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I'm just a girl in her twenties who is very passionate about skincare trying to dip her toes into the natural world. I have normal to dry and slightly sensitive skin. Here you will find all the products I have tried on iHerb and my honest opinions about them. Hopefully you'll find them helpful.

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I'm a convert

Posted by mashimaroluff on March 29 2015 | Verified Purchase

I literally want to bath in this oil. I tried oils before: argan, coconut, jojoba, almond and apricot. They all has their uses, but none of them give me the results I see with this. This had help fade some of my cystic acne scars, retextured my skin, and give it a healthy glow. I also use this for my KP scars and on my darken bikini line. The result is gradual but obvious. I didn't believe an oil could make much different before compare to say, actives like AHA or vitamin C. But now I do, and this stuff is phenomenal. Life flo give very competitive pricing for cold pressed organic RHO, but I'm gonna try some co2 extract RHO next time to see if it could best the cold pressed version.

Thanks for your feedback!

Good trial size

Posted by mashimaroluff on June 2 2014 | Verified Purchase

Overall this came in good size to try. The whole line has a very pleasant tangerine smell. I find that they isn't moistizing enough for my dry-normal skin though. They are more appropriate it for oily-combo skin. Cleanser: mild, creamy cleanser that doesn't leave skin dry, but doesn't leave residue/layer like other cream cleansers do. Wash off my sunscreen, but not makeup. I didn't expect it too though. Smell good Toner: mild toner. Can't comment on removing make up since I double cleansed. Smell strong of tangerine. Skin feel brighten and plump the next day. Probiotic cream: light weight, almost gel like cream that hydrate normal skin well during summer. Too light for winter though. I love how it plump up my skin the next day. Feel like it really soak in and moisturized my skin. Didn't clog my pore (mine are veryyy easily clogged). Mildly effective on acne. During the peak of my acne period, I find that it reduced the appearance of my acne and they heal faster. Carrot cream: thicker than the other cream but not heavy. Sink in quickly. Mildly clog my pores on the side of my nose. Isn't moisturizing enough for winter. Mask: smell awesome. I could feel the slight tingling feeling when applied ( I'm a daily bha and aha user). Skin look brighten after cleansed. But my skin feel slightly irritated and red. After an hour, my face was itchy, and I have red spot all over my face. Something in the mask must have irritated my skin, but it might not irritate yours. If not for the post irritation, this mask was quite pleasant

Thanks for your feedback!

very good for acne prone skin

Posted by mashimaroluff on December 5 2015 | Verified Purchase

I tried a bunch of oils (argan, rosehip, almond, apricot..etc) and this is the only one I'm comfortable putting on when I have a break out. It never irritate my spots and seem to have a healing effect on them. My skin isn't more prone to clogging like when I use the other oils. I was skeptical, but I really like it now I finished the bottle and fish for the very last drop. This oil is from seed, not the berry, so it doesn't stain. It has totally different composition than the berry. In fact it is very alike to rosehip oil, high linoleic and linolenic acid, except instead of vitamin a, you get b-sitosterol, which has a cortison-like effect on reducing redness and inflammation, soothing itchy skin.

Thanks for your feedback!

Make my skin itchy and bumpy

Posted by mashimaroluff on April 2 2015 | Verified Purchase

I bought this for its excellent amount of EGCG but was disappointed. It's a brown gel-cream that absorb quickly, maybe a little quick. I bought this to travel to South East Asia where the weather I predict to be a lot hotter. However, unless one got really oily skin, I don't see how this alone moisturize enough. I also realizes belatedly that this product cause my skin to have an allergic reaction. It might work well for others, but definitely not for normal-dry skin and definitely not for me.

Thanks for your feedback!

Great antioxidant packed, no fuss serum

Posted by mashimaroluff on March 5 2014 | Verified Purchase

Instead of the liquidy texture most usually identified with serum, this has a more gel-like texture. It sink in very fast and does not clog pore, as it doesn't contain cetyl or cetearyl alcohol. The pink color was expected, considering that astaxanthin has an extremely deep red color. If this is white, that say something about the astanxanthin concentration. Beside the star ingredients, it also contain a lot of antioxidant extract, most notably the coffee extract. I usually mix a little vitamin c powder with this serum and apply this in the morning for an extra dose of antioxidant. The only gripe i have with this is the jar packaging. I wish it came in a pump. And the smell could put some people off. It smell slight laboratory-ish, not floral or citrusy like most are used to with skincare product.

Thanks for your feedback!

great for acne prone skin

Posted by mashimaroluff on September 11 2016 | Verified Purchase

After using this product for over half a year I noticed that my breakout have significantly dropped. It is very light and fast absorbing. The base is sunflower oil that is very high in linoleic acid which is good at strengthening acne prone skin. It also has a host of antioxidant like pomegranate and cranberry oil, and my favorite wound-healing seabuckthorn. The price make it economical compare to DiY, and the scent is pleasant. The light texture doesn't clog pores and easily layer under moisturizer without clogging pores. I'm on my second bottle now and will repurchase as long as it is still being sold.

Thanks for your feedback!

Antioxidant smoothie

Posted by mashimaroluff on April 23 2015 | Verified Purchase

This bottle is jammed pack with antioxidant; it probably got the most out of all the oil blend I've seen. The texture is light-medium, lighter than straight up argan oil. It got a slight tangerine scent and it sink in much faster than the regular argan oil, but not as fast as RHO. I use this under my moisturizer at night to add extra moisture I desperately need. It had not break me out either. However I do advised against using this inthe morning as it contain citrus oil. This is perfect for normal dry skin folks, oily skin can enjoy it too but probably more for night time

Thanks for your feedback!

great little set for dehydrated skin

Posted by mashimaroluff on February 15 2016 | Verified Purchase

I love AN set like these. Great way to try out the brand. This set in particular is great for dry-dehydrated skin. All 5 products have that faint sweet and fruity smell that is very natural and not obnoxious. The cleanser is creamy, but is not efficient at removing make up. The toner actually smell like its name: leaves. I thought it would smell like the cream, but it doesn't. Great little toner and not drying at all - the smell though. The berry mask is better than I expected. It left my skin a bit brighter and moist afterward. I love both the cream, but definitely not enough for the winter for me. The day cream is better for summer, and night cream might not be enough for the severely dry like me. I pair it with mad hippie antioxidant and it's fab.

Thanks for your feedback!

My HG moisturizer

Posted by mashimaroluff on April 24 2015 | Verified Purchase

After 4 months of use, this definitely have become one of my HG. I have normal-dry skin, and on a daily BHA/AHA routine. This is a heavy duty moisturizer yet does not clog pores. What make it my favorite is the fact that it seem to heal my skin much better after a breakout, or a pimple popped. In the beginning it felt sticky and oily. However, I find that if I dampened my skin with a mist first, the moisturizer glide on like a dream and absorb very quickly without a sticky residue.

Thanks for your feedback!

Amazing, buttery and no allergic reaction

Posted by mashimaroluff on June 28 2014 | Verified Purchase

Problem: severely chapped and dry lips, allergic to most lip balms, natural or not, that I have tried. The only thing that I didn't react to is pure vaseline. I love this product. It smell very nice, but not like green tea though. It glide like butter on my lips, not to hard or too soft. And the best part, my lips finally feel moisturized. My lips does not itch or swell up. Previously I have been using vaseline at night, but still wake up with dried, peeled off lips. After two night of applying this, I no longer have that problem. My lips is soft and smooth and I finally can wear so lipstick, since my lips used to peeled off, wearing lipstick look unsightly.

Thanks for your feedback!

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