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This is literally an answer to my protein prayer!

Posted by MichelX on Dec 01, 2010 | Verified Purchase

Even though I am a vegetarian who eats eggs and limited dairy (organic cottage cheese mostly) which I am trying to eliminate, I find it hard to get enough protein without adding too many calories and/or carbs to go along with it. I work out A LOT at the gym and my life is one big diet to stay slender. So, I've been searching for an extra protein I could add in without excess calories, fat, carbs.... THIS IS GREAT! I put off trying it for so long because I kept reading people say that the smell is awful and the taste is worse. That they can't mask the taste no matter what they do. It also seemed that all these people were trying to blend it into sweet things, like smoothies and such. I never even bothered to try and put this in something sweet! It's from a vegetable after all :) I have made it two ways so far. One, which is the easiest, is to mix it into soup. It thickens it, makes it more of a meal and I don't have much more in the way of calories. The second way, is that I made veggie burgers with it! It ups the protein content of the recipe and gives it much more substance. P.S. I don't really smell anything, let alone a foul smell. For me, this has been AWESOME and great post workout. I hope this helps someone who has my same issues :) (Great price for a HUGE size of protein powder of any kind!)

Thanks for your feedback!

Thank goodness!

Posted by MichelX on Nov 02, 2011 | Verified Purchase

After years and years and years of looking for a concealer that doesn't completely cake up into the lines, or worse, make me look like I have deep lines that I barely have, but also not look dry, and manages without powder over it, to last all day, I finally found this one! Well, actually, I found another first, Tarte makes one that does all that i mentioned, except the light/med is too light and the med/deep is too dark. Also, it stung that it costs $32, although I would have been willing to buy it regardless. This one is almost exactly like that formula, but not too dark or too light. The only problem I have with it is that it is too pink, ugh... but I put a tiny drop of something else I own that is yellow based over it and, though that does make it ever so slightly crease a bit, it fixes the pink issue. Now if only they could make one more neutral toned, it would be absolutely perfect!

Thanks for your feedback!

It seems to work as far as I can tell....

Posted by MichelX on Jan 21, 2011 | Verified Purchase

I haven't asked anyone to smell my breath, lol, but I can tell that it's working. It's the only one I can find without that terrible mint coating that they put on all the Mintassures (formally 'Breathassure'). So, I'm very pleased.

Thanks for your feedback!

I love this gel

Posted by MichelX on May 28, 2009 | Verified Purchase

I don't know if it's for everyone, but I have long, fine hair, but a lot of it. So I need control, but nothing that will weigh it down. This does it for me and I feel it also thickens each hair so I have more body :)

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by MichelX on Dec 27, 2009 | Verified Purchase

I've only tried 2 probiotics; this one and a Now foods one. The Now foods one was fine, I thought, until I forgot it out of the fridge for a few hours. Then it was useless and I said 'never again'. Room stabilized is the way to go for me, and this one I find excellent.

Thanks for your feedback!

Threw it out

Posted by MichelX on Sep 17, 2010 | Verified Purchase

Not because it didn't work, but just because I hated the smell. I gave it 3 stars because it was nice and huge for a lip balm. So you get a lot for the money.

Thanks for your feedback!

Love it, love it, love it!

Posted by MichelX on Sep 25, 2008 | Verified Purchase

EXCEPT... it absolutely does flake. So if you use it, only use it when you are done styling because you won't be able to brush through it without bad flaking. But man am I happy I found this! Truly the only 100% natural hairspray I have found anywhere! And boy does it hold that hair! And dries so fast! Nicely done Aubrey!

Thanks for your feedback!

My second bottle

Posted by MichelX on Nov 05, 2014 | Verified Purchase

It works for me for colds, especially if I feel one coming on - it can knock it right out, but not for serious flu or bronchitis. If i am already fully sick, I alternate this with Oil of Oregano drops during the day. Great combo.

Thanks for your feedback!

I think there is some exaggeration going on here......

Posted by MichelX on Dec 01, 2016 | Verified Purchase

Yes, this is gentle in that, personally, I have not had stomach aches or nausea taking one per day. However, how so many people find it causes NO constipation is beyond me. It's not quite as bad as the other vegan iron tablet I took before this, but that may also be because I'm taking extra magnesium and drinking hot water with lemon 1st thing in the morning to try and offshoot the problem. But it definitely does still cause that with me. Again, not quite as bad as the other one, but still... I look forward to getting my ferritin up enough to be able to only have to maintain with 2-3 a week because I hate this issue. Good luck all!

Thanks for your feedback!

Loving the Quinoa...

Posted by MichelX on May 26, 2010 | Verified Purchase

I thought this was expensive for the tiny bag I got, until I actually made it! It yields SO much - so many helpings compared to what I thought looking at the bag. So, it turned out to be a good value as well as tasty and nutritious!

Thanks for your feedback!

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