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No more heart palpitations !

Posted by Reviewer2494531 on Nov 01, 2011 | Verified Purchase

I just turned 50 YO. Ive been taking Kaneka UbiquiNONE for 3 years. Ive had heart problems for the last 8 years and its been steadily been getting worse. in the last 2 years Ive had 3 episodes of many days of paplitations,arrhythmia and racing heart. The last episode 3 weeks ago was for 4 days,Scarred the crap out of me!!! I couldnt exercise as I normally would. I could hardly do anything. I would break out in a sweat and couldnt breath properly from walking 100 meters to the mailbox,when i walk 5K's 4 times a week. Also during this time,to try and feel my pulse in my left wrist was almost impossible. Its was so weak. So after doing some more research,i found out that Ubiquinol is what the body uses/needs after it converts it from Ubiquinone. However i had been taking over 200mgs of Kaneka Ubiquinone every day for nearly 3 years. As one researcher pointed out,some people cannot convert Ubiquinone TO Ubiquinol. I am also an undermethylator. So i ordered some Kaneka Ubiquinol,Healthy Origins. I know you will find this hard to believe,but 6 hours after my first 100mg tablet ,80% of my palpitations,arrhythmia and racing heart STOPPED. I couldnt believe it. My poor heart has been starving to death from a lack of CoQ10 Ubiquinol. Since starting this Ubiquinol,Ive learnt that it comes in hydrosoluble Q10 by Tishcon...thats 3 times more absorbed than standard Ubiquinol! Then there is lyposomal,which is 90% absorbed directly into the cells. Im trying that next. If you are using Ubiquinone from any company,you are wasting your time and money..its old technology. I know i used it for nearly 3 years. Go straight for hydrosoluble or lyposomal Ubiquinol. Do it for your heart !..no matter your age.

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Great product..BUT !..its coated with a banned plastic !

Posted by Reviewer2494531 on Sep 21, 2012 | Verified Purchase

Ive only been using this for a short time and so has my 71 YO mother. We have both felt better only after 2-3 weeks. The problem is,we wont be using this brand again because of the enteric coating which is made of a banned plastic ! Can you believe that. ALL of doctors best enteric coatings are made of "hpmcp" which was banned from childrens toys in 2003. What retarded person in DrBest then thought it would be OK to use it to put it into our body. Idiots. So here is their email. PLEASE tell them you are not happy with "hpmcp" and maybe they will change the enteric coating to high dencity cellulose which is NOT harmfull. info@drbvitamins.com Its outrageous that this coating is used in ALL their products. Plastic has serious side effects on hormones. WE DO NOT WANT THIS ON OUR SUPPLEMENTS ! ------------------> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * 8-12-2013 - RESPONSE FROM: Doctor's Best: We regret the miscommunication to iHerb because Doctor’s Best removed the usage of Hydroxy propyl Methyl cellulose- Phthalate (“hpmcp”) in Q4 2012. All Doctor’s Best Serrapeptase products are currently manufactured with a specially designed Serrateric™ system which encapsulates the Serrapeptase ingredient itself; not the capsule. Serrateric™ is a non-GMO natural coating-free acid protection system. Serrateric™ is a combination of approved food additives (self-affirmed GRAS) that work to provide gastric protection for pH sensitive enzymes without the need for additional coating. The Serrateric™ system dissolves by coming in contact with bile salts found only in the small intestine assuring bio-absorption of the Serrapeptase active ingredient past the stomach pH environment. Doctor’s Best does not believe the products provided previously were unsafe but we do recognize advances in science and technology afford us the ability to consistently improve our products and formulations. We sincerely believe we have partnered with our manufacturer to develop the safest and most effective Serrapeptase product on the market.

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Better than prozac

Posted by Reviewer2494531 on Jan 03, 2011 | Verified Purchase

One of the most important parts of the methylation cycle for helping depression. Must have ! Noticed differnace in 10 days.

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Great for better sleep.

Posted by Reviewer2494531 on Nov 02, 2014 | Verified Purchase

"According to the Supplement Facts tab on our Copper Sebacate product page: there will be 3mg of elemental Copper as 22mg of Copper Sebacate. What this will mean is there are 22mg of the total compound Copper Sebacate, and within that compound there will be 3mg of elemental copper." The above is directly from the company as i asked about the front saying 22mg,but 3mg on the back. This explains why you only get 3mg of copper,not 22mg,which is why one tablet every day. This has helped me sleep deeper and longer. 5 hours in a row!! Take just before bed and with as few as possible other supps. Looking forward to seeing if it will reverse grey hair as copper feeds hair color.

Thanks for your feedback!

Great stuff

Posted by Reviewer2494531 on Mar 05, 2014 | Verified Purchase

This product is great. I use it every day as part of the "fat flush" diet. I buy all the things i need for this "diet" from iherb. Rice protein,pea protein CLA and blackcurrent seed oil. All of which is helping me loose weight. This rice protein is the best you can get. This is because the rice is germinated AND fermented. All phytates are gone this way. Phytates in grains stop your body from absorbing nutrients. All other rice proteins are not germinated,so the phytates remain and your body gets lots less than it should. Germination then fermentation significantly increase nutrients like the amino acid profile. If you doubt this,compare the label with other rice proteins. I hope this company produces a pea protein using this same method,Germination then fermentation. Allergies to pea would then be gone via this method. The price for the 3 LB is great ! Literally 3lbs for the price of 2lb. The shipping from iherb to Australia is amasing. I buy many items at great prices. Thanks iherb!

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Stops heart palpitations

Posted by Reviewer2494531 on Jan 03, 2011 | Verified Purchase

Stops heart palpitations,1 gram a day.

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Inositol for depression,better mood and energy

Posted by Reviewer2494531 on Jun 07, 2011 | Verified Purchase

I bought this from iherb because of reviews and research saying they help mood and energy. I have a missing gene that stops proper methylation("undermethylator"),so I ve had mood and depression problems all my life. Its only day 3 after taking 1/4 teaspoon before bed..and im feeling differant already ! ;-) You also have to also deal with methyl donors like TMG,B12(which i self inject) AND Methylfolate from Solgar,all of which you can get from iherb. JUST DO IT !..you will feel so much better ! Shipping to Australia takes only 3-4 days !

Thanks for your feedback!

Get the most out of this by an infusion

Posted by Reviewer2494531 on Oct 16, 2013 | Verified Purchase

If one is to get the most from this,as with nettle "tea" that you can buy here,one must make an infusion. Its like making tea,but you must allow it to sit for a minimum of 4 hours. Best to leave overnight. 1 OZ/28 grams of herb per quart/liter of water. I heat water to only 80C like making green tea. You get heaps more out of the herb if you infuse it. Ive proved it. You feel the difference. If you only allow 10 minutes,when you strain it,the dried milky tops have not dissolved properly. But an overnight infusion DOES even dissolve those. There is lots of goodness in those milky dried tops as well. This brand has "milky tops" and thats a good thing. It indicates it was picked at its best time in growth cycle.If something takes 6 months to grow,is it going to give up most of whats in it in 10 minutes? Dont think so. Try an infusion and see the difference it makes. The prices here are excellent and shipping to Australia is just the same as in Australia for the same thing. Bonza Mate!

Thanks for your feedback!

Great for energy

Posted by Reviewer2494531 on Mar 13, 2011 | Verified Purchase

I have CFS. Take 4 1st thing in the morning alone with 1tbs of coconut oil. Swish the oil into a mixture with water in the mouth 30 mins before work-out. It really helps with energy production ! My walks are no longer a terrible effort.

Thanks for your feedback!

Great for weight lose...and calmness.

Posted by Reviewer2494531 on Feb 11, 2014 | Verified Purchase

Along with Pea protein also from iherb in the "fat flush" diet Im losing weight. But being germinated helps put many beneficial things into it. Im a lot calmer. Things dont aggravate me as much. I use it every day from now on ! And the shipping costs being so reasonable,is a great incentive. I will keep buying it as long as iherb keeps supplying it.

Thanks for your feedback!

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