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Quality probiotic so far

Posted by nmbenzo on Mar 24, 2014 | Verified Purchase

First, I would like to begin with the disclaimer that I have only been using this probiotic for about two weeks, so I cannot speak on behalf of the long term efficacy of this probiotic. This said, I began using this product to help eradicate candida symptoms that have been present for over a year; most likely brought about due to my insatiable thirst for really tasty beer and wine. I have tried several other probiotics available through iHerb.com, mostly in the CFU range between four billion to about 15 billion. Although, I did notice some improvement in my digestion using the aforementioned probiotics, I did NOT notice any unequivocal changes in my candida symptoms; they just appeared to be kicking the can down the road and not actually treating the real problem. Not true with this product. After the first three to four days, I had one evening of strong diarrhea and terrible gas for about a week. I was almost ready to give up on the Healthy Origin probiotics because they appeared to be too much for my tender digestive tract, but then I realized that these reactions must be "die-off" symptoms of candida albicans. Hey, this actually could be working?! About one week later, I am experiencing even better digestion and almost zero gas or bloating after meals. I have also noticed better sleep quality and a clearer head. To my wonderful surprise, I believe this probiotic is actually doing what it is supposed to in terms of rebalancing my digestive tract; although, a full review and five star rating is contingent upon longer use. To sum up, so far this probiotic appears to be working well to reduce my candida symptoms and bring a balance to the healthy bacteria in my gut. I use this product along with Saccro B by Jarrow and Vitamineral Green by Healthforce Nutritionals. I have had good experience with both of those products in the past. I am also using a Zeolite product from Healthforce and Bragg's ACV to keep a well oiled system, but that is neither here nor there, as the focus of this review is on Healthy Origins probiotic. Good luck in your journey towards a balanced and well oiled digestive system. Remember, the gut is your second brain!

Thanks for your feedback!

The Standard for Green's Products.

Posted by nmbenzo on May 18, 2012 | Verified Purchase

I decided to purchase Vitamineral Green (VMG) after reading a fair amount of reviews across the Internet. Almost every review unanimously praised VMG as an excellent blend of greens for the hardcore greens enthusiast; boy were they right. This blend of greens has everything you would expect a quality green blend to have: land greens, ocean greens, algae's, and probiotics. I also respect the fact that everything in this product is manufactured using an even more stringent process than that of most organic products, which Dr. Jameth calls "tru-ganic." As for it's effects, they were subtle but noticeable. Before purchasing this product, I was and currently still am, taking copious amounts of chlorella and spirulina (which this product contains) in the amounts of 8-9grams/day and 15/20grams/day, respectively. I'd been at this dose for about six months and had experienced tremendous benefits (healthier looking skin, faster hair and nail growth, energy, stamina, digestion, mood - quality greens really do a body well). I bought the VMG to diversify my greens intake and this product has further improved my already well-run digestive system. There are so many live enzymes and prebiotics in this blend that it really helps to alkalize and smooth out an improperly functioning digestive system. It also works great for combating a hangover as it supplies the body with an intense amount of macro and micro-nutrients. I take about six-seven teaspoons per day and combine them throughout the day with my chlorella and spirulina intake. I really enjoy the smell as well, it almost smells sweet to my highly alkalized body. I drink all three of the aforementioned greens together with nothing but pure water all day long, which provides a psychological benefit as I know I'm always injecting great nutrition into my body from dusk until dawn. Anyone looking to start taking their health to the next level, should definitely consider adding the VMG into their current diet and exercise p

Thanks for your feedback!

Wonder supplement

Posted by nmbenzo on Sep 15, 2011 | Verified Purchase

I recently ordered NOW Chlorella and Spirulina and I am very satisfied with the overall benefits of adding these two algae's into my supplement regime. I have experienced noticeable increases in my energy and stamina. So much so, that I actually pulled a coffee out of my bag after work tonight and I realized that I haven't felt the need to grab an afternoon caffeine boost since taking the aforementioned supplements. I just feel more normal and less drained. I have also noticed a big improvement in my bowel regularity. I'm someone who has never really had problems going to the bathroom, but I am having more bowel movements and experiencing less bloating and gas than in the past, thus I know it is helping with my digestion. It's also helped clear up my face a bit. Overall, adding these two supplements to my diet has been nothing short of excellent (considering the price). I'll continue to take for a long time!

Thanks for your feedback!

Excellent treatment for GERD

Posted by nmbenzo on Jul 04, 2011 | Verified Purchase

I ordered PepZin GI to treat heartburn problems that were brought on by the wearing down of my stomachs lining, due to stress, diet, and alcohol. The product arrived to Korea within seven days, thus, for a very cheap shipping rate. I am very happy I have discovered iHerb! Furthermore, I had been prescribed a six week treatment of Protonix by a Korean doctor, however, I due to many PPI side effects (none of which I actually experienced), I wanted to go a the au-natural route if possible. After about two weeks on this product, I am very impressed. Foods that normally cause me stomach discomfort and reflux are consumed with no problems. I just feel healthier using this product, knowing it is helping to strengthen and repair my stomach's lining and natural defenses. I'm combining this with NOW DGL, and my results are excellent! Thanks iHerb!

Thanks for your feedback!

Good Digestive Balancer

Posted by nmbenzo on Jan 14, 2012 | Verified Purchase

I found that this product worked extremely well to help maintain regularity. As many of the other reviews state, it's very gentle and you hardly notice anything different other than the fact that it produces more natural feeling bowel movements. I take the suggested two pills before bed and two pills upon waking, and I notice that if I have a large dinner, I don't feel bloated and uncomfortable the next morning. I take this triphala in combination with a probiotic, chlorella and spirulina, and astaxanthin. Before consuming this product I would generally have one bowel movement per day unless I was under stress. After two weeks on this product, I am experiencing larger more natural bowel movements about one to three times per day, giving me a sense of well-being. Overall, I find this a worthy addition to keep in my supplement stack. Will buy again!

Thanks for your feedback!

Excellent for stomach discomfort

Posted by nmbenzo on Jul 04, 2011 | Verified Purchase

I ordered DGL in an attempt to treat heartburn problems naturally. This product when combined with Pepzin GI has produced fabulous results for treating GERD. I will definitely order it again!

Thanks for your feedback!

Good stuff for easing anxiety

Posted by nmbenzo on Feb 24, 2012 | Verified Purchase

This is my first experience with ashwagandha usage. I have been taking the NOW brand for about three months and I can say with confidence that I feel less stressed throughout the day and that I am sleeping better. The effect is very subtle (1 capsules x 3 times a day). I actually get an increase in energy with out the jolt of a cup of espresso, and also a sense of calmness. Currently, I work with young kids, and I've noticed I don't get as stressed out with them as I did previously. Again, it's not going to be like taking a xanex, but it does have an effect.

Thanks for your feedback!

Pretty Excellent

Posted by nmbenzo on Nov 18, 2011 | Verified Purchase

Like most people living today, I find it difficult to get a fully balanced, whole-food, nutritionally dense meal, in my diet 3-6 times a day. This is where I feel spirulina (and chlorella) help me fill my nutrient gaps. I take about 6-8grams of spirulina a day, and 4grams of chlorella. I'm a 26 year old, 150lb male and at this dosage, I feel tremendous benefits! My hair and nails grow much faster, and I feel much more natural energy throughout the day. I've also added maca and r-alpha lipoic acid to my supplement intake, and my afternoon drowsiness is virtually gone. I've been taking both chlorella and spirulina at the aforementioned dosages for about three months, I feel more energized and healthy than I did during my late teen years. I also exercise regularly and I play in a soccer league on the weekends, and I feel I can attribute an increase in stamina to both chlorella and spirulina. There is a great article floating around the web available at chlorellafactor.com. Do your due diligence here and else where on the web and read about the benefits of supplementing with both chlorella and spirulina, and you may never want to stop taking these two supplements. NOW Foods is the only brand of both supplements I've tried, but I've read they manufacture their products well, and in a highly controlled fashion. For the price and quality, it's hard to beat. Happy hunting in your quest to maintain good health.

Thanks for your feedback!

Couldn't tell much difference.

Posted by nmbenzo on May 10, 2012 | Verified Purchase

To be perfectly honest, I couldn't tell much of a difference when taking this product. I understand that it is a good product with more bioavailable forms of certain b-vitamins (methylcobalamin, P-5P, etc.), but I currently take nine(9) grams of chlorella and about 20 grams of spirulina a day, as well as one tbsp of Vitamineral Green, eight mg of astaxanthin, and 1000mg of maca every day, so my energy needs and b-vitamins RDA's were pretty much covered already. This product just made my urine neon yellow and occasionally gave me niacin flushes if I ate it in combination with white flour products. I would recommend getting your vitamins from natural green products such as the aforementioned chlorella and spirulina.

Thanks for your feedback!

Does a body well

Posted by nmbenzo on Aug 22, 2012 | Verified Purchase

These chia seeds helped stimulate my digestive function and eased transit time and evacuation. They also helped to fill me up while providing a good dose of some essential fatty acids. I wish it came in a bigger size though (2 lbs) as the 454g (1 lbs) bottle only lasts a little over a month.

Thanks for your feedback!

1-10 of 10 total