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Extra safe, extra cute: GREAT.

Posted by iHerb Customer on Mar 09, 2013 | Verified Purchase

These cute snack are just so so Perfect. I've order them because they are Petroleum-free material + made from plants. It's so hard to find non plastic snack cups. I have some stainless steel ( box + lids). I struggle to open them so they are useless for my daughter ( in fact she is so upset of non being able to open them that they are in a drawer). The glass ones (are heavy) + ALWAYS have plastic (that mean toxic for me) lids. I don't want BPA free plastic neither ( because it's even more toxic than the plastic with BPA. (You can check for the study on internet. I think there is only one study for now because the BPA warning is still very recent). I have some food storage in silicone ( there are few with the lid in silicone too but even the smallest aren't that small). So I end up with nothing for small portions and with a baby, this does not make life simplest. When I open the set I was delighted. I IMMEDIATELY open and close one. Just so so easy. Even a very young child could open it easily. In the mean time they close very well and easy ( I haven't try yet if they leak. In fact even if they leak I intend to use them to store a never ending list of stuff that don't leak). I love the touch of bio plastic. I've teach my daughter to notice material and being aware of the special quality of natural material. She doesn't like the smell and touch feeling from plastic. Since she is born I've try to make the home plastic safe. The house she live in is almost plastic free. Plastic is something she mostly only meet when she is not at home. Even her dolls are corn made and both smell vanilla. When we shop in supermarkets, she ask me to leave because it's so full of ugly items and that smell way too bad.I've teach her that if that does smell bad, that mean it's bad. She isn't 3 years old, but she knows that for a sure fact. Trust me this tiny princess really doesn't like plastic. I was still checking the cups when she find them. She grabs the blue one ( her favorite color) and scream in delighted: "A non plastic cup for my ice creeammm!" (In New Zealand, organic ice cream is packed plastic packaging.). She was so exited she had to call her dad about this wonderful discovery. Dad really doesn't care that much but she was over the moon. In case that does matter to you the color of the 4 jars in this girl set are: - Pink - Purple - Blue - green ( this one is the fourth cup you don't see on the picture). All colors are very soft colors ( Plants dyes if I remember right what I've read from the packaging). The picture on Iherb give a more flashy color but they are pastel colors. In a world where marketing does flashy pink barbie items only for girl it's just so relaxing. My daughter is OK with pink but she isn't a pink fanatic at all. Doing shopping avoiding pink and plastic you a loooot of money. I have ask my daughter which was her favorite color. For the set she made an exception, she love them all, even the pink. They are all extra cute for a tiny girl and make life so easy if you're a plastic paranoiac like me. In case you're not a plastic fighter, try them, you may fall in love with bio plastic ;o) I'm going to order many more. Even the boy set because there is an orange one in the boy set. I'll need more colors to stock the natural play dough ( we are going to be able to make now that I've finally manage to find a non plastic jar that she can open by herself). They are so handy to store anything ( play dough, hair pins, ice cream in baby size, yoghourt ( the cup are slightly bigger than a 100gr yoghourt) but they are perfect if you buy big size white yoghourt than add your own fruits. They are also great for the bath ( my daughter have silicone toys for the bath and until now she didn't have any jars to play in the bath). They are never ending uses for them. They ARE dishwasher safe ( but if you want them to last wash them by hand). Thanks A LOT IHerb for having them on stock. I hope you'll not discontinued them too soon.

Thanks for your feedback!

Excellent, a soft cuddle toy that look like the real animal

Posted by iHerb Customer on Apr 18, 2011 | Verified Purchase

I love the Jane Goodall Wild Animal collection. What a brilliant idea to make toys that look like animal ( if not in size at least in shape) rather than these never ending toys stylized who are related to real animal only with imagination. What a perfect way to teach life and to mimic it.My princess can fall in love with a gorilla who actually looks like a gorilla. I'm Miyim addict. I wish they extend their range of toys because they are the cutest and softest safe cuddle toys you van dream about even in the organic range, they are all special and my princess favorite.

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Delicious and easy GF Pancakes

Posted by iHerb Customer on Oct 28, 2014 | Verified Purchase

This GF pancake mix is perfect: - No plastic in the packaging (the brand I was using before was in a plastic bottle). - The mix is easy to use and lumps free. - I mix the fresh & liquid ingredients ( coconut milk & Oil + honey + egg) and fill a silicone bottle. - My 4 years old daughter cook them and have great fun. - We use a pancake pan which make 6 baby pancakes ( 5 cm / 1 inch diam). - It's fast, easy and mess free. - My daughter is Gluten sensitive + I don't want her to have dairy or to eat sugar. So we are mostly fruit and vegetable eaters. She don't eat sugar except from fruits. The honey added to the pancake make them sweet enough to eat even without Marple sirup. - I don't cook anymore very elaborate dishes as we eat raw and juice a lot. I like the pancake mix because it's for my daughter a fun way to discover ( very basic) cooking. - In baby size, the time she fill the 7 holes the first one is almost cooked so she don't have to wait ( her level of patience is not the highest yet) so it's very rewarding because she can flip them without my help ( she learn to do it the second time after she witness me and some advices). It make her very proud of what she achieve because the shape is cute ( thanks to the pan) and they taste so nice ( thanks to the mix). She also know I don't want her to have junk food ( the older I become what is not junk food shrink dramatically especially because of her) so despite there is so many forbidden ingredients in her diet those ones are OK as far as she doesn't eat them daily. I don't have any Gluten sensitivity and I do like break but I don't have anymore time to bake bread and I never try GF bread. Outrider the home there is non GF products everywhere and I don't want her to be frustrated for not been able to enjoy them. In fact I use the GF pancake mix to prevent frustration. teach her to be careful with fire and hot pan, have fun cooking...and been responsible: She eat the pancake only at the end of her breakfast when she is almost not hungry anymore. It's a very educational treat for her. She monitor the stock and make sure we never run out. The delivery of the Iherb order for them is always a great joy. I'm so glad they ship worldwide.

Thanks for your feedback!

1-3 of 3 total