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WOW, unexpected GREAT result...

Posted by MamaToMany on Sep 26, 2011 | Verified Purchase

I liked this immediately, but I just noticed today (about 6 days into using it every morning) that my normally very puffy undereye area is GONE! I'm not even exaggerating. I'm a mom of 5 and sleep isn't exactly on my side, so I honestly assumed that my puffy eyes was something I would just have to deal with. NOPE! I almost rubbed my normally puffy eyes when I looked in the mirror today. With no other change in diet or facial products, I have this product to THANK!!!!!! I am sold, for good! THANKS to Iherb for carrying the best products! Oh, and trust me, although I don't normally spend much on facial products, the cost of this is worth every penny for me not looking like I'm permanently ready to fall asleep.

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Throw away the 'zinc oxide' diaper rash products!

Posted by MamaToMany on May 02, 2013 | Verified Purchase

I'm not mentioning the main diaper rash product by name, but you know which one I mean... All of my children reacted horribly to it, and after a bit of research, it's obvious why- and shocking that it's still such a popular product for our sweet babies, which such awful, carcinogenic ingredients (and perfume, which you should never have around sensitive private areas). BUY THIS SALVE INSTEAD!!!! My baby has a very, very sensitive tushy area, prone to intense, bloody rashes. I tried everything. Everything! I found this and the ingredients were what I was looking for: soothing, but also good for yeast. You do NOT want to "coat" the diaper area in a paste of white (like that zinc oxide product I mentioned earlier does)- as any potential yeast rash will only be worsened by it. This salve does not do that, it literally soothes, "heals" and then protects the area from further rash forming. I have purchased this about 6 times now, I'm back for 2 more, and I've told all new moms I know to buy this. Also, it truly does help cuts, scraps, heat rash & chapped lips/cheeks. Earth Mama Angel Baby makes a similar product (which is amazing, but a lot more expensive). Buy this and you will not be disappointed!

Thanks for your feedback!

Completely in love with this!

Posted by MamaToMany on Jun 02, 2014 | Verified Purchase

I'm a bit of a cosmetic junky, & have tried countless exfoliating products on my 34yr old skin. My skin isn't too bad on my best days, fyi, so I'm clear about what I'm starting with. This product is like gathering some great vitamins etc., & adding it to sand! This is truly a deep, coarse grit, not for someone looking for a gentle scrub. I have to take a deep breath & scrub deeply into smile lines, forehead & the places where you could park a car in my pores. After 1 week, my skin is radiant!!!!! This tub is the size of a basic moisturizing cream & will last a very long time!! I'm thrilled that I tried it on a whim :)

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For colon AND pain!

Posted by MamaToMany on Dec 09, 2011 | Verified Purchase

I suffer from extreme constipation, basically a "frozen colon". It is very serious, and I have struggled since I was about 12, sometimes only being able to "go" once every few months. I've done colonics, which only help on that day of the appointment and were very painful (and expensive and time consuming...). This has been a MIRACLE for me. It nearly brings me to tears, and I'm not being dramatic. Update: I really had to update my still-positive review. I have chronic pain from fibromyalgia, and a few nights ago was desperate when my pain meds weren't helping. I remembered my OxyCleanse, and took about 5 (knowing the calming benefit of magnesium). It helped SO much. I now recommend this for constipation AND also for anyone in pain. I have a hard time sleeping due to the pain, and taking these at night has helped with pain and sleep. I will never be without this product.

Thanks for your feedback!

My son is a changed boy

Posted by MamaToMany on Oct 04, 2012 | Verified Purchase

My 7 year old son has been taking these for a week. He had moderate to severe ADD depending on what day; I got negative feedback from the start of school which really frustrated me. I ordered these, and within a few days he got his first A+ on his spelling test, no bad reports from teachers, and at home- he is a dream child. In fairness, I'm also giving him ChildLife Pure DHA and Omega Kids. The 3 of these combined have changed my son... and my entire home. Forget prescription drugs- this is a miracle. (I also removed all food-dye from the home about a year ago, but nothing helped as much as these products)

Thanks for your feedback!

Even my 2 year old loves these

Posted by MamaToMany on May 09, 2013 | Verified Purchase

This is an amazing product, and an amazing brand. The sister product to this, Ultimate Omega Junior, is also highly recommended for kids who need more omegas. I give this to my children with special emotional needs, in attempt to avoid medication for bi-polar & OCD/ADD. I can tell within 1 day if my "neediest" child missed his "dose" of this (or the Omega Junior). It truly calms children, keeps focus, and generally keeps the insanity under control. I recommend this product for ALL children, but especially for those with emotional/mental health needs. My 25 month old begs for these!!! The older kids swallow them, but the little ones chew them up just fine! **If you have an ADD &/or OCD &/or Bi-Polar child, be sure to give them this and you will see a big difference in their behavior/happiness/focus, and remove ALL food dye. Iherb sells incredible treats for kids so they won't even miss the junk their friends are eating.**

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by MamaToMany on Mar 21, 2015 | Verified Purchase

This does not detangle, not does it condition. I have 2 daughters with curly hair and one with stick-straight hair- it doesn't help any of them. The smell is unique... I can't place my finger on it- & honestly I'm not sure if I like or dislike that part of it. The product itself makes their freshly clean hair feel like straw. Then when it dries it looks and feels almost sticky and greasy-like. It's actually more difficult to brush my girls' hair with this than without it. I cannot understand why anyone would like this!!!

Thanks for your feedback!

Parents: use this for cough remedy!!!

Posted by MamaToMany on Jul 29, 2014 | Verified Purchase

Update: I had to spread the word to any mom's or dad's out there, who struggle with kids & night coughing during sickness. This formula is MAGIC. I have tried everything from the horrible, dye-filled OTC junk to natural cough remedies when my 7 kids get the infamous night cough that wakes the house... but the only actual relief comes from shaking a couple drops of this on the bottom of both feet, quickly rubbing it in with my hand, & using the residual to rub into their neck/hairline (places that can't possibly get to their eyes/nose/mouth). This WORKS within about 2 minutes, even during the times that they cough so bad I'm certain they're going to vomit. I will never, ever be without this!!! I'm on my 2nd bottle & use it daily. (Previous review:) I'm back for more... I use this and the 'sleep' blend also by Now Foods on my pillows and on my kids every single night. The 2 of these together make the most intoxicatingly relaxing formula. I have probably a 1/4 of a bottle left of each, but I'm so worried about not having enough that I'm ordering more. My whole family loves this and asks for it at night when they have trouble relaxing. I can't recommend this and the other sleep blend enough, and I'm honestly shocked that there are ANY negative reviews at all!!!

Thanks for your feedback!

BEST ever- wish they sold more products

Posted by MamaToMany on Oct 10, 2011 | Verified Purchase

Bought this for my husband more for the joke of the name, and was willing to try it for the price. We LOVE it. I am back for more! For anyone looking for a cute/funny gift for the holidays that actually has value, this is seriously it!! Great for kissing :)

Thanks for your feedback!

Expensive for only 8 pieces

Posted by MamaToMany on Jun 13, 2013 | Verified Purchase

The package says that it contains 16 pieces, but I didn't notice until right now that there's a note on the product page that says there's an error on the package... It's a bummer, because my kids really like these, and it's hard to find a good candy/treat that's not made with food dye. I won't buy these again, because they're really overpriced for only 8 little rings. The 4 stars is because they were a big hit with the kids.

Thanks for your feedback!

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