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November 9 2013

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Spanish beauty and healthy lifestyle blogger . Eco friendly and cruelty free customer. If you visit my personal beauty blog, you'll find several iherb items reviews. At the right on the top there is a translator. I can read spanish ( of couse ), english and a little mandarin chinese. Pleased to help you.

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Very interesting

Posted by potiholic on August 23 2017 | Verified Purchase

I love InstaNatural Retinol serum, nut i know it's a very strong serum for use it the whole year. When i saw this serum, softer and cheaper, i bought it fast. Great ingredients, suitable for use daily ( better at night ) and feel niacinamide effects on skin. I love the smell, soft lavander and soft rosemarine. Not oily, with vegetable extracts for damaged skin, ¡ and 60 ml ! In Spain this natural serums are always quite expensive. Remember: for very dry or very damaged skin, better use first one botle of Instanatural retinol serum ( it's a miracle ).

Thanks for your feedback!

Great ingredients

Posted by potiholic on March 29 2016 | Verified Purchase

Really natural and with great ingredients, this BB cream is a good cosmetic. If we talk about colour, my skin is pale and i think colour is a little bit unnatural, not is my light beige tone , it's darkness and warm. But colour is light, low pigments concentration, so i think is perfect for medium skins, not pale neither dark. I must recognize i love pale colour of some asian BB creams, i light the ivory skin look. This beauty balm is for european or american customers ( i'm spanish ) . I repeat, great ingredients, a natural moisturizer cream with physical sun screen ( ZnO ).

Thanks for your feedback!

5% absolute rose

Posted by potiholic on February 27 2016 | Verified Purchase

5% absolute rose blended in jojoba oil, not pure ( it's too cheap ). Quite fine but i prefer Aura Cacia 7.5% absolute oil in jojoba, not only but the amount of absolut rose oils, also for the smell.

Thanks for your feedback!

Ask the doctor before use

Posted by potiholic on April 6 2016 | Verified Purchase

Green lipped mussel is the most natural source of glucosamine, which it may help in join diseases with the pain. Ginger is also a good natural option and both together they may calm chronical join pains. But both sustances may be wrong or danger with some usual medical treatments for this cases, so before take it you must ask a doctor. The doctor will explain you how mush pills a day you need ( usually one pill a day, but it depends of the person and the disease ).

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by potiholic on July 31 2016 | Verified Purchase

I like this BB cream very much because it looks natural. My skin is very sensitive and atopicand this bb cream don't damage or cause redness. The only not good thing is that, on atopic zones when i suffer one "atack" the skin looks dry, so i need to aply some oil or moisturizing cream on that zones before use Missha. When i don't suffer atopic atacks, the product looks really good. My skin is pal and i'm spanish. nº23 is my tone, a pale beige. Not grey colour when you wait for two or three minutes. Medium-high covering. And much cheaper than in my country.

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by potiholic on February 29 2016 | Verified Purchase

Deliciuos sweet hard candies for ginger lovers. In love.

Thanks for your feedback!

Good if you use it blended in oil

Posted by potiholic on March 29 2016 | Verified Purchase

Cococare is not the best brand in iherb but i needed lavander essential oil to be blended on vegetable oil is this is cheap. When i use lavander essential oil, pure or blended, on damaged skin i always seach for high quality and i prefer organic essential oil. But when i wish smelling lavanden on potions or vegetables oils, i choose cheaper options, like this one.

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by potiholic on June 19 2015 | Verified Purchase

Very good lip balms, this pack is perfect to discover all of the. My favourite is the cocoa lip balm.

Thanks for your feedback!

Good and cheap

Posted by potiholic on August 18 2017 | Verified Purchase

Caps with dried propolis. I take propolis two months a year, from middel August to middle October, to help to fight against flu and pharyngitis. It smells as propolis, instead there is in caps. I don't dislike smell. With this caps propolis can also be used for enrich potions and handmade lip balms.

Thanks for your feedback!

Good for hair, not so good for scalp

Posted by potiholic on January 1 2018 | Verified Purchase

I suffer from atopic skin and very dry scalp, so i must use sulfate free or low sulfated shampoo. This shampoo is great for my dry hair, i feel it clean, soft and with natural shine, wow. But this is the first time that a sulfate free shampoo make my scalp dranduffy. Not a lot, but enought to bother. So i must use it on hair and not on scalp, and like that i know another shampooes cheaper. I think that if you scalp is not such dry as mine, could be a great shampoo, but is not so good for me. May be i'll try usind oil on scalp before washing, like i do when i feel my scalp very irritated and with wounds.

Thanks for your feedback!

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