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fos helped my difficult breathing get better, & restored normal bowel movement that was too loose & that i lost control of

Posted by iHerb Customer on November 28 2017 | Verified Purchase

peace, i've used this product many years ago, but became unavailable in local stores & online, in fact all fos products disappeared by all brands. when i 1st utilized this product it seems like 15 years ago or so, i had constant loose bowels ever since the doctor had me do 3 types of anti-biotics for 1 month & it was discovered i have a life long injury of a worn out completely cartilage between lumbar vertebrae so they rub bone on bone, painful, that now can't grow back once all gone, waited 10 years too long to see a doctor as to hazards from my heavy lifting laborious job for decades. so anytime i lift even the lightest object my bowels would go, in research about what pro-biotics are that was told me when i went back to doctors office when finished the 1 month of anti-biotics, i was told in a soft barely audible tone that now i need to do pro-biotics the rest of my life daily, not knowing about this stuff, researched pro-biotics on internet. claimed fos (fructooligosaccharides) is what the good breathing bacteria need as food, a carbohydrate in plants with jerusalem artichokes having the most, that i believe the product claimed is made of. & i need to take it along with the pro-biotics so they can survive the journey through the stomach acid into the upper intestinal tract where they live. so finding the product again because the problem has flared up, it seems a new prescription to help my breathing from toxic particles substance breathed in daily for decades on the job kept getting worse, difficult breathing in cold, just crossing a room, didn't read the paper work that comes with prescription cause too stressed, so when able i read it had dairy, i am allergic to dairy & am a vegan, it seemed caused the loose bowels, being a vegan following doctors advice on proper nutrition to keep my injury from worsening, that also came about from lack of proper nutrients daily. but on the fos bottle it said california found product to cause birth defects & cancer, i took it as a fraud, probably some company competing, but haven't been able to afford any pro-biotics yet, hope to before i use it up. my bowels have gotten better a little, but have been carry weight that counter acts any help, can't get out of carry what is need for daily living. in past just doing this product, i was told will multiply the good breathing bacteria 3 to 4 times their amount, & it would restore normal bowel movemengt by itself, & it did, & also helped my breathing that was very difficult, like a miracle.

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