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Nice but

Posted by Rosiee on Nov 08, 2010 | Verified Purchase

Was pretty good but still not that sweet and nice like from what i expected from papaya but very healthy indeed

Thanks for your feedback!

Meiocre in my opinion...

Posted by Rosiee on Jul 11, 2012 | Verified Purchase

Shook it and sprayed several times into the air(it really does "fill up" a room), but didn't like the smell at all... Sure, you can recognize the Jasmine, but it's not that awesome natural smell, that I am looking for. It's hard to describe it, but you can tell the "unnaturalness", if I can say it this way. This or maybe I was with higher expectations, that usual after using Heritage Product's Rose Petals Rose Water. You can spray this rose water product in your eyes (and it is actually beneficial). This one - I would never spray it on body, let alone face/eyes.

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The best tongue cleaner around! Does tremendous job.

Posted by Rosiee on Nov 22, 2012 | Verified Purchase

Here is my video review review to see my opinion on it: http://youtu.be/AU8JT9FBac0

Thanks for your feedback!

Awful Smell.

Posted by Rosiee on Sep 17, 2012 | Verified Purchase

Last time I bought a bottle of these, the softgel's contents had terrible, rancid smell. To make matters worse, I discovered that fact, when I was already through half the container, putting in my body this unworthy product. According to the expiration date listed on the bottle, it still had several months of good use, but I guess the raw product used for this batch was not on the necessary level. After some time I "bumped" into this item once again, this time in iHerb's Super Specials section. It was a good deal and I've read quite a few articles praising the krill oil, stating how superior it is to the fish oil and so on. So I pulled the trigger and bought the stuff again. This time, when it arrived, the first thing I did was to chew one softgel to see if this time it was all good. Well, fortunately the nasty smell was replaced with the regular "fishy" smell. It is not a pleasant smell, but at least I can tell it was fresh. A month later and the bottle was finitó. Frankly, I didn't feel any better compared to when I was on regular fish oil. Maybe it would take longer time to notice any difference. Maybe it contains more antioxidants per gram. Maybe.Maybe.Maybe. To see for myself it will cost me time and money with uncertain results. That's why I am ditching the krill oil for good and return to regular fish oil (the one offered by Natural Factors is pretty concentrated and the New Chapter Salmon oil is of exceptional quality) and sometimes plant based omega formulas (flax oil, borage, evening primrose) for a change.

Thanks for your feedback!

Decent taste and great ingredients.

Posted by Rosiee on Jul 12, 2012 | Verified Purchase

I am not a baby, but decided to give this baby food a try, especially since some of my favorite foods are Sweet potatoes, blueberry and pumpkin. The taste is balanced, definitely not (too) sweet and I mostly feed the Apple and Pumpkin's flavor. Overal, it's very nice and healthy, but I guess I prefer the freshly prepared equavalent.

Thanks for your feedback!

High quality, excellent taste, good price.

Posted by Rosiee on May 11, 2012 | Verified Purchase

This sauce has very nice taste and it really (for me) isn't too sweet and the fact, that grape juice is used to sweeten it is very good fact to hear, although stevia might have been even better choice. But still - the Glycemic Index is low enough and I like to consume it with yogurt/cereal/ice cream topping etc.

Thanks for your feedback!

Fresh product with great properties (and smell) !

Posted by Rosiee on Jun 08, 2012 | Verified Purchase

When I was ordering this product I didn't expect it to be such an awesome product. I don't use garlic powder that often (I prefer the fresh one), but I decided to give this product a try partly because I have tried the paprika powder from the same brand and was left with great impression and partly because I need powder in some new dishes I am currently trying. I have to say, that this one is definitely worth it. It is not bland and the garlic smell and taste is there (in a good way)! There are many dishes, that benefit from putting garlic in it (I like mainly the Mediterranean) and this product won't be a waste of money or a "meal-spoiler". It's more expensive, than the other brands offered here, in iHerb, but I think it's worth it to try and then decide whether or not you want to continue purchasing it. Overall: here are my pros and cons: + Glass bottle + High Quality + Not Chinese garlic (unlike several other brands) + Taste isn't washed out + Reputable brand - Somewhat small package - A little bit pricier.

Thanks for your feedback!

Didnt experience the expected results

Posted by Rosiee on Sep 26, 2010 | Verified Purchase

This product worked when i started to take it (experienced gas, bloating) but still it did not work in the way i would like to be( laxative effect). The potency is not one of the highest too considering that there are products with 30-50 billion per capsule(this having only one).

Thanks for your feedback!

Tremendous coffee, packed with precious medicinal mushrooms.

Posted by Rosiee on Jul 12, 2012 | Verified Purchase

I always liked the coffee smell, but never liked its taste. This one though - it's different! First of all - its healthy and packs mushrooms, which I also use as standalone products. And the way I prepare it - it's a little piece of heaven! Goat milk + 1 measuring spoon of this coffee + 1 measuring spoon of herbal coffee (it's not decaffeinated coffee, but HERBAL based coffee. It's available here on iHerb. Search for "herbal coffee alternative") + a little bit stevia (I recommend the "NuNaturals" one, since it really is nonbitter and taste great) , stir and ENJOY heavenly tasting healthy coffee. P.S. some may like to add vanilla (if you like its flavor) and that's okay, but I like it this way VERY much!

Thanks for your feedback!

Unbelievable price on legendary product!

Posted by Rosiee on Jul 12, 2012 | Verified Purchase

Bilberry is definitely one of my favorite foods and I try to ear it whenever possible, but when the natural form isn't available, I like to supplement with product like this one. And 21st Century's (and because of iHerb) price is just incredibly affordable and around half the price of similar products. I just purchased it and I can't tell muh about its properties, but when I do have more insights about it, I will update this review! Thaks iHerb for offering these great products on amazng prices!

Thanks for your feedback!

41-50 of 66 total

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