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I am a holistic therapist and personal trainer working in the UK. My interest in nutrition and correct and affordable supplementation brought me to iherb. I hope you find my reviews helpful!

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Love it... for energy

Posted by emanuela on Jun 24, 2013 | Verified Purchase

I have been taking this for energy (just two in the morning) and it makes a huge difference for me. It may raise blood pressure, but that's ok for me, as I tend to have low blood pressure. Unhappy that price has gone up. Vitacost currently sells this for $4.99. Why are iherb prices less competitive these days?

Thanks for your feedback!

Nice and healthy

Posted by emanuela on Feb 07, 2014 | Verified Purchase

If you are after a sweet chocolate drink full of sugar, go elsewhere. This is non-alkalized cocoa (ie relatively bitter) but that is why it's healthier, it has more antioxidants that way. If you like dark chocolate or raw cacao, you will probably like this. You can always sweeten with a little stevia and/or cinnamon powder if you want. Cordyceps and reishi will also support your health. All in a chocolatey taste, great in the winter. Could not ask for more... actually, I could, it could be slightly cheaper :-)

Thanks for your feedback!

Probably great pre-workout but not at bedtime...

Posted by emanuela on Mar 13, 2010 | Verified Purchase

I was taking this to stimulate my GH and to cope with a period of intense stress and physical activity, so was taking at night. PLUSES: It definitely helped me go through weeks of hard work without a day off. It managed to do this with just two teaspoons a night. (though I was also using L-Theanine and 5-HTP) MINUSES: - I find the product far too sweet!!! - I would be starving in the morning and think I have put on some mass (also fat). Mass increase was not one of my goals (I am a girl with good body fat % and enviable body mass as it is). Now I will try taking it pre-workout instead (e.g. before my spinning class) so that the sugars in the product can be put to some good use! Would probably buy again but can we PLEASE have a version without sugar to take at night.

Thanks for your feedback!

Has helped with indigestion, digestive congestion/discomfort, irritability

Posted by emanuela on Sep 12, 2014 | Verified Purchase

Really happy with this product, wish I had found it earlier and that it lasted longer. I take 2 with meals, 3x day as prescribed. It has helped remarkably reduce or eliminate indigestion, slow/sluggish digestion, irritability and constant digestive discomfort (I was already taking Betaine HCI and enzymes but was still feeling sluggish until I started taking this) Changed my rating to 4 starts, because iherb's price for this product is now higher than some of its competitors' :-(

Thanks for your feedback!

Great low dosage but cannot use it

Posted by emanuela on Jun 11, 2014 | Verified Purchase

Purchased because I was looking for a low dosage of Betain HCI plus someone mentioned "easy to swallow". Really? I just looked at the rough edges of the not-that-small tablet and though "there is no way I can swallow this stuff". I am scared of choking on it. So I have to make a really gritty protein powder mixture to swallow it. I would have preferred a capsule and a solution that does not have stearic acid in it.

Thanks for your feedback!

Extreme stomach pain (like ulcer)

Posted by emanuela on Nov 02, 2014 | Verified Purchase

I admit I have a bit of a weak stomach (though my digestive issues seemed to have been solved 2 years ago). In any case, I thought it'd be prudent to start by taking just ONE of these WITH a meal (not two away from meals as instructed). At the end of the first day, I had very bad stomach pains, as if a blade was stuck into my stomach, sharp and burning. I will NEVER buy this again, I do NOT recommend you even try these unless you have a very strong digestive system. Be ready to throw the whole pot into the bin as I have had to do. I had high expectations of this item. Very disappointed.

Thanks for your feedback!

No unnecessary eccipients

Posted by emanuela on Jan 26, 2011 | Verified Purchase

No magnesium stearate No dioxides Lovely!

Thanks for your feedback!

Probably really good but chia seeds also very effective...

Posted by emanuela on Jun 29, 2011 | Verified Purchase

I don't suffer from constipation but I have been having strange bowel movements and digestive complaints since picking up a stomach infection while on holiday. I found a couple of free samples of this lying around the house and decided to give them a try. Taking just one capsule at night, away from food, (and eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, including chia seeds, plus drinking lots of water) gives me an ideal stool movement next day: easily passed, soft stool, well-formed, right size (read the book by Paul Chek to know more) without any pain at any time, no grumbling tummy (usually a problem for me) or any side effect. If you are sensitive, try taking just one a day, at night and try this rather than one of the others (harsher-sounding) colon conditioners. iHerb great as usual. NOTE: I have been also taking chia seeds and it could be that it is the chia seeds that are having this great regulatory effect instead! In any case, this product did not hurt and seems to have helped.

Thanks for your feedback!

I wish they removed xylitol and magnesium stearate

Posted by emanuela on May 31, 2014 | Verified Purchase

Complaints: - contains xylitol - contains magnesium stearate - contains a high amount of vitamin K2 for me (I would prefer less, 45mg) My favourite was the 1,000 IU version, now discontinued. GOOD STUFF: However, now that I HAVE to take 5000 IU, I can take one 3 days a week. I do know they effectively raise my vitamin D levels, as they were in the optimal range when my doctor tested me last time (in spring). She was taken aback as she had never seen anyone with optimal vitamin D levels in her life!

Thanks for your feedback!

pity about the magnesium stearate...

Posted by emanuela on Jul 17, 2012 | Verified Purchase

I wish it was removed from Now Foods products!

Thanks for your feedback!

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