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Nature's Way, Ginkgold - one of the best!

Posted by Meduvar on February 19 2014 | Verified Purchase

Without a doubt, this is a product of high pharmacological level. From my experience Ginkgo improves concentration, memory and blood flow to the extremities (hands less cold in winter). Please note that in order to get better result with Ginkgo it is important to cycles - every few months to take a break of a week or two. This way you keep the effect and not exhausting the body. Please push Yes if my review was helpful to you :-)

Thanks for your feedback!

Boosts the immune system, increases general well-being

Posted by Meduvar on February 17 2014 | Verified Purchase

I suffer from fibromyalgia and weak immune system. AHCC helps me especially in strengthening the immune system. Since I am using AHCC I definitely less infected with viral and bacterial diseases, and when I do it's course is much shorter.

Thanks for your feedback!

The best DHEA

Posted by Meduvar on August 7 2015 | Verified Purchase

Life Extention DHEA products are the best for me. I can say that there is a big difference in the effect after I have used 4 or 5 other companies for DHEA. another big advantage of this product is that its clean from fillers.

Thanks for your feedback!

Good and balanced product ! Jarrow quality, iHerb service - the best combo!

Posted by Meduvar on June 9 2013 | Verified Purchase

Simple but delicate balanced product. sometimes the simplest supplements make the big different ! Zinc-Copper balance is important to the health of skin, hair and immune system. for me it made difference in finger nails (stronger) and hair (reduce losing). the big advantage of this product is the BALANCE, because taking Zinc w/o Copper can be worse than deficiency. highly recommended !

Thanks for your feedback!

Highly effective, Good quality Cordyceps

Posted by Meduvar on February 17 2014 | Verified Purchase

It seems to be more effective than the other Cordyceps which I've used in the past. Cordyceps increases peripheral blood flow, energy and strengthens the immune system. The capsules in the bottle I purchased was intact (unlike in cases I read about in other reviews. Apparently this problem has been fixed).

Thanks for your feedback!

Significant improvement in Fibromyalgia symptoms !

Posted by Meduvar on February 11 2014 | Verified Purchase

After taking NADH daily for several weeks, I feel an improvement in pain, alertness and acuity of thinking (less fibro fog). The tablets dissolves relatively slowly but that might be a benefit (increased time absorption). Sometimes I crush the tablet into powder and spreads under the tongue to hasten absorption. I combine it with D-riboseת, AHCC and Cordyceps. Certainly worth a try in cases of fibromyalgia!

Thanks for your feedback!

Great product - High potency, easy dosage adjustment

Posted by Meduvar on July 27 2014 | Verified Purchase

I have tried many DHEA products and with this one I feel the best. In the past I used to take much higher dose (from other company which I respect) and I stopped it as the side effects were too many and strong. This 5mg DHEA product let me to adjust the dose to my own need - which currently seem to be 15mg. "Enzymatic Therapy" seems to keep their promise for high quality products, at least from my own experience and feeling. iHerb are great in prices and service but this you probably already know... :-) Good luck - good health and quality of life !

Thanks for your feedback!

Fantanstic - a life saver for Fibromyalgia/CSF !

Posted by Meduvar on August 25 2014 | Verified Purchase

Adrenal Stress End is a great product which (together with other supplements) gave me better quality of life and gave me back the life I knew before I got sick. I don't work for the Enzymatic Therapy and don't get a penny from them but I must say that all their products which I bought really felt as having an high potency. Don't take it on empty stomach as it make aches and discomfort.

Thanks for your feedback!

Less potent than equivalent products from other manufacturers that I tried

Posted by Meduvar on July 10 2015 | Verified Purchase

After years that I use other manufacturers DHEA pills, I decided to try these (due to price and good reviews) and I was deeply disappointed when I began to feel that the DHEA effects to which I was got used to began to fade. I returned to use my good old DHEA product and within days the effect was returned.

Thanks for your feedback!

Great Thiamine - the only one which is Mononitrate = no abdominal side effects!

Posted by Meduvar on July 29 2014 | Verified Purchase

All the other Thiamine products contain thiamine hydrochloride (HCL) which may increase gastric acid secretion. Hydrochloric acid can be helpful for some of us BUT can also produce GI side effects (nausea, diarrhea...). Twinlab Thiamine Mononitrate is the best for me as it has high potency, it's in a capsule form (which has higher absorption efficiency than tablet) and free of side effects. Please also read my other reviews and let me know if it was helpful for you. Thanks - Good health and quality of life !

Thanks for your feedback!

1-10 of 28 total

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