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Good forms of the B vitamins and no aftertaste!

Posted by NaturalMum on May 16, 2013

I primarily ordered this as I was looking to avoid the cyanocobalamin form of B12 in most B complexes. Whilst the common form probably doesn't leech cyanide into our systems I figured it couldn't hurt using a safer form of B12. The other bonus is that unlike other B complexes, this never gives me the "B burps" where you get that unpleasant B aftertaste and given I am experiencing bad pregnancy heartburn this speaks very well for how this complex is made. The only down side is I feel the price is a little high given it's only really a B-25 instead of the B-50 strength however I guess you pay more for better ingredients and the lack of B burps! Please click 'yes' if you found this helpful and click my NaturalMum link above for more reviews on natural beauty products, vitamins and supplements.

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gave me horrible stomachache!!!!!

Posted by Reviewer1643020 on Apr 20, 2012

When this supplement arrived I noticed that the capsule contains cancerogenic substance titanium dioxide. I was really shocked!! Then I opened the capsule and poured the powder inside the capsule to spoon and took it with water. It tasted awful! About 5 minutes later my stomach started to hurt really bad! It was my mistake to take it on empty stomach but I think that Jarrow has made even bigger mistake - they put cancerogenic substance into dietary supplement!! It's a shame!!!!

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No major results here but no side effects either

Posted by PurplePegasus on Feb 14, 2013

Seems to work but not sure. I do need to supplement with extra B's for homocysteine balance as B complex doesn't do anything for me in that regards whereas individual B vites taken together work amazingly well. Back to this pill: I initially divided the cap in 2 but even now that I take a full one, I don't have any reaction to niacin, the potency is too low to be able to cause flushing from what I read, it's higher dosage that cause the problem, unless someone would have pre-existing conditions to make them super sensitive to it. I'm not sure I've seen any benefits, I might go back to Country Life brand because I read lots of negative reviews on here about Jarrow's B12 changed formula which led me to some searching and I found some questionable reports about Jarrow's owner and his being very rude to his customers. I'm not sure what to make of it and someone might not care but I found it disturbing enough not to want to have anything to do with the company. In the meantime, I've already switched my B12 from Jarrow to Solgar and that works much, much better so maybe these reviews (posted here on iHerb at Jarrow's B12) are right after all.

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Methyl Cobalamin

Posted by Reviewer2534376 on Jun 09, 2014

100 ug of B12 in this but I like it a lot more than the more commonly available cyano-B12 (cyanide). According to the literature 75% of methyl-B12 is retained after 24 h. Compare this to only 25% for the cyano form. Contains Folate (the reduced form) rather than folic acid. Reduced means it's in it's active form and doesn't need to be activated. The reduced form is much more effective than the folic acid. Nice one Jarrow!!! Also like the fact that it contains a decent number of tablets. It's so popular that I keep having to order more. One warning... DON'T take it just before going to bed... you won't sleep. Much smarter to take it in the morning. Tried the adenosyl (dibencozide) form but don't like it as much even at 5x the dose. Wouldn't mind trying the hydroxo B12 form but it's seems to be something that you mainly get by injection. Always hated the cyano form... so absolutely do not miss it!!! Try reading Could it be B12 by Pacholok if you want a really interesting read about B12.

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be careful of flushing ingredient

Posted by healthytaiwan on Feb 07, 2011

I didn't realize this had Niacin until after I received it, but yes it does cause an intense/hot/painful flush for 30 minutes about an hour after I take it. Will not reorder.

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A superior B complex

Posted by Reviewer1598798 on Oct 16, 2007

Balanced instead of identical amounts of each vitamin, this is the one you want. Jarrow uses methy b12 and P5P instead of the cheaper, less biologically available forms of b12 and b6. Get this one!

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Highly recommend

Posted by Sammy7 on Feb 02, 2016

If you're looking for a high quality B Complex, this is it. This product uses high quality vitamin forms (not like the other cheaper ones). I did not have any side effects like what other people mentioned, nothing at all (no hot flush, no upset stomach etc). I highly recommend you give this complex a try. Usually the only people to leave reviews are those with negative comments. So dont let them scare you, everyone can react different to any vitamin or medication. For me, this complex has absolutely 0 side effects and is a great B complex to take. I have been using it for weeks now.

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Not all B's Are The Same

Posted by RubiesHealth on Oct 08, 2012

Excellent combination for immediate relaxation if one is stressed, including silent stress that manifests as happy hyperactivity. The body automatically tunes down to rest. This B complex brightens the urine as in others but is not odorous. If taken at night, it gives me vivid dreams, which I dislike and thus avoid.

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Capsules went soggy and discoloured

Posted by Reviewer1988882 on Nov 29, 2011

Balanced instead of identical amounts of each vitamin, this is the one you want. Jarrow uses methy b12 and P5P instead of the cheaper, less biologically available forms of b12 and b6. Did not give me niacin flush! In spite of sealing bottle tightly, capsules have softened, discoloured and are sticking together so much that I have to discard the last fifth of the bottle! (We do live in a humid climate, but my other supplements are OK!)

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caused flushing!!! ♥♥♥ Click on my username for more reviews!

Posted by gettingwell on Jul 10, 2013

This product has all the B suppliments you need and in high quantity and quality. Jarrow has put the right b12 in here which is methylcobalamin; you don't want cyanocobalamin (which is in most!) because the body has to convert it twice before your body can use it... they are all the active forms as well. I didn't realize the Niacin would cause me problems, but yes it does. After using it as a sublingual, which did not work at all because it is too much powder and taste gross, I had problems taking it the regular way with water. It caused an intense/hot flush on my face, knees and elbows for 30 minutes about an hour after I take it . I would have to get a cold wash cloth and dab these areas for about an hour or so to feel better. I took it for about 2yrs before this happened but now I will not reorder.

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