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Posted by iHerb Customer on Aug 22, 2011 | Verified Purchase

Be warned: The main ingredient in this product is Fructose. (Levulose - as listed on ingredients) is just a fancy name for fructose. Fructose is cheap and easy to purchase. But not very good for you. Lo Han is something quite different - low G.I. , an antioxidant, immune enhancing, almost zero calories. Fructose is pure badness in comparison. I don't know how a health food company could sell such stuff with a good conscience. I will never, ever again purchase anything from Trimedica again. This - for people who have to follow a low GI, low calorie or low carbohydrate diet - is actually a pretty wicked thing to do. A label that loudly shouts about Lo Han. A blurb that lists all the virtues of Lo Han. And then the small print: Proprietary blend of Levulose and Lo Han. (As the levulose is listed first there is the most of it) - and still they try to hide the fact it is fructose by calling it a fancy name ie Levulose. Shame on Trimedica. I have been using this product for a while in good faith and trust only to learn it is actually pretty fraudulent.

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The taste is impossible!

Posted by iHerb Customer on Apr 24, 2010 | Verified Purchase

I am NO wimp when it comes to health foods. Juice spirulina, swallow clay by the teaspoon, take herbs by the teaspoon rather than capsules. And I imagine this stuff is super healthy. But the taste! Oh my the taste! Like sulphurous wind mixed with the worst of beans. I cannot manage it. Not regularly. In an emergency yest. But simply not do-able on a daily basis. And I am usually pretty brave with this sort of stuff. Maybe it would work if you mixed it with bananas and juice and stuff. But that is not the point for me. It is supposed to be healthy and convenient ALL ON ITS OWN. And all on its own, it is simply too unpleasant to drink. Yuk! Back to the spirulina, flax oil and clay.Yum by comparison.

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Good long term results

Posted by iHerb Customer on May 11, 2009 | Verified Purchase

Soothing and helpful. I use this along with Natural Calm magnesium, and over a period of several weeks or even months it settled my gut - had sever IBS with severe constipation - and sometimes nothing much helped at all. Some may get short term benefit - for me it too several weeks to see full results. If you have a lot of gut problems, then I would also recommend lots of probiotics (iflora, dr Ohhira and Primal Defence are the very best on Iherb) and maybe consider 1 daily of Jarrow Glutathione and a few teaspoons a day of Permavite (which really also helps to heal the gut lining.) Good luck

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Great stuff

Posted by iHerb Customer on Jul 15, 2007 | Verified Purchase

Really works. What I would say to anyone who has sleep difficulties is that different sleep remedies work for different people. That is because there are so many different casues of the imbalance which causes insommnia. For some, valerain works great. For others it is GABA. Theanine works for many but certainly not all. Lots of magnesium and calcium works for some. Hops, lemon balm, chamomile in combination are useful for certain people. And I have found that Zizyphus, the main ingredidient in this Jarrow forumula - is great for certain types of insommnia. This absolutely not just "another herb". It has properties beyond that - the Chinese believe it helps sleeplessness caused by an imbalance in the heart energies. Certainly helps me and even during the day sometimes if I need more calm. By bottom line advice is to try DIFFERENT remedies. The address different issues and one of them is likely to work even if the frst few do not. And there is also evidence that adding a few ingredients together helps better as they work synergistically. Best of luck. Snore , Snore.

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By far the best anti-inflammatory on the market

Posted by iHerb Customer on Apr 19, 2011 | Verified Purchase

Work brilliantly. First most prescribed product in my clinic. Used to use New Chapter Zyflammend - check out the amazing reviews on that for staggeringly effective reduction of pain and inflammation. But this product appears to work exactly as well at only 65% of the price (considering the tablets contain more active ingredient each). For many of my patients, the on going cost of high dose natural anti-inflammatories (works best at 2 tablets 3x per day and long term minimum of 2 tablets 2x per day) is a real consideration. Hence these make it more affordable to remain flexible and pain free over very many years. All the the ingredients known to down regulate those pesky immune complexes and messengers that cause all the trouble, are contained in one tablet. And the right amount of the active ingredient is always included. 300% better than trying to buy the ingredients individually. Cheaper. And as they work synergistically (enhance each other), you get much better effect all round with a broad spectrum pill such as these. VERY highly recommended. BUT appears to be out of stock at least 50% of the time!!!!!! Enough to make me wonder if Iherb is really selling it or rather keen we continue to purchase Zyflammend (which also works brilliantly - just more expensive).

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Posted by iHerb Customer on Apr 26, 2010 | Verified Purchase

This is a truly outstanding product at a remarkable price. A One-Stop-Shop for complete cold and flu care. The main ingredients are all backed by solid, repeated scientific research as being anti-viral, anti-bacterial and boosting the immune system to fight acute infections. Olive leaf extract is one of the most reliable anti-virals in the world. Arabinogalactacs (larch extract) has outstanding immune boosting properties. Allisure - the allicin extract of garlic - is far and away the most powerful form of garlic (up to 200x more powerful than ordinary garlic extracts as allicin is usually only found in tiny amounts in garlic and is the most powerful anti-microbial element). Oregano oil speaks for itself - anti viral, anti bacterial, anti fungal. A brilliant all-rounder. And Elderberry is one of the more reliable anti-virals. You'll note I am emphasizing viruses - as this is what nearly all colds and flues are, this is what you want to hit hard. But this will also be useful for primary or secondary bacterial issues such as strep throat. I have given this to numerous clients with great success. Take is as early as possible in the onset of illness and it will often stop it in its tracks. At very least it will shorten the duration. Outstanding stuff in a small softgel and a great price. For $14 you have one stop solution to carry in your bag through the winter months.

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Posted by iHerb Customer on Aug 06, 2009 | Verified Purchase

I have several chronic health conditions, all of which will "age" me faster than my years. Taking antioxidants to boost health and youthfulness is a MUST in such situations. This stuff is extraordinary! It contains every antioxidant you could imagine and some that are rare but amongst the most powerful ever discovered. The fact is has mycrohydrin H is awe-inspiring. Usually only specialist websites dedicated to life extension sell this sort of stuff. And Carnosine - a very high end, expensive antioxidant that has particular brain cell protective qualities. The list is endless. The vitamin E it has is the right form - the more expensive but more potent form. Every plant derived polyphenol and antioxidant imaginable (silymarin, grape skin extract etc). Bravo. This replaces 25 different supplements I was previously taking. I cannot say enough about it. If it the quantities listed are acurate, then the price is a BARGAIN. This is top-end, top-notch stuff that gives me energy and clarity of thought like no other. Stream-line your life and get this amazing life insurance policy. Thank you Source Naturals!

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One of the best

Posted by iHerb Customer on Jan 09, 2009 | Verified Purchase

I work as a nutritionist and this is one product I most regulary recommend and with most confidence. About 60% of the time I get back good reports. In the real world a 60% success rate is oustanding. I know lots of manufacturers make lots of claims about their neutraceuticals - but they are only ever talking about the success stories. In reality, most things, only help a small percentage of people. But Zyflammend is one of those things that really makes a noticable difference and fairly quickly. It is great with inflammatory sort of pain - old aching joints and limbs. Bad backs. Arthritis that sort of thing. I would add that if you have inflammatory pain then you MUST also treat yourself regularly with proteolytic enzyme therapy. These are enzymes that eat proteins and clean up inflammatory immune complexes. Thus, they go right to the heart of the cause of the pain. There are lots out there, but some I like are Virastop, Wobenzyme, Nattokinase, and those with high amounts of protease in them. Just be very careful to take them away from food or they'll end up digesting food in your stomach and won't get in the the blood to do the anti-inflammatory clean up. If you're really keen of reducing immune complexes in your blood to reduce pain then there is a stand out European product called Rechtsregulat. It is made of cascade fermented fruit and vegetables and sometimes work miracles especially where there is blood coagulation. I don't know if/where it is available in the USA. Wish Iherb would stock it. Good Luck.

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Brilliant De-Toxifier

Posted by iHerb Customer on Jul 12, 2009 | Verified Purchase

Chitosan may have a long history of use for removing neurotoxins and endotoxins. But this form of it has a good low molecular weight, meaning much better absorption. For anyone struggling with Lyme, Autism, Mold injury - and you think you may be dealing with neurtoxicity, biotoxins etc - you should read the work of Dr Richie Shoemaker. He recommends Cholestyramine therapy - which he says is very effective. But it can be hard to take for various reasons (bloating, constipation, gluten sensitivity). Some alternative doctors are having success using this product instead. It is certainly hightly regarded in the alternative and naturopathic world as a powerful toxin-binding agent.

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High Potency and very effective

Posted by iHerb Customer on Oct 26, 2009 | Verified Purchase

Contains a brilliant combination of all of the Ayuvedic herbs found in Triphala ( a thousand year old remedy and proven by modern science) plus all of the ingredients found anti-parasite formulation recommended by Dr Hulga Clarke and Dr Christopher. As such, it is a superb Two-in-One product that supports the digestive tract in multiple ways: cleansing, killing parasites, strengthening the walls of the gut, soothing, promoting beneficial bacteria and more. You would have to purchase several products at once to the the same job and at $18 for 120 LARGE 800mg tablets, it is really very good value for money. For me, it has replaced a lot of bottles in my cupboard, keeps my bowel moving and healthy and helped get rid of nagging infections/invaders. And Planetary Herbals is a reliable, honest company specialising in such Ayurvedic products. Great product.

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