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It's fun to shop at iHerb! First see what you like at your local health food store then compare the savings at iHerb - even if the price is the same, iHerb doesn't charge tax, and if your order is more than $20, there's no shipping. You can choose a free sample from nearly a hundred different items, and often another free sample is tucked into your order! After your first purchase, use your referral code to introduce others to iHerb - they get at least $5 off the already low price and you get credit too. All of my favorite products you see here are available at the health food store - for a LOT more money! And the larger your order, the greater your savings, a progressive discount. Thanks, iHerb, I'll take it!

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Thickened skin, faded spots, healed scalp

Posted by BeautifulDreamer on July 7 2015 | Verified Purchase

I had two or three tiny crows' feet by my left eye (where the sun hits when you drive). After using this for a few weeks my skin in this area thickened to the point that the crows' feet had disappeared! I was also using it over a couple of small spots that had appeared around my eyes and those spots have faded. I had some reddened areas on my hairline that looked like burns after a chemical treatment for my hair; they were painless, but ugly. I applied the retinol A 1% serum to these areas and by the next day the red areas had disappeared! I never felt any stinging on my skin, even in the hairline "burns." I wish this came in a handy 1000-pack!

Thanks for your feedback!

It's life-changing

Posted by BeautifulDreamer on August 22 2009 | Verified Purchase

I've been taking 2 a day along with vitamin C, fish oil, and another supplement to support my adrenals. The iodine has made the difference, though - I'm waking up awake! And yes, it IS good for lowering blood sugar, for fibrocystic breast disease, and ovarian cysts.

Thanks for your feedback!

It's helping

Posted by BeautifulDreamer on July 9 2009 | Verified Purchase

I'm taking it with corn silk for urinary incontinence - it's a lot less $$ than another supplement with this as one of the ingredients.

Thanks for your feedback!

Helps me to wake up easier!

Posted by BeautifulDreamer on November 3 2006 | Verified Purchase

I've noticed it's easier to wake up in the morning since I started this supplement, even with my weak adrenals. My doctor encouraged me to keep taking it.

Thanks for your feedback!

Sure beats a CPAP machine!

Posted by BeautifulDreamer on March 29 2009 | Verified Purchase

My husband said I don't struggle to breathe in my sleep any more, and while I still snore, this has reduced it considerably. I wake up and my mouth is still moist; I'm even starting to dream now! The first night was a little uncomfortable, but now I don't even notice the NoZovent. Great product.

Thanks for your feedback!

Works like a charm

Posted by BeautifulDreamer on October 12 2007 | Verified Purchase

This is a product everyone should have in their medicine cabinet. It is gentle and effective; our 91-year-old grandma needed some help and used this, and she got relief in a few hours.

Thanks for your feedback!

Great Stealth Iodine

Posted by BeautifulDreamer on May 6 2009 | Verified Purchase

This liquid kelp is colorless and has no discernable flavor. I put this into our family's "ice water" in the fridge so whenever someone drinks water, there's some bonus iodine included and no one's the wiser. I wish this came in bigger bottles!

Thanks for your feedback!

Coromega rocks!

Posted by BeautifulDreamer on September 4 2006 | Verified Purchase

This is an excellent fish oil for children who can't swallow capsules. Send four boxtops from the 90-count size to the Coromega company and they'll send you a small box for free!

Thanks for your feedback!

This one's a keeper

Posted by BeautifulDreamer on February 2 2010 | Verified Purchase

If you want your hair squeaky clean, this is the shampoo for you. The shampoo itself makes very little lather and cleans gently. It has a nice scent that ends up subtle when your hair is dry. The ingredients are the best - make sure and get the conditioner, too!

Thanks for your feedback!

My Favorite

Posted by BeautifulDreamer on September 4 2006 | Verified Purchase

I get many compliments about my shiny hair when I use Shikai Henna Gold shampoo and conditioner. I notice it seems to enhance the curl, too.

Thanks for your feedback!

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