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Posted by iHerb Customer on December 20 2015 | Verified Purchase

I used to take d3: 300iu+vitamin k2 45ug and was feeling good at the late summer until mid autumn. Then i suddenly felt depressed,out of energy and had a hard time losing weight. A few weeks into november i started to get sleep apnea, so I tried without the vitamin d3 cuz i thought i got "too much". It was even worse. Now i had insomnia instead. I read all about this you need 60-80ng/ml for a normal sleep pattern. So i upped the dose right away to 9000iU and could feel it right away the first day! I slept through the whole night, and i just knew this was it. I usually had a big belly during autumn and winter time, always wondered why. Even though i exercise 4times a week intensively = bodybuilding. But always had that protruding gut. I thought i had some problems with the thyroid but it went away right after i upped my dose to 10000IU. The big problem is that if you take k2 like i did at first. K2 can be beneficial but you need sufficient amounts of d3 levels in your body. If not, k2 needs Calcium and Vitamin D to work properly. It's antagonist will be affected as well. I got headaches= signs of magnesium deficiency. So i recommend that you do not supplement with k2 if you're vitamin d and/or magnesium deficient. When you're further in your healing process you can supplement with k2 also if you'd like. But you can always get that vitamin k easier than d3 in the diet, also your gut produces abit of k2 from vitamin k foods. Got these recommendations from Vitamin D Council. Great site! Vitamin d3 deficient? Winter time: 5000-7000ie/daily. Winter time and levels below 30 ng/ml? = Supply with 10 000-15 000 IU/daily for 2-3weeks. Then check your vitamin d levels. Summer time= Sun exposure + 1-5000IE for 2-3weeks. Then check your vitamin d levels.

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Did not recieved

Posted by iHerb Customer on September 21 2016 | Verified Purchase

DHL sent back the item to iherb. I live in Sweden and my shipment was sent back because this product contains: MAC= drug and Milk Thistle. They should've warned about this. So frustrating, specially when your order contained more items.

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I swear this works!

Posted by iHerb Customer on February 4 2016 | Verified Purchase

I've tried Transdermal gel, dry powder capsules and this brand with a softgel. I knew i was deficient, because i took a dose with 6k from another brand which cured my insomnia. I was even though still sluggish. I tried this vitamin d3 and i got even more energized and no problems at all with sleep. My depression was gone and my mood better than ever, i was like i used to be when i was a kid. I'm joking very often now and feel an inner happiness. To make it clear this works, i did a short time of like 3months of 20k ie d3, and then i cut back to this amount. If i take like 20k ie for a day i get the overdose feelings of dry mouth, being thirsty, frequently urination,insomnia. However if would stick to 5k or 10k max a day, prefably like 5-7k, because 7k of d3 is based on research of your total intake per day including supplements should be. I still think 5k is enough if you take a softgel from a good reputation brand like this one for instance.

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Better than healthy origins.

Posted by iHerb Customer on April 7 2017 | Verified Purchase

I tried other brands and forms. If i took a vitamin d dry capsule i consumed about 25k to fall asleep, healthy origins softgel needed 20k d3 tried both 5 and 10k strengths, but none of them actually raised my levels i never felt stable. Like someone else said "i tried healthy origins all different strengths, none of them works and no difference between the potencies, alteast they're weak across all strengths lmao." This d3 makes me feel stable, and the thinking of sun or vitamin d dissapears. Yes i did before thought of the sun and longing for it before i took a pill, and now it never goes back to that "longing for a semester holiday at the beach need" in my head. Before i was depressed now i smile all day even though i am broke,unemployed, no friends and living at home. So this definately works.

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It doesn't work

Posted by iHerb Customer on May 25 2016 | Verified Purchase

I've tried a numberous different brands and forms of vitamin d3. This doesn't work. At first i felt nothing. Then after some weeks i got even more tired popping a pill. I got insomnia from this as i had before. Then i knew it had no potency. It's worth spending more money for a vitami d3 that actually works. Dry formulas works, but this one doesn't.

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Posted by iHerb Customer on December 11 2016 | Verified Purchase

This just wasn't for me. It gave me anxiety and insomnia.

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1-6 of 6 total