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PalmarosaRU 193 Reviews

Мы с супругой являемся постоянными покупателями на Iherb уже 3 года. Покупали много разных здоровых полезностей и с удовольствием поделимся с Вами своими отзывами, очень надеемся, что они для Вас будут полезны. А нажав на значок Гугл под аватаркой , вы сможете ознакомиться с нашими публикациями о многих полезных для здоровья продуктах, продаваемых на IHERB.

97 %


OlgaOr 181 Reviews

Всем привет! С 2012 года я покупаю всю косметику на сайте iHerb. Я стараюсь использовать средства без силиконов, SLS и парабенов и включаю в ежедневный уход больше натуральных масел. Я внимательно наблюдаю за тем, как мой организм, кожа и волосы реагируют на новые продукты, и подробно пишу об этом в своих отзывах. Кроме того, я охотно делюсь с вами моими личными маленькими "открытиями", как лучше использовать то или иное средство. Буду рада, если мои отзывы окажутся Вам полезными!)))

96 %


Jeelika 389 Reviews

Интересуюсь всем, что поможет сохранить и поддержать здоровье, замедлить старение, улучшить состояние кожи и волос. В нашей семье мы стараемся как можно больше использовать натуральные и экологически чистые продукты.

91 %


alloriginal 238 Reviews

I am a former staff writer for Mike Mentzer's WORKOUT Magazine. I have been interested in health and longevity for decades. I've managed to replace the relatively poor health of my youth and today am vigorous and active. I've been working 45 years and have yet to take my first sick day! I've tried pretty much everything, and I know what works and what doesn't. I love Iherb for all my health needs. While many people my age are having knee replacements and taking Viagra, I'm proud to say that I'm all original, everything works, and no prescriptions are necessary!

99 %


odereviews 1011 Reviews

Thirty-something family of five. We are aiming for a healthier lifestyle. We find Iherb the best place for customers to shop natural products and supplements. Wondering what to buy from iherb or looking for recommendations? Our reviews are given out when we have used the product long enough, to give our honest opinion about it. Thanks for visiting our page and checking our favorites and recommendations.

98 %


vinetu28 52 Reviews

Hi everybody! I want you to know that each of these products was selected after a profound reserch. So, be well informed before you buy. Here in my reviews you will find lots of information to which I reached through my experience and researches. I must say that I have used many products but we will mention only those which I have received a positive effect ! So do not wonder why these products are rated by me with 4 or 5 stars. Finally, if you are thinking of placing your first order from iHerb, take note of the special value added information near the top of this page. Best regards!

93 %


FEED-ME-MORE 361 Reviews

Welcome to my super food chain! I am here just for you. Yes - you and you, too. I don't need my reviews, you need mine! You need to know what to buy and what to avoid, because I have already tried it and telling you so. Just for you and your sake. So FEED ME MORE with your "like" and I won't eat you :) Then stay there forever with your perfect health! Thank you if you do help. Then I'll be more calm, less hungry and won't look like the beast so much ;)

95 %


FataMorgana 546 Reviews

Reviews of my purchases: cosmetics, vitamins, chocolate, tea, spices, recipes. Good shopping and fast shipping! Good mood to all! Мои отзывы на самые разные продукты: косметику по уходу за лицом и телом, минеральную косметику, кисти для макияжа, витамины, БАДы, шоколад, чай, специи и многое другое! Удачных вам покупок и быстрой доставки! :)

71 %


TinVal 85 Reviews

I'm a strong advocate for self education and study about health and alternative medicine. Everyone should take the health in his own hands by increasing his knowledge. This is the first step to recovery!

90 %


MikeMember 569 Reviews

Since 2002, iHerb.com has been my only source of healthy products such as vitamins & herbal supplements, gluten-free foods and chemical-free body-care products. Orders are always processed quickly, and shipping rates with Sagawa Mail are very reasonable for Japanese customers. The Customer Service department is excellent. All claims are handled quickly and to your satisfaction. On this page, you can see some of My Favorite Products.

94 %


AmberCat 93 Reviews

Привет, меня зовут Светлана. Я очень люблю натуральную и качественную косметику. Попав на сайт iHerb.com, я поняла, какая это для меня находка. Я вместе с iHerb уже почти год, и, надеюсь, это надолго. Присоединяйтесь и Вы к моей любви к iHerb! Hello, my name is Svetlana. I really love natural and quality cosmetics. Once on the site iHerb.com, I realized it is a godsend for me. I'm with iHerb for almost a year and I hope for long time. Join to me in my love to iHerb!

86 %


BeckySue 1326 Reviews

Hi! Welcome to my page. Iherb.com is my favorite place to shop. I appreciate their excellent customer service, as well as their same day shipping and reasonable prices. I use Iherb items everyday myself. Since I am on a gluten free diet I really appreciate the fact that Iherb has a wide variety of gluten free foods at reasonable prices. Searching their gluten free foods section I found over 1,632 gluten-free items! All pet owners want to give their pets the best and here is where you can get it at a reasonable price. I found over 230 listings for pet items. There is truly something or everyone at iHerb.com; from babies to seniors and everyone in between. You will find items that you need for every season too. You will find sunscreen in the summer and cold and flu remedies in the winter. Iherb is an all around great place to shop!

90 %


KentuckyWildcat 171 Reviews

I have been using natural medicines to treat and enhance my health for over 20 years. My mother used natural medicines as well. I believe the body heals itself, so my aim is to encourage it through the aid of natural substances. My favorite reference book is "Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine" by Dr. Michael Murray ND.

94 %


EllEll 179 Reviews

Hi everyone! On my page I will honest tell about the experience of use the different goods ordered here! Thanks to all who would use my code for first order! Have a healthy day!_____________________________________________ Привет всем! На моей странице я честно расскажу о своем опыте использования косметики, БАДов и разных товаров, заказанных здесь. Спасибо всем, кто воспользуется моим кодом для своего первого заказа :) Всем отличного дня!

99 %


LantauMama 231 Reviews

Many people have asked what I buy on iHerb, here are some of the products we like with a sentence or two review. We are a healthy family with two young children in Hong Kong. Feel free to contact me on Twitter (LantauMama) if you have any questions :)

100 %


rabbit 78 Reviews

Hello there and thanks for "hopping" by! I have several health concerns and I'm always on the lookout for natural treatments and cures. I live a vegan lifestyle, so I'm always researching the ingredients and animal testing status of various products. I love helping people make the best choices for their health and well-being. I hope that my experiences with natural products will help you make well-informed purchases.

94 %


gettingwell 195 Reviews

Forty-something family of five from Tucson AZ. We are aiming for a healthier lifestyle after leaving a moldy home. Our reviews are given out when we have used the product long enough to give our honest opinion about it. Our reviews are always honest and hope they help you in deciding which products to buy. :) Thanks for visiting our page!

99 %


karishma 197 Reviews

Hello there, my name is Mimi and I am in West Australia. I am passionate about health, organic food and alternative medicine. I eat healthy most of the time and enjoy cooking healthy. " If you can’t do the little things right, you will never do the big things right."

90 %


miracle 354 Reviews

Приветствую всех на моей страничке в iherb! Своими отзывами я стараюсь помочь нам всем освоить широчайший ассортимент магазина, выбрать свои продукты и пользоваться ими в свое удовольствие. Спасибо, что зашли! Желаю всем добра, здоровья, удачи, всех благ!

80 %


MentaPiperita 209 Reviews

I know how important reviews are, so I try my best to write opinions as honest and useful as possible. I love to pamper myself and cooking, so most of my reviews are from cosmetics and food :) (I hope they are helpful to you!).

99 %


Krisinsight 273 Reviews

I am health professional with a keen interest in whole body health. I follow many great medical people who are experts in the field of health and natural alternatives to the current allopathic paradigm we call medical care. Long ago I started learning about whole body health care. In my quest for good health I have gathered a plethora of information. Since the information I have gleaned was so instrumental to making me healthier I like to share my knowledge on my blog. You can find me at www.krisinsight.com

85 %


HealthandBeautyGirl 157 Reviews

Health nut! Cruelty-free product user! Makeup and skin care products Junkie! I'm Always trying new products to try and better my health, improve my sleep and stress levels. I love testing out all kinds of skin care, hair care, makeup and any beauty products really! I believe in taking care of the inside as well as the outside with supplements, exercise, good skin care and a little makeup too! See my blog for health and beauty info as well as product reviews. http://www.healthandbeautygirl.com/ I'm on twitter too! all links are to the left on this page. :)

100 %


juniper 263 Reviews

A clean life is a healthy life and if we eat correctly and nourish our body with healing substances, we can live a long and vibrant life.

92 %


Reviewer3327222 255 Reviews

Over the last 7 years I have made a lot effort to adjust my diet to better serve my body's needs. Now I basically choose either organic foods or natural foods. I don't really like process foods. However sometimes the term " Organic" has been misuse in the foods industry. Therefore, choosing organic foods alone cannot guarantee the right foods for you. I try to use energy testing method to help me to choose the right foods for body. It does help me a lot.

76 %


DinaB123 89 Reviews

I am on a quest to unlock secrets of life-long health and beauty. This is my playground, my sandbox, my bag of tricks... I am a firm believer that we can achieve ultimate health and happiness through good nutrition and balanced living. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” with a little supplementation on the side. My reviews reflect my leanings about food, nutrition and chemistry. I will be posting updates to my older reviews as I uncover new facts and observe subtle correlations and dependencies.

98 %


honestreviews1 81 Reviews

Thank you for visiting my page. I've seen a lot of reviews in iHerb, and some of them, I believe, are not that honest - giving 5 stars just to get someone to use their codes. I bought some products because of some of these reviews as well - and might I say, what those reviewers said didn't really hold up. So I'm here to give my honest reviews on most of the products I bought from iHerb, which I hope you find useful. About me, a mom of two beautiful kids, married to a wonderful husband. Juggling in between my family life and career, I need all the help I can get to make sure my family's needs are met, even exceeded. One of the needs is that they get the right nutrition - so we don't get sick often. Ever since I started all of us with the right nutrition and supplements, we hardly had to visit the doctor! On top of that, we are minimizing the use to chemicals at home. We avoid processed food. And iHerb's a great company to support this lifestyle.

99 %


olinalina 44 Reviews

Привет всем! Спасибо, что зашли на мою страницу! Меня зовут Ольга. Я давно уже заказываю на любимом IHERB. Здесь вы можете найти отзывы на товары, которые опробованы лично мной. Я никогда не пишу отзывы на то, чего не пробовала. Не понимаю, какой от этого может быть толк?! :) Если вы впервые заказываете на IHERB, то на первый заказ можно получить СКИДКУ в размере 5$ или 10$ (если стоимость посылки превысит 40$) при использовании кода PEC932. Просто введите код PEC932 в строку, которая находится справа, внизу под списком покупок. Я буду очень рада, если мои отзывы окажутся полезными для вас и позволят определиться с покупкой товара. Приятных всем покупок, здоровья и Хорошего настроения!

97 %


InnaFarm 69 Reviews

Я знакома с Iherb с февраля 2011 года.Я специалист с высшим фармацевтическим образованием, знакомство с Iherb заставило меня пересмотреть отношение к своему здоровью. Изменилось и отношение к аптечному ассортименту, представленному в России. Для себя я стала выбирать натуральные средства, лекарства пью только при острой необходимости. Пользуюсь натуральными препаратами с Iherb, которыми можно не только сохранить здоровье, но и вылечиться. С конца 2013 года, став мамой, увлеклась детским ассортиментом и стараюсь растить "натурального" ребенка.

99 %


naturalsgirls 178 Reviews

Больше пяти лет я заказываю товары для всей семьи с этого замечательного сайта! Начала с товаров для малыша, а теперь вся семья обойтись не может без этой продукции. Устраивают и цены, и сервис, и радуют всевозможные постоянные акции, покупать по которым очень выгодно. Особенно интересно заказывать товары, которых нет в России. Здесь я поделюсь с Вами моими впечатлениями о продуктах, которые попробовала я и моя семья! Приглашаю посетить мой журнал с отзывами по продукции с iHerb.com http://naturalsgirl.livejournal.com/ В нем я очень подробно с фотографиями делаю обзоры всего опробованного. Жмите на карандашик под картинкой зеленого домика.

61 %


bobbienorthern 166 Reviews

I am 69 and love life and living life to the fullest. I work on myself all the time so that I can be the best that I have been created to be. I give honor and glory to my Lord Jesus for making me healthy and strong and learning how to love myself and others.

91 %


Reviewer1682482 91 Reviews

Hello! I`m 34 and I want to be young and healthy as long as possible. Also I have a special care for my long natural hair.

93 %


SherryB 149 Reviews

I am from Texas. Graduate of Texas State University and Clayton College. Studied Natural Health and Business Administration. I have suffered with chronic back pain for years and the many complications of Lyme's disease. See www.ilads.org for more information about the often devastating conditions resulting from Lyme's disease. Natural supplements have been a foundation for me to feel better. I am dedicated to educating and helping people feel better especially if suffering with chronic pain. Best of health to you!

95 %


Reviewer2996272 58 Reviews

Добро пожаловать в крупнейший интернет магазин Америки по продаже органической продукции !!! Здесь представлены: косметика, товары для детей, витамины, добавки, спортивное питание и многие другие товары достойные внимания. Вы будете приятно удивлены ассортиментом и ценами в три - четыре раза более привлекательными чем в Украине.

93 %


kanaca 125 Reviews

Poet, professor, screenwriter. I suffer from CFS and Hashi's but on the upswing. Thanks to amazing health providers, supplements, mindful, disciplined diet. Love to yoga and go to the gym. I'll get back there, soon.

97 %