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'Just a quick hello. I tell ya - iHerb is a HUGE help. Great prices - some freebies and a huge array of customer comments that can help us all figure out how to spend our health dollars wisely. I have told a few of my Paleo friends about proteolytic enzymes. Feel free to contact me via Facebook with any questions on which brand to get. Robb Wolf mentioned the NOW brand in his book, The Paleo Solution. They're the cheapest. Some say Medizym is as good as Vitalzym - but the Vitalzym have a great reputation, but are more pricey. I also really like Michael's Recoveryzymes. Don't be afraid to take a lot (up to 9 3xs a day. Enzymes really are great for reducing pain and inflammation. So, that's probably how you have found this page. 'Let's stay out of the hospital! 'Let's stay fit, highly mobile, flexible, mentally-clear and happy. 'Being proactive and educated is hugely important these days. Do note that many of my recommendations are from many years ago... since going Paleo I take less sup

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US - Arizona - Very powerful

Posted by MartyWilson on Nov 12, 2007 | Verified Purchase

Vitalzym has cut pain where other products haven't been able to. The inflammation that I have experienced has been dramatically reduced by using this product. I did, however, note that the pain I usually have in my right arm after typing long hours has been reduced significantly by eliminating wheat from my diet. The Vitalzym still helps with vitality (less muscle pain) and my ability to work long hours. My husband loves it as well!

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Improved mental clarity and stamina

Posted by MartyWilson on Mar 16, 2008 | Verified Purchase

I work at a very demanding job - crunching #s and developing solutions to complex problems. I use Cognitex to assist me in maintaining my mental edge. I love many of the products that LEF has to offer and particularly think of Cognitex as a special treat for keeping me on track with my daily tasks. It can be a little pricey - but the price of not thinking quickly on my feet, experiencing 'brain fog,' and lack of mental stamina is much more expensive to me in the long run! I can't wait until my next order comes in tomorrow.

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I'd be careful about side-effects

Posted by MartyWilson on May 23, 2013 | Verified Purchase

First, the tablet is very large. I personally can't swallow it. Which is fine to some degree as I can't take a whole tablet anyway. If you want to feel more aggressive; this is the product for you. I only take about a quarter tablet because when I took the whole thing, I ended up pretty angry about this or that. I tested it a number of times and thought I'd take it when no one was around (less apt to get angry!). But, it nevertheless stirred me up. So! Buyer beware. I guess I'm just a wimp...

Thanks for your feedback!

1-3 of 3 total