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Highly recommend

Posted by ShokoFlomel on April 10 2014 | Verified Purchase

It is very, very, very good shampoo for everyday use. It lathers well and deals with hair in a gentle and soft way. It doesn't dry your hair and doesn't make it greasy either. Your hair looks smooth and shining. It is better to use it every day as it is not aggressive in the least. I took it when I went away on a vacation and washed hair almost every day. When I came back a friend if mine asked me what I had been using to get such shining and smooth hair as models have in commercials. I think her comment speaks for itself. The scent is very pleasant, something on the citrus side. And my husband loves it too and chooses every time from a heap of shampoos I have on my shelf in the bathroom.

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Love it

Posted by ShokoFlomel on March 18 2014 | Verified Purchase

It is very, very, very good. It helps to fight dark circles and the results are visible very fast. The texture is creamy but not too thick. It doesn't leave a greasy feeling and doesn't clog up pores. I like the way it works.

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Should try and find out

Posted by ShokoFlomel on July 21 2014 | Verified Purchase

I bought 2 items- one for myself and the other for my friend. As for me, I bought it to treat my bladder lining, which suffered a lot because of a number of UTIs I used to have. I can't say that I felt much better and I didn't have cystoscopic examination done to check up on my condition in order to compare the results. As you understand, this procedure is very unpleasant but what I felt is that I stopped waking up at night to go to the toilet. It must be a combined effect together with D-Mannose but it is good as my bladder lining shows fewer signs of irritation. The bad thing about this capsules is that I may have a sort of diarrhea. I keep going to the toilet more often but it may be a purifying effect, not a harmful one. I can't say for sure. As for my friend, she definetely felt better. She had some women complaints and the capsules helped her a lot.

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Very good stuff for combination skin

Posted by ShokoFlomel on March 13 2014 | Verified Purchase

It is very good cream for combination skin. It is light and creates good balance and my skin looks smooth, healthy and not a bit oily even at the end of the day. It is a real find for combination skin, which usually tends to be oily at the end of the day. I use Day Essence for day and Night Cream for night and I should say it is the best couple ever. I don't even use powders and concealers as my skin looks already unicoloured and smooth.No powder or concealer is able to produce such an effect. My skin looks shining without any imperfections. I am satisfied very much.

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Not bad but weak

Posted by ShokoFlomel on April 14 2014 | Verified Purchase

I think that for a person who has a chronic UTI or an acute one this product is far too weak. For such people I would recommend U-Tract by Progressive Laboratories or Urinary Tract in powder.They really help fast and sure. But if you are away on a trip, on business or somewhere else, it is very convenient to take this stuff with you. Each dosage is in an individual sachet. It is easy to put some sachet in a bag or in a toiletry case and take in a plane or in a bus. Of course, it is better than nothing in a trip. So I recommend taking it while travelling. And it may help absolutely to people who don't have severe UTI problems.

Thanks for your feedback!

Awesome results

Posted by ShokoFlomel on March 14 2014 | Verified Purchase

First of all, I would like to make it clear that I have been suffering from UTIs for 10 years already. It is quite a long period of time, during which I have been trying heaps of medicine trying to be cured. The bacterium that constantly causes my UTIs is E.Coli. That's why I decided to try D-Mannose but I made up my mind to carry out an experiment, which would be both scientific and illustrative. Before taking D-Mannose in Powder I had my urine tests done in a special lab (both of them- simple urine test and urine culture test). Thus, I made sure that I had lots of E. Coli in my pee + nitrites. I started the course. I took this one and Progressive Laboratories stuff D-Mannose. Then I went to the lab and had new tests done. My simple urine test showed that my pee had become absolutely clear, the quantity of bacteria decreased (!!!). My urine culture test showed that the quantity of E.Coli diminished by 1 grade. Although, E. Coli is still present in my pee,there are quite many of them, the quantity diminished and it is such a victory, a breakthrough for me because I couldn't make E. Coli diminish previously without antibiotics (that are harmful as they kill everything- both good and bad bacteria). And D-Mannose is absolutely harmless!!! As for my subjective feelings, bad odour has disappeared and clouds have gone. I am certainly going to buy this stuff again and again and fight with E. Coli till the end. As the results showed it IS possible but it takes time. But when you have 10-year UTI experience you are ready to wait for years as long as it helps and does its function. I strongly recommend this stuff for women who have E. Coli problem. You should understand, though, that treatment may take time but it certainly goes ahead.

Thanks for your feedback!

Really great

Posted by ShokoFlomel on January 14 2015 | Verified Purchase

It works really great. To start with, the thing itself is convenient to use. You just hold it without bending your head to the right or to the left and squeeze it. Water comes into one nostril and comes out of the other one washing away mucus, bacteria and that kind of unpleasant stuff. Secondly, the sachets are very good. I used the system two days running and I can say for sure that it helps. You breethe more freely and you feel much better. It is the first time when I didn't use vasoconstrictors at all. Of course, I still have a runny nose now but feel better and it is not so bad as it used to be. It is a find for pregnant women who are restrected in terms of medicine. The system is healthy and does you only good- no harm.

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It didn't work on me

Posted by ShokoFlomel on February 22 2014 | Verified Purchase

As a person who suffers from chronic UTI I decided to be precise and have scientific data on hand. Just not to be judgemental. I know for sure that the bacterium that constantly causes my UTI's is E. Coli. That's why I decided to try D-Mannose as it fights this particular bacterium. I decided to do an experiment on myself. Before taking this stuff I had my analyses done (simple urine test and urine culture test in the medicine lab). I made sure that I had bacteria and nitrites in my pee. Urine culture test showed that I had E.Coli (10*5). Then I started taking this stuff. I had D-Mannose according to the instruction given on the bottle and was careful about it. When I finished taking capsules I had another test done. Now the lab gave me the results. Unfortunately, the bacteria and nitrites are still present in my pee despite the treatment. It is a pity... I hoped so much that it would work and I would forget about this dreadful E. Coli that has been troubling me since 2004...

Thanks for your feedback!

Really fights dandruff

Posted by ShokoFlomel on February 26 2015 | Verified Purchase

A really good and effective anti-dandruff shampoo. Every winter I have the same problem- dandruff. It happens because of woolen hats which I have to wear. I can't do without hats because our Russian winters are very cold and frosts are biting. Plus, severe weather conditions affect our immune system. So, here I am- with a hat and lots of dandruff. This shampoo solves the dandruff problem in an instant. After the first usage I paid attention to the fact that my dandruff had gone. So, the shampoo really fights dandruff. The hair after washing stays clean for 2 days. Not very long, of course, but not bad, actually. The only drawback is that you need pre-washing with this shampoo as it lathers really badly. And, perhaps, not everybody will like the smell- it is a little bit strong but for me it doesn't matter as long as it solves the dandruff problem.

Thanks for your feedback!

Good kit for travelling

Posted by ShokoFlomel on May 7 2014 | Verified Purchase

The kit is good, there is no doubt about it but let me go into details in order you could get a clearer impression. 1. Cleanser It cleans well and my face is rather clean and fresh after it. It looks like gel. It is perfect to take with you if you are travelling. Still, I wouldn't buy a full-sized tube 'cause the cleanser from Sibu is much better in this sense.But for travellers it is ideal- does a good job and takes little space. 2. Face Scrub Too gentle for me. I can't say for sure whether it does its job at all. I didn't like it, to be honest. 3.Face Serum It is not bad but rather strong, mind you. If you aren't allergic to anything go ahead with it, it will brighten your face. But if you are an allergic type, please, be careful with it. It may provoke red spots and rash, and a burning sensation as it is very strong. Still, I like the brightening effect. 4. Mist Not bad and it is really pleasant if it is hot out. You use mist then and don't use cream. It refreshes well. Still, I wouldn't buy a full-sized mist 'cause I like Bee Naturals Mist much more.You can have a feeling that it sticks to your fingertips a little bit. 5. Face cream Not bad. But it may sometimes clog up pores if it is too stuffy and hot.And you may have blemishes. If the weather is warm or chilly everything should be OK. You may have a little bit oily feeling after applying it but after a while it disappears. It is a good friend for travelling but AnnaMarie Borlind line is much better if you have combination skin. But I must say that this cream doesn't dry or dehydrate skin. 6. Sun Shield Very good. It doesn't save you under a VERY active sun (like in Vietnam or Mexico) as SPF is too weak for it but it will protect you perfectly under the quite moderate sun of Russia, for instance. It is not sticky, it is not greasy, sinks in perfectly and doesn't leave white patches. I will buy a full-sized tube for sure. Summary: a very good kit for travelling.

Thanks for your feedback!

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