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Holistic family based in Thailand. Billy is a writer & wellness coach at holisticdad.net and Elizabeth is a fellow writer, Holistic Life Coach, and Digital Strategist. They both study nutrition and herbalism

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A must buy; Dragon Herbs is the best for reishi

Posted by HolisticDad on May 7 2010 | Verified Purchase

Reishi is not just a super immune booster: it is an ultra immune regulator, so someone with asthma ( such as my husand) or with allergies or any auto immune problem can have their system regulated ( over time; suggested period is 3 months). Duanwood reishi and organic reishi is the best, by far. There are god knows how many studies world wide to back this up. If you have AIDS or cancer, I recc taking this as well as NOW vitamins Mushroom Glyco Nutrients, AHCC powder ( powerful immune booster used in Japan), 4 or more grams of vitamin C powder a day, and eat TONS of turmeric and black pepper together ( turmeric is being studied for its incredible properties and peperine in black pepper boosts its absorbtion). Dr Schultze's Superfood is also a must buy but not available on iherb, and so is the Life Extension Elixir from Ascended Health.

Thanks for your feedback!

First Vit C I could feel energize me

Posted by HolisticDad on April 30 2010 | Verified Purchase

My husband and I both study holistic medicine, and he has been reading on the incredible benefits of powdered vit C, esp in high dosages. We bought one variety from NOW foods, and when I took it, i did not feel a difference in energy or health. The second I took 1 gram/ 2 scoops of Madre labs variety, I felt the difference. I am very impressed with where the C is derrived from, amla and acerloa, mega power foods. I recc buying this as well as Life Extension buffered Vit C powder for mega immune boosting benefits. We are now using both.

Thanks for your feedback!

Superb, fast acting

Posted by HolisticDad on May 30 2011 | Verified Purchase

I find it odd that a bad review was given for this product; for me, I had severe anxiety and within 48 hours of drinking the whole bottle ( which you are not supposed to really do, but it is light and sweet, not as strong tasting as other formulas) my anxiety was severely reduced. I am also taking duanwood reishi and he shou wu ( all from dragon herbs) and now 3 days later, I am honestly feeling better then I have felt in years. I used to wake up in fear and go to bed in fear, as with anxiety one's nervous system and adrenals are constantly 'on'. I can't recc this enough.

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by HolisticDad on March 17 2011 | Verified Purchase

This healthy oil is LOVELY on salads...I love all healthy oils ( flax, olive, etc) but this walnut oil makes salads addictive. It is esp wonderful when used with romaine lettuce.

Thanks for your feedback!

A MUST have

Posted by HolisticDad on March 17 2011 | Verified Purchase

last year, I was unable to get this spicy sesame combo that is popular in Japanese cuisine. Now, iherb has it and I am overjoyed. This is a MUST BUY for anyone who loves spicy sesame oil, or is a rice ( or rice noodle) addict. AMAZING with rice, congee (rice porridge), mungbean (glass) noodles, and with shabu shabu. It is incredible, and adds such a unique flavor to any dish, as does regular toasted sesame oil.

Thanks for your feedback!

Strange chemical aftertaste

Posted by HolisticDad on March 2 2010 | Verified Purchase

I have had one or two of these bars at different times and they tasted fantastic. However, everyother time I have eaten them, and my husband as well, they have an intense chemical aftertaste that ruins the experience. I have no idea whether or not it is from the corn ( which is not organc and could be GMO) or if there is a flavoring. I really don't know. I recc the cherry pretzel but not these; we have had them so many times disappoint us.

Thanks for your feedback!

Excellent for health & also weight loss

Posted by HolisticDad on July 8 2017 | Verified Purchase

Garlic has numerous health benefits but my wife purchased this after reading about allicin being a part of Tim ferriss' weight loss regime. She decided to try taking it daily ( along with other natural supplements and Yerba mate) and over the course of about a year, lost 20lbs without dieting. She also walks everyday and quit drinking so got rid of the empty calories from that, but she swears by this brand of allicin. We also take it to boost our immune systems, especially if we are under the weather. My wife had a very bad reaction to the burning season here in Chiang Mai ( crop burning mixed with pollution from China) and took this supplement to help her body recover. Garlic is also fantastic to take for overall health or if you have a cold or virus, and it also helps your heart.

Thanks for your feedback!

A must have

Posted by HolisticDad on May 27 2011 | Verified Purchase

This stuff helps me easily go to sleep, while also providing the goodness of ECGC. The taste is enjoyable. Contains melatonin and a plethora of other must-have herbs to help you sleep well.

Thanks for your feedback!

1-8 of 8 total