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Aloha, I'm a geneticist and I'm tangentially interested in supplements and natural living. I've tried about, erm, a gazillion products and most of them I never re-order. But there are several that I have found to work, and work well. So if you're interested in my opinions, please feel free to peruse my reviews and look for items that I have given four- or five-stars — those are the products that actually work and that I order again and again from iHerb. Mahalo nui loa, and aloha!

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Not Impressed

Posted by HawaiianViking on Nov 12, 2012 | Verified Purchase

These Cotton Rounds are made from organic cotton, but that's about all that can be said for them. While they are organic, the cotton is bleached, not natural, so it's not exactly the most environmentally-friendly product. It would be better if they were well made and functional, but these fall apart and stretch easily, which makes them pretty much useless. I won't re-buy.

Thanks for your feedback!

A Must-Have Polynesian Classic

Posted by HawaiianViking on Sep 11, 2012 | Verified Purchase

I've been using Mono'i my entire life. It's great as a general, all over moisturizer, as a shower oil, on sunburned skin, and I've known women who use it as a hot-oil hair conditioner (they say that it's the best). When using it on the face, I find that it can be comedogenic when used daily, so I suggest alternating it with a lighter moisturizer. Mono'i is a traditional Polynesian product, which is made by macerating the flowers of the Tiare (Gardenia taitensis) — a small, white, star-like flower and a native Polynesian member of the Gardenia family — in coconut oil that has been obtained by grating, drying, fermenting and pressing the meat of germinated coconuts. Listed among the ingredients is "parfum", which is slightly concerning to me, since I prefer all-natural products and I'd like to know exactly what kind of "parfum" is used. However, I have such a sentimental attachment to this product and it works so well I almost don't want the manufacturer to start tampering with what is deservedly called a classic.

Thanks for your feedback!

Helps Joints and Skin

Posted by HawaiianViking on Oct 25, 2012 | Verified Purchase

I like the formulation containing both Hyaluronic Acid and MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane, a kind of Sulfur). It's been my experience, after several months, that my back and knee feel much better, and seem to be cracking and aching less than in recent memory. Even better, my skin feels great; It's as though the whole body, inside and out, is being moisturized and lubricated. In general I've had good experiences with Now Foods products, and regarding this specific product, I'm a satisfied customer.

Thanks for your feedback!

Almost great…

Posted by HawaiianViking on Feb 11, 2012 | Verified Purchase

Perhaps I have a different body chemistry than other reviewers, but these wipes are really tough on my hands. If I happen to use a few wipes in a given day, I'll notice that same evening that my hands are chapped and cracked and dry. So if you find yourself in the same situation, stay well moisturized! With that said, the benefits are still so great so as to outweigh the occasional dry hand; Importantly, there is no testing on animals. Additionally, there is no Benzene or Isopropyl Alcohol in this product, either. I think that the packaging could be made better by decreasing the amount of plastic relative to the number of wipes, maybe by increasing the wipe count, which would make it a better value, also.

Thanks for your feedback!

I'm Very Satisfied

Posted by HawaiianViking on Feb 03, 2013 | Verified Purchase

If you're looking for high-quality poppy seed for baking, look no further. Poppy seed purchased in supermarkets is usually dried-out and stale, not to mention nearly tasteless. Frontier Natural Products, Whole Poppy Seed, on the other hand, is nothing of the kind. Possibly because this product is Non-Irradiated, the aroma is satisfyingly earthy and rich, as poppy seed ought to smell but rarely does. While it's not a complaint, I was surprised to find, on closer inspection, that this is actually a mixture of different varieties of breadseed poppy: there are white seeds, brown seeds and black seeds, which makes me curious about the growing and processing of this product.

Thanks for your feedback!

Maybe the Best Quinoa Available

Posted by HawaiianViking on Apr 07, 2013 | Verified Purchase

If you're reading this, you probably already know that Quinoa is something that you ought to be eating; It's nature's most perfect protein, and it's worth noting that it's especially high in Lysine, a quality that's somewhat rare in plant-based protein. Compared to white varieties, Red Quinoa has a slightly earthier, nuttier flavor. It can be prepared simply, as rice, but I like it best when it's cooked with coconut milk, as part of a vegetarian curry; Try adding macadamias to your prepared quinoa — it's delicious. I like that Alter Eco, Red Quinoa, is both organic and fairly-traded, and the price is reasonable. I only wish that it were available in larger quantities.

Thanks for your feedback!

A Great Value

Posted by HawaiianViking on Nov 26, 2012 | Verified Purchase

When doing laundry, I alternate between Bio Kleen, Laundry Liquid, All Temperature and Method, Laundry Detergent, Free + Clear. Both detergents are great at cleaning filthy laundry without toxic chemicals and artificial fragrances, and neither product is tested on animals. It would seem, however, that Bio Kleen, Laundry Liquid is a much better value (at less than half the price). I appreciate that it's so concentrated — it makes toting the bottle to the laundry much less cumbersome. The suggested use is "Only 1 oz Per Load!", but I always use more, not because it's necessary, but because of my own compulsion to see a lot of sudsing action. In all, I'm a satisfied customer, and I will re-order.

Thanks for your feedback!

I'm Satisfied

Posted by HawaiianViking on Nov 08, 2012 | Verified Purchase

I had been long looking for a good Ginger supplement with little luck when I found Jarrow Formulas, Ginger, 4:1 Concentrate. The product smells fresh and the price is great, though I'd like to know more about where and how the Ginger is grown and processed. Ginger eases headaches, body aches, joint pain and is especially good for gastrointestinal pain with nausea. I find Ginger to be (along with Clove) one of the most "heating" herbs — you might find that your whole body feels unusually warm while taking this product, which can be a good thing.

Thanks for your feedback!

The BEST Zinc Supplement

Posted by HawaiianViking on Oct 16, 2012 | Verified Purchase

After trying many different Zinc supplements, I've concluded that Now Foods, Zinc Picolinate is the best available. I've found that Zinc Picolinate is easier on my body than Zinc Gluconate, even at relatively high amounts (like 50-100mg daily), with the only noticeable effect being a transient, vaguely metallic taste in the mouth. Zinc is very important to the healthy functioning of so many bodily organs — the skin, the immune system and the reproductive organs, especially — and it's strangely overlooked by many heal-conscious people; Vegetarians/vegans (like me) often have a diet deficient in Zinc and should consider supplementation. Considering the quality, price, and my experience using this particular product, I'll be re-ordering again and again.

Thanks for your feedback!

A Winner!

Posted by HawaiianViking on Sep 17, 2012 | Verified Purchase

Initially, I was taking L-Citrulline to keep my hands and feet warm, which are otherwise always cool and sometimes clammy. Well, my hands and feet are warmed up, but additionally, I find L-Citrulline to be very relaxing, which is why I recommend taking it after working out or — even better — before bed. What's more, it's helped with the symptoms of Willis-Ekbom disease/Restless legs syndrome (RLS).

Thanks for your feedback!

31-40 of 82 total

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