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fabulous soap ****

Posted by 5588102188545391775 on Apr 21, 2013 | Verified Purchase

This is a wonderful soap. My friend, who is Fijian Indian said that sandalwood was great to help clear pimples. I was skeptical until I saw how much her face cleared up when she started using it. I bought a bar for my partner, who was prone to the odd pimple. When I saw how much his face cleared up, I started using it as well. I don't really have a problem with acne, but I have noticed an improvement in my overall complexion since using this. It can be drying, so I usually apply a thin layer of grapeseed oil to my face before applying the lather from the soap. I then wash it off with a warm face cloth. Without the applying the oil layer first, it leaves the skin taught and dry. I finish off with "Desert Essence, Thoroughly Clean Oil Control Lotion, Oily & Combination Skin, 4 fl oz (120 ml)". It is a truly magical combination. I was reading that alot of people were concerned about the use of 'caustic soda' in it. Caustic soda is sodium hydroxide, also known simply as lye. This ingredient is used in pretty much all soaps, even in things like Dr Bronners castille soaps. You will be hard pressed to find a commercial soap made without lye! When made correctly, there should be no lye left within the soap after the saponification process. I personally do not like the scent, but the benefits far outweigh it! It took me about 2 months to get used to the fragrance, but it was so worth the adjustment. I think it takes a couple of weeks of use to reap the full benefits, so grab a bar and give it a go! For $1 you really can't go wrong.

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by 5588102188545391775 on May 28, 2015 | Verified Purchase

I absolutely love this product. I use it in place of a hair treatment, and find it gives much better results. I have hair which reaches down to my lower back. My hair is naturally red but has some leftover blonde highlights from over a year ago. Therefore the ends can get dry. I add a tablespoon of this powder to my shampoo and conditioner and wash out as normal. It is amazing, leaves the hair super soft and provides lots of volume. It also adds lots of shine and condition to the hair.

Thanks for your feedback!

Lasted one use. The worst performing liquid eyeliner I have ever used.

Posted by 5588102188545391775 on Jul 31, 2013 | Verified Purchase

This product did not last more than one usage. The colour payoff on the second and subsequent uses was very poor. I suspect using this product over eyeshadow dries the tip out. Very disappointing, would not recommend to any one. This is the worst performing liquid eyeliner I have ever used. HOWEVER, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE PHYSICIANS FORMULA EYE BOOSTER 2 IN 1 BOOSTING EYELINER AND SERUM. That product is highly pigmented. I have been using it for a couple weeks so far without it drying out.

Thanks for your feedback!

Awesome tanner

Posted by 5588102188545391775 on Mar 30, 2013 | Verified Purchase

I love this tanner and have repurchased it numerous times. The colour is long lasting, not too orange. Wear gloves for application. Comes out as a clear foam and develops to a natural looking colour. I apply it 2-3 times to achieve a deep tan. Because it develops it lasts for a long time, but this means it can wear off patchy. Doesn't streak, just make sure you rub it in well and apply it relatively evenly. I would like a darker colour option in it, so I don't have to apply as much. Overall I love it! Especially for natural tanner.

Thanks for your feedback!

Great product

Posted by 5588102188545391775 on Apr 07, 2013 | Verified Purchase

Soft texture, with great colour payoff. Love it, will repurchase. My only problem is it does transfer easily, so it needs to be set with eyeshadow.

Thanks for your feedback!

4.5 stars for this. Great shampoo

Posted by 5588102188545391775 on Jun 11, 2013 | Verified Purchase

Strong fragrance if you are used to herbal shampoos, it took a little while to get used to it. It is sickly sweet coconut and slightly tropical fruit smelling. The high amount of coconut oil means the shampoo goes hard in the cold winters I have in New Zealand. It is really hard to squeeze out of the bottle. Then in summer it is back to being a normal consistency shampoo. Results wise, this is a really moisturising shampoo. It is good for dehydrated, dry, processed hair. I think if you have virgin, limp or fine hair this may be a bit too moisturising and heavy. It is amazing how nourishing it feels and how much slip you get from using it, considering it is silicone free. I have highly sensitive skin and I do not get any rashes, itching or redness from it. I always put a pretreatment of grapeseed oil in my hair before shampooing for extra nourishment. My hair is naturally soft, fine and frizzy. It is red naturally and I have organic blonde highlights. I blow dry, straighten and curl my hair everytime it is washed (about twice a week). The Acure dry shampoo is fabulous to keep it looking clean and feeling soft between washes. My hair is quite processed and needs a bit of nourishing. This shampoo has been fabulous! I highly recommend this product if you have dry hair. I used to use Aveda products, but this provides very similar results, is much cheaper, and doesn't use silicones. It takes a couple of weeks of using to see the full benefits Also people have commented on how nice my hair smells, as the fragrance lingers after washing.

Thanks for your feedback!

Got rid of my fiance's bad dandruff!!

Posted by 5588102188545391775 on Jun 11, 2013 | Verified Purchase

Well my fiance has extremely resilient dandruff. He has had it for the past 13 years. It produces large patches of white flakes which bleed and is highly itchy. Supermarket products did not work. Those awful tar shampoos worked for a little while, until the dandruff became resilient and then came back with a vengeance. He then got some medicated stuff which worked ok but it is quite toxic and not safe for repetitive use. Then I decided to get this, would you believe it - it works! After one use the visible flakes had reduced by about 90%. It was almost all gone. He has been using this for a couple of months now. Probably 99% of the flakes have gone. He no longer gets any redness or itching. It is amazing. This product addresses both dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis, so if you aren't sure what is causing your dandruff, it gets both! The smell is quite unpleasant, however I don't think there are any dandruff shampoos which smell like roses!

Thanks for your feedback!

Didn't notice a difference

Posted by 5588102188545391775 on Jun 11, 2013 | Verified Purchase

I haven't repurchased this product. I am not the biggest fan of Giovanni products, but I really like to use deep conditioners along with my regular conditioner after everytime I wash my hair. I purchased this because it was the only one I could find on Iherb. I don't notice any difference when I use this product. Maybe because the conditioner (Desert Essence Coconut conditioner) I am using is really good? It doesn't feel softer or seem smoother. I suspect if you have a less nourishing conditioner then you may see some more dramatic results like other people have mentioned. Not thrilled with it. I finished it, but I won't be repurchasing it. Maybe try the Desert Essence conditioner because I am really happy with that and can recommend it.

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by 5588102188545391775 on Sep 22, 2014 | Verified Purchase

This product smelt terrible, I wonder if the product I received had spoiled. It smelt like turpentine/nail polish remover/paint thinner. I have purchased this fragrance in the bar soap form before and it was amazing, so I was highly surprised with this. I was also highly surprised by the texture which was like a thick clear glue. Other than that I found it quite moisturising, particularly more so than using Dr Woods castile soap.

Thanks for your feedback!

1-9 of 9 total