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Fantastic Product! It actually works!!

Posted by Reviewer2020830 on May 16, 2012

I bought this for my 70 year old mother. She has a bit of occasional shoulder bursitis, some arthritis and wakes up every morning with stiff swollen hands. I got this particular product because of the dosage: 12mg vs 4mg and it's wheat, gluten, lactose free along with other positive factors, Non-GMO, etc. Upon asking her how she's doing with it after a few weeks, she was happy to share that she is no longer waking up with the stiff swollen hands and it also has helped with the inflammation on the shoulder. She was soooo pleased with the results. I must mention that she began taking one w/breakfast and two with dinner; she wanted to flood her system with Astaxanthin. She will soon go down to one in the AM and one after dinner. -- I highly recommend this product for anyone suffering from inflammation of the joints. Will definitely reorder. iHerb also has the BEST price on this product!

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Posted by alloriginal on May 22, 2013

I bought this as an all-purpose antioxidant. I've used it at lower doses (4 mg) in the past, and believe that its usefullness as an antioxidant is probably understated. It supposedly protects against wrinkles, and I know from experience that it increases the amount of time neccessary for a sunburn. I decided to up the ante, so to speak, and try the 12 mg BioAstin product about 6 months ago. I take one each day with my largest meal. I noted with some surprise, after about three weeks, that the lower back pain which had plagued me for 10 years had disappeared! I have a physically demanding job as a pet store manager which requires me to be on my feet all day, often lifting very heavy weights, so the constant pain and soreness was really hindering me. After two bottles had been exhausted I accidentally ran out. The back pain mysteriously returned after a few days. I then determined that I would never run out again! Several days after receiving my new bottle, my back was as good as new! I don't know for a fact that the BioAstin astaxanthin was the culprit, and I don't know that it would do the same for anyone else, but I know this: I don't intend to ever be out of this! Please keep stocking this product! I believe that nutritional supplements saved my life. I've tried a lot of products, and I know what works and what doesn't. My reviews are honest, straighforward, and based on my experience. Read my other reviews to quickly learn from my three decades of research and experimentation.

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BioAstin 12mg Hawaiian Astaxathin- Improved Vision in 6 weeks

Posted by 5259571449834994841 on Sep 10, 2012

My first purchase of this was with BioAstin due to I could not find the 12 mg strength available on IHerb.Which is the recommended daily intake as I did not want to take it in 4mg strength 3x daily.It is now available at IHerb in this strength and I am waiting for its first delivery from IHerb. My Orthopedic eye exam has confirmed that my eye sight has improved.My Doc was surprised as well as myself. Due to I skipped my 2yr check up.I have prescriptive glasses and only need them for far sight so I dont wear them all day mostly for driving TV and night vision challenges due to astigmatism(eye shaped like football)kind of like the shutter on a camera that allows light in which is problem. I had taken astaxathin 6 weeks before my scheduled exam because I thought I needed a prescription change presuming I had decreased vision .After Doc did all tests he pleasingly told me your vision has improved and my prescription was decreased. I also notice it may have helped blood pressure issues but I use other IHerb products for this also. and I can say I dont get sunburnt I have no experience with other brands to compare and felt obligated to share the good news about this for other customers who may be wondering about its effectiveness.

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The Real Deal!

Posted by Reviewer1725557 on Jul 26, 2012

I can assure you that this product is terrific for your eyes and your joints. My eye site has improved immensely since taking this product. Also an old lady I have introduced this supplement to is being relieved from joint pains which she has suffered from for years. One final thought, my sleep is of a better quality and we all know that a good night sleep equates to better health, longivity and a strengthened immune system.

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Take BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin for youthful appearance

Posted by SEEKING-HEALTH on Nov 11, 2014

On Products-With-Reviews page, I have more reviews of other products I have bought and used. Hawaiian Astaxanthin works as an internal sunscreen. It can radically reduce your risk of developing severe sunburn and related skin damage. It takes several weeks for the dose to build up to achieve UV protection, and to help improve your skin’s overall moisture balance and elasticity. You can watch a YouTube video “BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin for skin health- Johanna” and look at the youthful appearance and glow in Johanna’s skin, age 55, and who takes Hawaiian Astaxanthin daily. Johanna attributes her healthy, beautiful skin to BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin. I like Astaxanthin as an antiaging supplement. The Astaxanthin will capture the free radicals before they hit the collagen. When you keep your elastin and collagen healthy, you prevent and reduce wrinkles.

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A Super Product for Inflammation!

Posted by Reviewer1715865 on Jan 11, 2013

I've been taking Astaxanthin off and on for a couple years now, but just in the 4-mg dosage. I didn't notice anything particularly remarkable about it and basically just took it on faith that it was doing something positive for me. A few months ago, however, I stumbled upon this 12-mg dosage and decided to give it a try. Like a previous reviewer here reported, I noticed that after a week or two, my chronic lower back pain (mild sciatica) was nearly gone. At the time, I attributed my improvement to some stretching and flexing exercises I had been doing, not even considering that it could be the anti-inflammatory effect of the 12-mg Astaxanthin I'd been taking. Then the bottle ran out and, coincidentally, within a few days, the chronic low back pain returned. I'm glad I had read the other reviewer's experience regarding the Astaxanthin and his/her mysteriously vanishing lower back pain, as I don't think I would have otherwise made the connection. On the chance that I was experiencing the same thing, I quickly ordered another bottle and resumed taking it as soon as it came. Sure enough, within a couple days, the lower back pain was gone again. This stuff is incredible! It seems the key is the dosage~ 4 mg didn't seem to do much for me, while 12 mg has had a very noticeable anti-inflammatory effect. Perhaps also it is the brand~ Nutrex may be superior to the other brands I was taking. Apparently this stuff is good for preventing sunburn too. In my experience it has worked even better than Zyflammend, which is a great anti-inflammatory supplement in its own right with many satisfied customers.

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Posted by Reviewer2265836 on Aug 07, 2012

This product which I've been using for 6 mths now covers a lot of areas for me, too many to mention except to say that I would not go without it now. And iHerb has the BEST price and quickest delivery. ONYA iHerb Phil Bresnahan Sydney Australia

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Consistent Quality

Posted by 4944795379302819428 on Sep 15, 2012

As a user of BioAstin Astaxanthin for nearly 5 years now..... Finally the perfect dose-12mg! I have noticed a significant difference with other product claims of exclusive quality and being produce within the Hawaiian region. BioAstin delivers. I took a three month break from Astaxanthin and returned with this 12mg dose. Within a few days I noticed a significant reduction in my joint inflammation, and marked recovery from exercise muscle fatigue. Also, while out on my Harley for Hours in the Summer sun, yes, I did get a bit red, but by the next day my forehead "burn" was reduced in 1/2. Two days later, no real visible sun damage. No exaggeration. I hope iHerb will continue to deliver economical equitable products.

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One of the most important supplements for me!

Posted by sweetheart on Jul 06, 2012

Astaxanthin is amazing stuff! It's an universal antioxidant (and a very powerful one) that can get anywhere in your body! It prevents inflammation in cells and protects your health in so many ways. It's great for your skin: it protects and build collagen and makes skin look young and healthy. It protects skin from sun and gives a beautiful tan. If your skin burns easily and you want some extra protection, eat a lot of tomatoes to get lycopene. Lycopene, astaxanthin and D3-vitamine together are the best sunscreen you can get. After taking them for a while you don't need any sun lotions (which usually are full of harmful chemicals). What also is great about astaxanthin is that it (unlike most other antioxidants) cannot turn into a pro-oxidant in any conditions. So with astaxanthin you can't go wrong! It's great to get this 12 mg product.

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Posted by GAQ880 on Apr 04, 2012

I love that you only need to take one of these a day because of the increased potency to 12mg. I noticed and improvement in my vision and it helps with reducing inflammation from pancreatitis.

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