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I know how important reviews are, so I try my best to write opinions as honest and useful as possible. I love to pamper myself and cooking, so most of my reviews are from cosmetics and food :) (I hope they are helpful to you!).

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Feels very nice, but no results

Posted by MentaPiperita on Aug 16, 2016 | Verified Purchase

The patches are comma shaped, and they are made of something jelly-like, they are very slippery (oh, and they're grey, so it's very noticeable when you have them on). The jar contains 60 patches and a spatula is included, which is handy because it's hard to get them out of the jar otherwise. They should be used by 2 months after opening, so you should use them every two days if you don't want to waste them. They feel very cooling even if you don't keep them in the fridge. It's very easy to "adjust" them to the shape of your face, and they stick very well to the skin (you don't have to worry about them falling off). Overall, they feel very nice and refreshing, and the treatment is a pampering experience. But I haven't seen any results. I don't have wrinkles around my eyes yet, but I do have bags under my eyes, and these patches don't do anything to them. I've been using them for 2 weeks every 2 days and nothing, I can't see any difference. I enjoy them because they hydrate the skin and feel very nice, but I won't buy them again.

Thanks for your feedback!

The lilac scent doesn't last long

Posted by MentaPiperita on Jun 10, 2014 | Verified Purchase

At first it smells really pleasant, lilacs and something fruity. The scent is very strong so a gentle dab on your neck and in your wrists is enough. But after a little while, the nice lilac scent disappears and only remains a synthetic musk scent. It smells a bit "cheap", in my opinion. But it's not a cheap perfume (you only get 10ml for $12, so a 50ml bottle would be $60) that's why I give it only 3 stars. If you don't mind the lilac scent disappearing quickly, it's a convenient perfume to carry around with you.

Thanks for your feedback!

Sheer coverage, too dark for pale skin

Posted by MentaPiperita on May 12, 2014 | Verified Purchase

Sadly, this cream is not for me. The pigment is very sheer and doesn't cover any imperfections, but at the same time is very noticeable. My skin is very pale and this gives me an orange-ish tint (yikes!). I think that people with a tan might get a flattering result, but if you are pale like me, the cream will make your face look darker than your body, and since the coverage is not great, I don't see the point. It's a pity because otherwise it's a great moisturiser, it takes a while to be absorbed but once it does it feels great on the skin. Plus it's got sun protection and the ingredients seem really good and beneficial. However it's just not flattering on me, any redness or imperfection is still clearly showing and my skin looks as if I went too happy applying bronzing powder. Bear in mind that you should use a make up remover or cleanse your skin before going to bed. I used a make up remover wipe and there was a lot of pigment on it after using it.

Thanks for your feedback!

Not fuchsia, but very pretty

Posted by MentaPiperita on Dec 11, 2013 | Verified Purchase

The name is so deceiving, this is not fuchsia at all! (nor fiery). It's a slightly brownish dark pink, with a beautiful sheen (it's not shimmery, but it definitely has a sheen). I recommend that you look for pictures before buying. But I love the colour, it looks very natural and I find it very flattering. It's a bit darker than my natural lip colour, but when I wear it I don't look made up. It's definitely a "my-lips-but-better" shade. Plus, I found the lipstick moisturizing and creamy, it's very nice to wear. If you want something fuchsia and bright, keep looking. However, if you like nude natural shades, this might be perfect for you.

Thanks for your feedback!

Very nice sheer shimmery blush

Posted by MentaPiperita on Dec 09, 2013 | Verified Purchase

This blush is quite sheer, so it's perfect if you are afraid of applying it too heavily (you won't look like a clown even if you apply a bit too much). The colour it leaves on the skin is very natural, like a sheer pinky apricot shade which I find very flattering. It is quite shimmery, though. I think it looks nice and really brightens your face, but if you like matte blushes you might want to avoid this. The design of the blush is really cute, and it smells of violets (it would make a lovely present). The packaging is very nice and compact, and it contains a mirror and a brush (the brush is not very soft but it's useful to touch up). The "happiness boosting" claim is a gimmick, but since the blush is so nice and pretty, it'll make you smile when you look at it. I gave it four stars because mine it's not properly glued to the base, it moves when you swipe the brush and I'm afraid it might fall off.

Thanks for your feedback!

Nice tiny size, eyeshadows not very pigmented

Posted by MentaPiperita on Jul 16, 2014 | Verified Purchase

This palette is very small, it fits in the palm of my hand! It's a perfect travel palette size-wise. The eyeshadows are nice daytime colours, nothing too dramatic or bold here. Sadly, the pigmentation is a bit disappointing, which is fine if you like very discreet make up, but I found it lacking. Most of the colours have a light sheen, but some look matte (there's no shimmer or glitter). The worst are the dark blue (it looks beautiful but disappears when you try to blend it) and the light pink (just invisible). The best, in my opinion, are the light golden brown (decent pigmentation and lovely nude shade) and the dark green (it needs a little work but the colour is very pretty). The lip glosses are not very glossy, but it's a nice selection of colours (even though I miss a red). I found them a bit "oily", but they are not very sheer. I really like the rightmost shade, it's a pretty nude shade. Overall, they're nice. The mascara is tiny and there's very little product inside. It gives a very natural look (again, nothing bold or dramatic). I think it's smaller than regular samples of mascara or mini-mascaras, so you won't be able to fit those into the palette when it runs out (I had a 3.5ml one and it didn't fit). The three blushes are great, beautiful colours and very pigmented, I think it's the best part of the palette. It has a very nice mirror, but you can only see it when you apply eyeshadow because if you open the lipgloss tray, the mirror is covered by the eyeshadow tray. It's confusing to explain, and it's not really a flaw, but I wish there were mirrors in every tray. The applicators and little brushes are OK, but they are not held by anything so they can fall out of the palette when it's open. To sum up, I love the size, love the concept, but I'm not impressed with the quality. I recommend this palette only if you wear subtle make up. It's very convenient and the size is tiny, so you can carry it around easily. But don't expect too much pigmentation.

Thanks for your feedback!

I'm in love

Posted by MentaPiperita on May 29, 2014 | Verified Purchase

I'm very happy with this conditioner. My hair is long, wavy and a bit frizzy, and after applying the conditioner I can straighten it easily with a hair dryer. The result is very noticeable, not only my hair is softer, it's not frizzy anymore. My partner commented on how much better my hair looked too. It feels as if the conditioner made my hair "heavier" (in a good way!). It's difficult to explain but the way it falls to my shoulders feels heavier and smoother, with less volume (just what I was looking for). It doesn't clump my hair or leave it greasy, but if you have very fine hair or would like to have volume, this conditioner might not be good for you. The only downside is that it doesn't deliver the shine it promises (I actually think the conditioner made my hair less shiny than usual). But for me it's worth it, I love the silky feeling and softness of my hair now. The scent of the product is very pleasant, but unfortunately it doesn't linger on the hair after blow drying it. To sum up, I recommend this conditioner if you want silky soft, smooth hair and don't mind sacrificing a bit of volume and shine. Plus, you only need a small amount of product, so this tube will last for a while.

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by MentaPiperita on Nov 12, 2013 | Verified Purchase

I love this palette! It has the perfect size for traveling, and inside you have everything you need (except foundation). The eyeshadows are quite pigmented, and the colours are very pretty. I especially like the green, the blue-grey and the lightest colours (champagne and soft pink). Only one eyeshadow is matte, but most of them are not too sparkly, so they suit everyone. You can make neutral and natural looks and evening looks as well (I wish it had a black eyeshadow, but it's okay anyway). There is a cream highlighter too, which is very nice. The palette has a pink shimmery blush (incredibly pigmented), a bronzer and powder for fixing your eyebrows (you can use this three as eyeshadows too). There is a black eyeliner, but the pencil is tiny (it's nice and creamy, but a bit too small). On the lipgloss side, there are 10 of them. The lightest colours are sheer, but the darker ones are quite pigmented and stain the lips. The downside is that it's not very convenient to touch up your lipgloss during the day with this palette. The palette has a big, lovely mirror and some tiny brushes that are OK but not very useful (the lip brush is nice though). Overall, I think this is great if you don't like to carry a lot of weight when you travel but you like to have a nice collection of make up, and a perfect gift for someone who is starting with make up. Definitely recommended!

Thanks for your feedback!

Not sure...

Posted by MentaPiperita on Sep 02, 2013 | Verified Purchase

I used this serum every day, twice a day for almost two months but I didn't notice any difference. It's nice and light, it's absorbed quickly and you can put on make up after if you wish. My skin was hydrated but since the serum didn't make any difference in my dark circles, I don't recommend it. It's nice, but don't expect any miracles. On the plus side, you only need a tiny amount so it'll last for ages.

Thanks for your feedback!

Great, but doesn't work with certain fruits

Posted by MentaPiperita on May 27, 2014 | Verified Purchase

I like this product very much. I use less than the recommended amount and I get very good results (3 level teaspoons for one litre of liquid gives a firm texture). However, it doesn't work with certain fruits. The first time I used it I tried to make pineapple jelly but it didn't set at all. I searched for information and read that the enzymes of certain fruits (like pineapple and kiwi) react with agar agar and prevent it from setting. Apart from that, it's an excellent substitute for gelatin, I can finally make vegetarian pudding and desserts! I will definitely buy again.

Thanks for your feedback!

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