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I'm a woman from Norway in my late thirties. Iherb is my all-time favorite webshop. Great service, fast shipping, great prices (compared to norwegian prices), and a lot of organic, great products to choose from. I will work WITH the earth and my body, not against it, so I try to take good choices. Unfortunately these great products have to ship from USA to Norway, but i try to live as environmental friendly as possible beside that … Love the world. Love each other. Love yourself. Be thankful. It will make me happy if you hit the like-button under my rewards (if you do so), and also if you use my code TAG989 for discount on your first purchase.

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Good brand, good product.

Posted by TheHeArtsprout on November 9 2010 | Verified Purchase

I think this brand is great, and this product is one of them. I recomend to take a smaller amount in the beginning, because I got a allergic reaction (itching and blemishes on my knees) when I took to many (for me). Now I take 3 in the morning and 2-3 later in the day and that works just great.

Thanks for your feedback!

Favorite! Hot - one single packet lasts for about tree dinners.

Posted by TheHeArtsprout on March 17 2013 | Verified Purchase

This has become a "buy again and again" in my herb-shopping bag. Lovely taste, and I like that it's organic, without MSG and sugar. My family like it too, but it can be a bit too hot with the whole packet, so normally I have one packet for several taco-dinners. :) Highly recommend! Denne kjøper vi igjen og igjen - god smak, økologisk, uten sukker og smaksforserkere! Det at den er "spicy" er absolutt ikke tull: Den ér sterk, og vi pleier å dele en pakke i flere middager. Kanskje tre. Anbefales! :) Jeg spiser min taco med denne, og som skjell bruker jeg romano- eller hjertesalat. Nom nom! :)

Thanks for your feedback!

The best Omega product I've ever tried! :)

Posted by TheHeArtsprout on September 10 2010 | Verified Purchase

before I got to know about iherb, I've bought my New chapter at the one health food store that have New Chapter in Norway. Iherb have great prices and service! Back to the wholeomega: I have a couple of auto immune diseases, that involves stomac and joints, and I've tried a lot of different Omegas. This one is the one I can truly say that I notice a difference in. My skin is softer and without excema and I have less pain problems. I highly recommend this product,New Chapter (lowe their holistic believes due to environment and people)and iherb.

Thanks for your feedback!

Perfect! <3

Posted by TheHeArtsprout on November 24 2012 | Verified Purchase

This is (one of my) my favorite tea (s)! The brand, with it's nice, decorative tea boxes (only wishes they sold refills), the color of the tea - warm orange, the divine smell and, the perfect taste. Yummy! This tea in a large tea mug, maybe a bit honey (not necessary, but good), a blanket and a good book or a friend. Perfect! :) It's rooibush tea as well -lot's of antioxidants! :) Update: I now have gelatin powder in it - for collagen and healing of the gut. Still tastes lovely. :)

Thanks for your feedback!

Great, mild taste, healthy, and wonderful service from iherb!

Posted by TheHeArtsprout on October 19 2011 | Verified Purchase

The honey is mild and tastes natural and great! It has dark, chewy spots in top of it, from the pollen aso. Nom! :) Raw, good honey! I bought two barrels, and one of them was open, but the honey seems unharmed (and it tastes perfect). I told iherb, and they gave a refund straight away. What a service! Thank you! <3

Thanks for your feedback!

My all time favourite omega!

Posted by TheHeArtsprout on October 13 2010 | Verified Purchase

Since I've started using New chapters wholeomega I've noticed a significant change in skincondition and joints - less pain and smooth skin!

Thanks for your feedback!

Perfect for strengthening skin before sun bath!

Posted by TheHeArtsprout on August 3 2012 | Verified Purchase

I used to get sun rashes (Norwegian: soleksem og sol&quot;kviser&quot;), but after taking this, these problems are history! :D (Have been several weeks in greece and spain). Highly reccomend. Makes my green drink taste better also.

Thanks for your feedback!

Favorite for green drinks, chocolate and so on, and on, and on ;)

Posted by TheHeArtsprout on July 2 2013 | Verified Purchase

This is a healthy fat for your brain, and if your nursing, it is great for that as well. It makes green drinks and chocolate more creamy and delicious. Highly recommend! :)

Thanks for your feedback!

strong/spicy, real ginger and licorice.

Posted by TheHeArtsprout on April 20 2014 | Verified Purchase

This gives a warm, sweet (because of the licorice) and spicy/hot (because of the ginger) tea. Perfect in large tea pot, when nausea, in pain, cold or just for the taste. A tea that really tastes! Lovely box color! Sterk og God ingefær- og lakriste. Den smaker virkelig ingefær, og blir veldig sterk hvis du trekker den lenge/har den i liten kopp. Jeg foretrekker å ha den i en stor kopp. Den trenger ingen søtning pga. Lakris-roten. Perfekt mot kvalme, smerter, forkjølelse eller bare for kosen. Nydelig farge på boksen!

Thanks for your feedback!

Feels good! My preferred chlorella!

Posted by TheHeArtsprout on October 13 2010 | Verified Purchase

I have used different chlorellas in tablet form (Pure planet, Sun chlorella, best effect aso.), but this one is the one I&#39;m coming back for. Maybe it&#39;s just me, but I think the capsule form makes it easier for my body to use the nutritionals, rather than in tablet form (haven&#39;t used chorella i powder yet - just spirulina). New Chapter is also a brand that I trust among Pure Planet, Madre Labs, Solaray (and some more). :)I have lost some weight, feel more energized (despite cronic fatigue), and it just feels good to take chlorella.

Thanks for your feedback!

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