that Colostrum has transformed my body. It keeps me toned and pumps up my metabolism. I have referred so many of my friends & coworkers to iherb.com. This product is truely a miracle worker!!!! And as always iherb has the best price!!! I will take this stuff the rest of my life!!!

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Posted by Reviewer2057762 on Oct 29, 2009

Our dog is 16 years old and was dying. She was suffering from numerous ailments and her fur and skin felt as if she were deteriorating. She could not even stoop to eat her food because she was very weak. After two days of large doses of colostrum powder she began to show signs of improvement. Within 3 days she was running, jumping and wagging her tail. This product has helped strengthen my immune system. I have not taken a single antibiotic or any other medication since using this product. I highly reccommend this.

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Posted by Reviewer2511109 on Sep 11, 2009

I have been taking colostrum fro 7 years I am 65 year old and feel like 49 I can tell you it will help anyone. if you are worried about the flu or any other bug this is the answer. just to caps full in the morning and wait 30 minutes before you put anything else in you stomach it is grrrreat.

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Great taste & benefits

Posted by Reviewer1762111 on Feb 23, 2012

I noticed an immediate improvement in my digestion and general feeling of well being when taking this product. It tastes really yummy, like shortbread, and is great mixed in with smoothies as well for extra protein. Great for people with leaky gut and psoriasis because nothing strengthens your immune system like this does. Really good quality too, it's definitely from the first two milkings because it's quite yellow (not white) and it's great the lactose has been removed as I can't normally tolerate this.

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Improved GI, Better Fitness performance and Excellent Immune Modulator!

Posted by Rosiee on Jul 13, 2012

This product really IS amazing. I had some GI problems after taking antibiotics and other unpleasant experiences and remembered, that a friend of mine told me she used it for similar problems and it helped her a lot. All of the Colostrum product sold here were only in capsules form and ridiculously more expensive. I am glad iHerb offers this great product for such a "bargain" price and ships it Internationally! So, I bought this one and started to use at dosages, that would equate to at least 12-16 capsules a day and I have to say, that I started to feel some very positive effects after several days. It's too long of a story to explain all, but I STRONGLY RECOMMEND this colostrum, especially for prevention! It's well known, that colostrum is one of the top immune modulators and THAT is, what you want to put into your body! Something, that REGULATES your immune system and doesn't just BOOST it (like ehinacea, astragalus, cat's claw and so on). After taking it regularly for about 2 years now, we haven't experienced any colds and viruses at all (Once I had some minor symptoms, but they were gone within a day!). This one definitely goes into my Top 5 list of best supplements I've purchased EVER. Sports nutrition, immune food, great taste (I like it mixed with fruit juice), big container last pretty long and affordable price. This one has it all and should be in your Shopping cart as well :)

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Miracle powder

Posted by Reviewer1883050 on Aug 11, 2010

I have been suffering from joint pains in my knees and hands and wrists. I was taking osteo-biflex for about 3 months with no improvement. In fact, the conditions seemed to worsen. I had started painting my house which required many trips up and down a ladder. We actually ordered Colostrum for our dog. She had a serious intestinal infection and spent 3 days in hospital. Upon reading the benfits of colostrum I decided to order some for myself and my wife. I began with the recommended 2 scoops a day for the first week and have cut back to maintenance dosage. I stopped the osteo-biflex when I started the colostrum. I have been on it for about 2 weeks and while I am still climbing that ladder 5 days a week, my pains are mostly gone. I commented to my wife that Snap, Crackle, and Pop were gone. This is what I had named the noises that my knees made when I climbed the ladder or the stairs. I also seem to have more energy to perform my work. I am a 71 year old retired desk jockey who has been leading a rather sedentary life style. Colostrum may be a new beginning for me. Thanks

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