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I grew up eating ding dongs and iced pop tarts for breakfast. Fruit was something we saw a few times a year and vegetables were something out of a can that got cranked open, bacon fat added and then simmered for another hour. When I moved out on my own, I experimented with food and found that I rather enjoyed weird stuff that my family viewed as strange and undesirable. After marrying a gent 24 years older than myself, I began looking at food as nutrition and a tool for quality as well as longevity of life. My perspective changed. I began studying as a Naturopath. It was fun for a while then we got burned out and started eating poorly. We've been doing the latter for about 4 years now and have both come to the conclusion that we are tired of being overweight, out of shape and tired. I know too, that however icky we look on the outside it's just as bad on the inside and that concerns me more than my double chin and cellulite thighs! Here's to the beginning of our new life!

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Still a great product

Posted by reviewed on Jul 14, 2012 | Verified Purchase

The texture is different than the sugared version. The original version has a traditional gummy texture as you'd expect. These are more dense but still tasty. They have a little different aftertaste than the original but again, still good. My granddaughter is extremely taste and texture sensitive and she likes them. I like that they have less sugar. It says sugar free but there is a tiny amount. The serving size went down from 3 (4g) in the original to 2 (.5g) in the sugar free. Trickery aside I think this is a great product and like the lower sugar content.

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