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I am a holistic therapist and personal trainer working in the UK. My interest in nutrition and correct and affordable supplementation brought me to iherb. I hope you find my reviews helpful!

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Not for people with a sensitive colon...

Posted by emanuela on May 18, 2011 | Verified Purchase

I love christopher's formulas, but this one rips through my colon. I think it's because of the psyllium husk. I took this as part of the anti-parasite protocol (after 3 days of the syrup). Within 6 hours, I had severe cramping and leg weakness, hence I let 3 goals in when playing football last week. My team were not impressed. So avoid this formula if you tend to get IBS or have a sensitive colon. It may be ok for people who simply need to add bulk to their diets and/or suffer from constipation (hence the 2 stars). I don't. So not for me.

Thanks for your feedback!

Causes gas and bloating...

Posted by emanuela on Jul 29, 2017 | Verified Purchase

I purchased because I need digestive enzymes and these contain natural ingredients. Unfortunately, even taking this in the evening only, I get bloating until after breakfast next day (and urgency to run to the bathroom and colon discomfort next morning).... I guess this is due to the prebiotics (namely inulin). I certainly don't need those (I get plenty in my food). My suggestion is: avoid this product if you suffer from SIBO and/or IBS. And now, what do I do with the remaining 178 bloating-causing capsules?!?!

Thanks for your feedback!

Tastes great

Posted by emanuela on Feb 09, 2014 | Verified Purchase

Love this maca powder. Tastes great with anything, in my smoothies, raw puddings, anything at all. Will definitely purchase again. Just wonder why the nutritional info does not include calories per serving size...

Thanks for your feedback!

It seems to contain NO propylene glycol

Posted by emanuela on Jan 15, 2013 | Verified Purchase

All the other propolis extracts I have seen contain propylene glycol and other stuff I'd rather not take. This one does NOT and is therefore my favourite.

Thanks for your feedback!

Works but don't like the caplet

Posted by emanuela on Aug 24, 2013 | Verified Purchase

It works fine, helps me relax, if anything makes me a bit drowsy afternoon to evening (I have been taking 3 a day, one after each main meal). Personally, I have been having trouble swallowing this whole, so have had to dissolve it in water. Therefore little point buying enteric coated caplets, I'd rather buy a capsule! Moreover, this caplet contains magnesium stearate which is not helpful. I wish magnesium stearate and all other useless eccipients were taken out of this and other supplements.

Thanks for your feedback!

Think it is helping me

Posted by emanuela on Mar 01, 2016 | Verified Purchase

I think it is helping me in so many ways, so I am pleased with it. However, no way is this 228 doses?!?! It ran out quicker than expected (considering the 228 doses indicated in the product information), hence "only" 4 stars.

Thanks for your feedback!

Really powerful

Posted by emanuela on Feb 25, 2016 | Verified Purchase

I have been taking for my teeth and bones and, after just a week or so of use at the recommended dose, I noticed my last wisdom tooth has just come up! (I am nearly 51) Frankly, I could have done without having to deal with an impacted wisdom tooth (currently damaging the opposing tooth), hence my 4 star review. Generally, Christopher's Original Formula products are all 5 stars!

Thanks for your feedback!

Will no longer buy due to eccipients

Posted by emanuela on Feb 09, 2014 | Verified Purchase

Rice flour, magnesium stearate (vegetable source) and silica. Vegetable source or not, I don't want magnesium stearate or any other flow agents in my supplements. Now Foods: will you listen at last?

Thanks for your feedback!

OK but contains maltodextrin

Posted by emanuela on Mar 03, 2013 | Verified Purchase

I wish jarrow would remove such useless eccipients from their product. Three stars as I thought it helped me recover from H.Pylori infection.

Thanks for your feedback!

Not for use on my skin for sure

Posted by emanuela on Jul 08, 2017 | Verified Purchase

I am not using on my body. I use it to make a spray (with peppermint essential oil) to keep the mice out of my kitchen

Thanks for your feedback!

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