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I hope my reviews will be helpful in assisting you to choose your products. I'm dealing with overlapping illnesses, so a lot of symptoms to treat. I try to review things that are not listed and hard to figure out online such as packaging type (is that bottle safe glass or is it toxic-plastic?) and contents (does that tea have a staple, string or simply pressed together?). Please keep in mind that I live in Southern California and that arid weather is very different than humid so, things that work for me, such as moisturizers or creams, might be too rich for you. Also skin types differ, I'm both oily and dry currently so I try to indicate all that. On occasion, I'll add humor to my reviews, particularly if I was unhappy (humor heals) and I love to vote Yes on others' helpful reviews. Thank you to those of you who remember to afford me the same courtesy. Welcome to my page and hope you find some fun, helpful or delicious products you hadn't tried before. Be well, everyone.

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Instant side effects with only 1/3 scoop!

Posted by PurplePegasus on Feb 23, 2013 | Verified Purchase

This gave me a pressure headache within minutes of ingestion. I show symptoms of homocystinuria which might simply be mimicked by candida's malabsorption syndrome, the resutls are the same since I can't digest/metabolize B vitamins! Anyway, extensive research on homocystinuria led me to purchasing this item. I woke up just past 5am, a bit later than I wanted and right after breakfast started experiencing CFIDS/herxheimer symptoms. Thinking this would alleviate the fatigue, I put 1/3rd of a scoop in an empty capsule. Bad idea! I became instantly confused, with an incipient headache and just this feeling of overall malaise. Thankfully I keep charcoal caps at hand: they mop up toxins, medicines and supplements OD alike. I took 2 and within minutes experienced relief from the TMG side effects in the sense of head pressure gone, brain fog and fatigue lifted. I did a quick google on the side effects: many people at forums report the exact same thing. What a bummer! I thought this was the missing link, I guess not! Also please note: 1) There is no info provided as to whether this is the toxic synthetic TMG (now I do wonder!) or whether it's derived from natural sources. 2) Whereas shampoo bottles give detailed step by step instructions on where to apply the shampoo and what to do with it once you have hand to head, this bottle leaves us absolutely in the dark! It doesn't say whether to take on empty stomach or after a meal; it doesn't even tell us whether to drop the powder in food, tongue or how. I have empty capsules, if you do not, I don't know how palatable this is, might be bitter or sweet, don't know! On the plus side, there is a really cute tiny scoop inside this bottle. I guess 1 star for cute mini scoop! :-|

Thanks for your feedback!

Incredibly powerful at nuking the flu!

Posted by PurplePegasus on Jan 14, 2012 | Verified Purchase

I bought this several months ago. Yesterday I woke up with flu symptoms. I took some of my other supplements and they helped somewhat but I needed something very potent. Boy, does this work fast! Think essential oils [EO] of eucalyptus, menthol or rosemary. This is even stronger. I placed 4 drops in very hot water and let it sit until tolerable. The liquid tastes super oily and very strong. For that reason, it's not my first choice but when I need urgent relief, nothing works as fast as this! The first sip inebriated me with apprehension as it seemed to awaken all my internal cells. I know this is not an EO but it felt as if I'd ingested something forbidden. It worried me, and my body responded to the fear. But merely 2 minutes after sipping it, the healing took over, and really calmed me down as well as the worst of my symptoms. This took me aback. Within a few more minutes my mental confusion and exhaustion abated enough to let me know I was going to be ok. (I have a life threatening illness and catching the flu is very dangerous for me). I am lucky to find some amazing remedies at iHerb, but this one is top of the line, although not a favorite by taste. I never want to be without this during flu season. Fortunately a few drops is all it takes so I expect this little bottle to last me at least a couple years. One more thing that is missing in the product title: this one is organic and I would not trust the others to give me the same results. Well worth the extra expense.

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by PurplePegasus on Dec 02, 2008 | Verified Purchase

Toxic heavy metal. Use this at your own risk. AMB brand makes carcinogenic products with toxic chemicals then markets them as "pure" and "natural". BUYER BEWARE!!!

Thanks for your feedback!

3 a day both relieve and prevent panic attacks

Posted by PurplePegasus on Jul 01, 2012 | Verified Purchase

So happy to have found this, I only wish it were organic. I quit taking soy PC because of GMO and my panic attacks came back in full force. I was able to stop one by taking 3 of these in one sitting. PC [phosphatidylcholine] is what the brain needs and when I don't feed my brain PC I am very prone to both panic and anxiety attacks. Since I started taking these daily, those are now gone. Soy simply cannot be trusted to be non-GMO due to cross-contamination even organic crops are to be considered GMO. I tossed the Blue Bonnet lecithin granules because that unethical company is hiding behind false claims (see my review at that product). I will always stock this and look forward to increased weight loss as lecithin is a fat emulsifier and a very gentle body lipolytic which does not cause me any side effects. Egg lecithin is very expensive so as they say, this is a God send. Thanks to all my iHerb supplements (mainly Dr. Oz recommended) I've been losing weight consistently and I trust this will take it to the next level.

Thanks for your feedback!

Ok cream, fanstastic pump but.... roach colored bottle!

Posted by PurplePegasus on Apr 17, 2012 | Verified Purchase

After giving a good week to this cream, I am sorry to say it performs nowhere near the pre-2011 (now reformulated & ineffective) Mychelle Fabulous Eye Cream. As a matter of fact, I've just found my FEC tester from a 2011 kit and it still removes the under eye lines on contact, one application and gone! Sadly Mychelle reformulated everything in 2011 and, even though I purchased the FEC full size bottle the following week, it just doesn't work at all! They switched formulas without warning! Back to Devita: I love its feel but it does absolutely nothing at all for my under eye lines. I'm not sure if I will repurchase. What I DO love is the pump: I can squeeze out just the tiniest amount and not waste anything! Wonderful! But...the pump is itself a creepy cockroach shade of brown! It should be white like their newer products! And the cap won't stay on, it's too large and I've dropped this glass pump 3 times already by grabbing it from the top, I'm lucky it didn't shatter! The cream is yellow and completely unscented which I love, but I can't believe it does nothing whatsoever! No change in appearance neither instantly as with the M.D. FEC nor after 1 week, and I have to reapply it often! It is very thin, not rich, not really moisturizing, a bit softening and feels nice. I like that it's not toxic and will continue using it for now.

Thanks for your feedback!

No major results here but no side effects either

Posted by PurplePegasus on Feb 14, 2013 | Verified Purchase

Seems to work but not sure. I do need to supplement with extra B's for homocysteine balance as B complex doesn't do anything for me in that regards whereas individual B vites taken together work amazingly well. Back to this pill: I initially divided the cap in 2 but even now that I take a full one, I don't have any reaction to niacin, the potency is too low to be able to cause flushing from what I read, it's higher dosage that cause the problem, unless someone would have pre-existing conditions to make them super sensitive to it. I'm not sure I've seen any benefits, I might go back to Country Life brand because I read lots of negative reviews on here about Jarrow's B12 changed formula which led me to some searching and I found some questionable reports about Jarrow's owner and his being very rude to his customers. I'm not sure what to make of it and someone might not care but I found it disturbing enough not to want to have anything to do with the company. In the meantime, I've already switched my B12 from Jarrow to Solgar and that works much, much better so maybe these reviews (posted here on iHerb at Jarrow's B12) are right after all.

Thanks for your feedback!

Taste is delicious but 2 questionable ingredients for an organic jam

Posted by PurplePegasus on Feb 21, 2014 | Verified Purchase

The taste truly deserves 5 stars. It's a bit hard to spread as there's a lot of thick chunks of strawberries. That is not the problem. This jam contains 2 dubious ingredients as research indicates they always come from GMO corn, unless specifically otherwise disclosed that they are processed from the very expensive camu, which is here unlikely. Since I have MCS and an impaired liver, it's important to me but this might not be a concern to the very healthy person. These ingredients are ascorbic acid and citric acid; the latter is said to always contain hidden MSG, so it does worry me. I did not react but I want to point this out both in the hopes that Crofter's will remove these unnecessary ingredients and for people who, like me, are either impaired and/or concerned about long term health effects. Sadly, this is the best organic jam (or fruit spread or jelly) currently available on iHerb so far as ingredients. I might purchase again, but it does worry me. I wish I were healthier and could eat anything without guilt.

Thanks for your feedback!

It's no longer organic?

Posted by PurplePegasus on Feb 16, 2014 | Verified Purchase

The product tastes fine and is effective but I've purchased it before and the label used to bear "organic". Now it doesn't even say "wildcrafted", which to me translates to "loaded with toxic pesticides and herbicides". Since I have life-threatening illness due to mainly a toxic liver and MCS, I can't filter out toxins like a normal person can. I contacted the vendor and they refused to answer my question, hence my removing 2 stars. I am sad about this situation and don't know what to make of it, I used to trust this company as putting out quality syrups. I had their salve & sprays in my basket and removed all when I received their reply refusing to address my question. That was strange. I'm sorry that's the best review I can honestly leave. I hope they will reply here or the labels will be updated or explained.

Thanks for your feedback!

Potent skin-beautifying agent: deeply hydrating, softening & pore improver

Posted by PurplePegasus on May 06, 2015 | Verified Purchase

I was initially disappointed in this. I wanted a glycolic liquid as instant dry skin dissolver to replace the AHA mask I currently use on my sand paper-dry skin. I thought this gel would be it but no. To give you an idea if this might work for you, I live in arid desert climate, have combination super oily and severly dry skin (yes, the worst of them all: imagine super rough dry skin that shines like an oil slick!) It's however not sensitive. I have severe MCS and this is 100% unscented to me. (I purchased in cool weather). Product stung mildly the first time where skin was raw. I expected this to burn, dry and peel my top layer and hopefully dimish a small patch of some old (but mild) poke marks on my cheek and fix my bumpy chin from a very acne prone youth. This doesn't do that. However, I noticed that this softens skin on contact and is not drying but deeply hydrating. After a week of using this daily, along with their evening moisturizer and Badger rose oil, my dryness is completely gone as these products act for a good 12+ hours. (I layer as follows: oil, then moisturizer and finish with this.) Not only that but horizontal neck lines are dimished on contact, my skin feeks like velvet, smooth and looks youthful and pores, formerly the size of moon craters, have now turned invisible and tight! This effect is, for now, temporary. Note that I am now middle aged. You need to have some problem to fix or, of course, you will not see results. With these 3 products, my skin looks a lot better than it did in my acne-prone 20's. NOTE: I have now tried Devita without the Badger rose oil, it was not nearly as effective on my dry skin. Same with using oil only. I am at an age where I need all 3 products to heal dryness for 12+ hrs. When climate goes humid, the oiliness comes back fast. Now, for the bad news: not finding the Devita Rx cream with multi-peptides and another serum I never got around to trying, I went to Devita's website: to my surprise, they have discontinued a lot of their fancy creams! Are these excellent products next? Is the company dismantling soon? I would buy all that iHerb has in stock but for one, I can't afford it and, two, I only have one face, so they'd expire before I could use them all, so I am passing the info here and letting you try them instead of keeping them all to myself, as I'd love to do. ;) My fear is logging in and finding out they've either been discontinued or worse, reformulated like Mychelle did theirs! I hope iHerb carries them forever because I hate to be disloyal to my favorite store but I am already going elsewhere for items that iHerb sadly has quit carrying. I hope I gave you enough details to decide if it might work for you too. Please do target your products to your own specific needs, skin type and climate. Hope it will improve your skin as much as it did mine. Here's to us all looking the best we can with what we got. Be well, everyone! :)

Thanks for your feedback!

Youthens skin fast! Also stops cold sores

Posted by PurplePegasus on Nov 10, 2012 | Verified Purchase

I bought this years ago & I guess I never reviewed it. I apply some powder with gel to my lip whenever a cold sore breaks out and it shortens the duration, stops the burning pain & even prevents outbreak if I apply it when my lip tingles. That's topically, I also would fill out a empty cap and take some. Recently I noticed my face seemed to be ageing prematurely due to steroid meds from years ago. A quick search told me this supplement rebuilds collagen if taken with proline and vit C, which I had both on hand. After almost 1 week of taking 1 cap of both aminos & 1 of whole food C both upon arising and before bed (on empty stomach), I no longer wake up with deep skin depressions and when I did at first, they plumped right back up. I found this info linked with a Dr. Linus Pauling and this is supposed to be a treatment for veins and high cholesterol which I'm plagued by so I hope this will help with clearing those arteries as I'm prone to vein pain and poor circulation. But so far as face/skin, this has got to be the world's best kept secret! No more need for fancy creams which don't work, and no chemicals here either. I love it!

Thanks for your feedback!

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