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would be 3 star by adding Stevita liq. Strawb.Stevia...Coconut Powder worth buy, try, keep around, bec convenient, raw, org.

Posted by iHerb Customer on February 15 2013 | Verified Purchase

Navitas Naturals (NN) Coconut Water Powder (CWP) - 1 tablespoon is considered a serving, and there are 20 servings, so each serving comes out to about $.60 (60 cents) if you purchase it here at Iherb...IMO, each 1 tbsp serving tastes good in 6 ounces of water...In comparison, the only raw and organic coconut water (not powder) I could find, and I absolutely love, is Harmless Harvest's 100% Raw Coconut Water which comes in 8 and 16 ounce bottles, and comes out to about $2.25-$3 for 6 ounces...So, the NNCWP is 60 cents per 6 ounces compared with $2.25-$3 per 6 ounces of the liquid one by Harless Harvest...NNCWP is less expensive, has a longer expiration date, takes up less room, but does not taste as good as any of the different non-raw, organic and non-organic bottled coconut waters I have tasted. I prefer the raw organic one by Harmless Harvest, which I would give 5 stars to, as opposed to Navitas Naturals Coconut Water Powder, which I gave 2 stars to...I liked how it tasted much better after having added Stevita's strawbery liquid stevia to it, which would bring the 2 stars up to 3 stars, but I do not feel it is fair to rate the strawberry stevia with it...Still, the powder is so conventient, esp for being raw and organic, and I think it is definitely worth buying, trying and keeping around, preferably as long as you add a sweetened flavor, even though all the bottled coconut waters I ever tried, all tasted better...Btw, I use a lot of raw organic powders including Garden of Life and also Navitas Naturals, and I love the way they all taste, and I am just saying this so that any readers do not think that my perhaps less than average rating of the raw coconut water powder is due to not being used to eating raw foods...The NNCWP has a slight "vomit" like aftertaste which I find hard to avoid if I put it into cold water, esp since the powder does not mix that well in water in general, and esp in colder water, at least not enough to taste like real coconut water, but I like the refreshing taste of the colder water...The only time I ever taste that "vomity" type taste in all my other raw powders is when I blended a smoothie and tried drinking it from the frig 2 days later...One more thing worth mentioning is that if this product had been made by a company I never heard of, and/or I did not think it was raw and/or organic, I would have rated it with 1 star, or perhaps none if it were possible. I just tend to trust that Navitas Naturals is making this product as good as it can be made...I secretly wonder, however, if it is truly as nutritious as I am convincing myself it is due to the brand, rawness, and organic feature, and I wish they would list all the amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients in this product.

Thanks for your feedback!

I often eat 2 bars daily & I am a Vegan

Posted by iHerb Customer on October 16 2015 | Verified Purchase

Sometimes I am just too busy or feel too lazy to write a review. I feel I have to write one, because I eat at lest 1 bar of these every day, often 2 of them, and I really want to eat a 3rd. I have not found a better bar in terms of the amt. of protein (15 grams) and fiber (14 grams). I think the high amt of fiber offsets the carbs (17 grams) so that there are really 3 grams of net carbs. There is very little sugar (2 grams) and it is from a relatively good source. I take these with me in case I get hungry, esp. since I am a vegan and I never know if I will find a vegan place to eat, esp. with enuf protein. The 1st ingredient is Peanuts, and it is not raw nor organic, yet I have definitely seen many brands of peanut butter as organic, at the very least. The 2nd ingredient is Pea Protein, and it is not raw nor organic, yet I have seen raw org. pea protein on the market. So I hope they improve the quality of these ingredients. The taste is sure delicious and quite filling.

Thanks for your feedback!

1-2 of 2 total