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Posted by Reviewer1540113 on Feb 08, 2012 | Verified Purchase

The secondary reason I purchased this was due to the ability of Nopal Cactus to regulate blood sugar and eliminate sweet cravings. It seems to be helping there. Too soon to give a definitive answer. The PRIMARY reason is working like a charm. I've been taking a constipating medication for two years. (It has other applications.) Prior to that I could eat blueberries, apples, sprouted grain toast, any number of things to produce 'movement'. After the medicine, NOTHING worked. I have never been one to be in discomfort for days on end. It is an awful way to live. But, this WORKS! Reliably. None of the OTC stool softeners or multitude of other natural methods I tried have shown the results this little bottle does. I am so very glad I bought it!

Thanks for your feedback!

Love this

Posted by Reviewer1540113 on Nov 23, 2010 | Verified Purchase

I am like the other 56 y/o reviewer .. skin on arms has become thin, looking wrinkled. This lotion was a pleasure to use from the very first application. It is not at all greasy nor does it leave a sticky feeling. It soaks in completely. It aids the other lotions I apply to hands/arms as an effective base product. Those younger might get by with just this lotion. I will purchase again.

Thanks for your feedback!

Great bargain

Posted by Reviewer1540113 on Jan 28, 2012 | Verified Purchase

I love the taste of Pau d'Arco. I don't like sweet teas. Years ago a naturopath used it as one part of the candida diet. It needs to be boiled for a short time. I am using the same bark to make a second pot of tea. Recycle. Frontier is a great source for all kinds of good things.

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by Reviewer1540113 on Nov 16, 2010 | Verified Purchase

I ordered this because my multi was discontinued. I have used the Source Naturals regular Skin Eternal and love it. I don't think I'm going to re-order. The smell is offensive. The caps are actually too large. I had to break them in half at first to be able to swallow them. Age spots ARE fading and shrinking. Source Naturals makes a few other products that I would not want to live without. But this one needs to be re-evaluated by their development team.

Thanks for your feedback!

Repeat purchase

Posted by Reviewer1540113 on Nov 22, 2011 | Verified Purchase

This is my first order of this tea from iHerb. I bought the first locally, and like it so much, I'm getting more. It is very mild tasting and mild acting. But it works. (So many 'stop-smoking' things do not.) Anyone who has ever given up cigarettes knows how challenging it is. It feels good to have this in my tool box. ** Addition to original review. If you are still smoking and start drinking this tea in the AM, you will get a head start on clearing your lungs. That in turn will probably spur you on because you can already see results!

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by Reviewer1540113 on Jan 19, 2012 | Verified Purchase

This makes my skin soft and smooth. No adverse effect at all! Have reordered and will again. If you use natural oils (ie rose hip), use this over top for very good treatment.

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by Reviewer1540113 on Sep 12, 2013 | Verified Purchase

just trying it to see what it's like, I didn't want to smoke. There was no craving, and when I did smoke, there was no pleasure involved. I'll start my formal program in a few days. I am not worried at all, knowing this is going to be my method.

Thanks for your feedback!

No complaints

Posted by Reviewer1540113 on Jan 26, 2012 | Verified Purchase

I am unable to use Rx Retin A. It burns my skin. This, however, is very pleasant to use. I got a tiny amount of peel around my nose after using it two nights in a row. But my skin really needs exfoliation, so I don't mind at all. Retinol A is one of the few substances that has clinical results proving its effectiveness. And I am in love with Life Flo.

Thanks for your feedback!

I love this

Posted by Reviewer1540113 on Mar 03, 2015 | Verified Purchase

I haven't tried it in liquids yet. I am a cancer survivor, and I want to keep it that way, so I already have a lot of other teas and tonics to drink. I add it to my 'hemp yogurt'. I make a yogurt with hemp seeds, coconut, granola and hemp oil. This stirs right in and I can't really taste it as distinct. I think I can tell that it does make me feel stronger. I love it due to the ingredients. I need more of these than I practice eating. The powder fills the gaps in a big way.

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by Reviewer1540113 on Mar 12, 2015 | Verified Purchase

I am taking this for a compression fracture in my back. The silica helps repair, and it helps with pain. Less pain meds needed. It is not making my feet swell like the other brand did. Just started today; but so far my ankles are normal and it still works for pain.

Thanks for your feedback!

1-10 of 34 total

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