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Real intestinal help

Posted by iHerb Customer on Nov 13, 2007 | Verified Purchase

Natren is by and far a step ahead of the rest IMO. For 4 months I lived with upper stomach pressure just under my ribs at the diaphram level and then about 2 am it wuld go to my back with severe pain. Heat was only thing that began to relieve any pain. Daily diahrea. I couldn't afford to go to the doctor at that time. At the end of the 4 month period of pain I got a loan from a private source against my property. I was dieing here by this time. I had gained 25 lbs and hadn't been eating hardly anything. To make matters worse I had a bad tooth and had to take antibiotics. Remeber that word and the "anti" part. Just remember it as anti-good, as it destroys the good bacteria in the GI. Then I got sick and vomitted. Now I've got a surgical scar hernia sticking out of my stomach a little...just where you can feel it with you finger.Long story getting shorter, I finally got funds and am going to the doc. My doc is towards natural healing and is very well rounded in medical science,chinese and alternative medicine.He varifies I have a hernia. Up unitl the time I go to the doc, I'm searching the internet for diagnosis and information on my condition. I take notes and learn how the GI works and what the actual lining dos in the process. I develope a self treatment and start it. I had been taking probiotics that were expensive and refrigerated in our local grocery store. I go to the doc and he says take more probiotics among other things. It didn't seem to make any difference. So I search online and find Natren and read the info on their site. Then I ordered a book that they have and gain more info. One of the remedies ( oil of oregano) the doc has me try makes my stomach burn so I quit taking that and start my own regiment of among other things cabbage juice. I had some money now so I went and bought a juicer for my cabbage. After 2 weeks I report back to the doc and he documents all what I'm taking...including the Natren probiotics. The pain in my back was good reason for him to order scans for mid-section and aorta position and make sure it wasn't causing my back pain. By the time I got to the scans I'm just about pain free inside. The back pain subsided and I was sleeping later and later through the night. This is about 2 weeks into my regiment, which includes Natren probiotics. The scans showed at least 3 hernias in the scar line of the surgery and a sliding hiatal hernia. I've used this product in the course of healing and then reconditioning my GI tract (and have a doctor that verified what I was taking and my results. This is after having ulcer surgery almost 3 years ago. The ulcer was from NSAIDS and quad shot mochas. Enjoy the buzz while you can if you drink them :0) Without probiotics MOST people have too much bad bacteria in their GI tract. I highly recommend Natren Probiotics. Now my doctor uses them too. He says he loves it when I walk into his office because he learns something everytime. Don't you wish all doctors were that open minded!

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