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How it Works

1 - Shop
You’ll be assigned a unique Rewards Code after your first order! Your code can be found in your My Account page.
3 - Earn
5%when you refer a friend to purchase 2xif they buy iHerb Exclusive products 3xif they buy Super Rewards products
Then use your earnings to shop at iHerb or cash out!

Rewards Program FAQs

How do I get my own Rewards code to share with others?

iHerb Rewards is only for iHerb customers who have shopped at at least once. After your order is placed, you can access your unique rewards code in your account under Rewards Overview.

How do I earn Rewards credit?

To earn Rewards Credit, new or existing customers must complete an order using your Rewards code or link. Both new and existing customers receive an instant 5% discount on their order, and you receive 5% of their order in Rewards Credit. Additionally, give a 10% discount and earn 10% in Rewards Credit on all iHerb exclusive products referred. You can also access exclusive Rewards only promotions on our Super Rewards Page. Rewards credits have a pending status of up to 35 days and are subject to adjustments for any returns or cancellations. Once they are available to use, you have 180 days to use them for shopping at iHerb. You can also cash out your Rewards when you have at least $100 of available Rewards at the end of any given month.

Is there a maximum to how much in Rewards I can earn?

There is no limit to the amount of Rewards that are available to earn under the program.

How is the sale attributed?

In the industry, this is referred to as “last click” and is the most common form of attributing referred orders. Your Rewards code must be entered in the shopping cart, or must be in the URL you share to properly attribute the order to you.

How can I promote my code?

The iHerb Rewards program is a customer referral program to share with friends and family via your email or your social media accounts.

Can I cash out my Rewards Credit?

You can cash out your Rewards when you have at least $100 of Available Rewards at the end of a given month. Reward amounts below $100 are rolled over to next month, subject to the Terms of Use Agreement.