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Health of the people. It is very important. In health care. I started eating, exercise and adequate rest. But for many people to work or other daily activities. Making it impossible to take care of myself completely in everything. Therefore, food supplements and vitamins. Therefore play a role. The additional nutrients in the body has not fully completed. However, food supplements and vitamins that The study results will be. To each type of vitamin. Whether by consulting with doctors, nutritionists Internet or books are people who eat it. And reviews of me being able to write to each of the vitamin. Before I came to eat. I have studied the benefits for the body to get well. The results obtained after intake. Hope that I have written to them. May be useful for those who want to study. The effectiveness of vitamins or supplements I've eaten it. The choice to decide what to eat.

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Help to sleep easier and sleep longer. Waking up with a fresh and clear mind.

Posted by Somtit on Jun 29, 2012 | Verified Purchase

GABA is an amino acid produced in the process. decarboxylation of amino acids (glutamic acid) acid is a key role in acting as a neurotransmitter. (Neurotransmitter) in the central nervous system. In addition, GABA is a neurotransmitter of inhibitor (inhibitor) is served to balance in the brain that are stimulated, which helps the brain to relax and sleep. It also serves to stimulate the endocrine glands (anterior pituitary), which produces hormones that help in the growth (HGH), causing the tissue. The muscles were tight and lipotropic agent which prevents accumulation of fat. Consumption of GABA can prevent brain damage. The beta amyloid peptide. (Beta-amyloid peptide), which causes loss of memory (Al Palmer) in the medical use of GABA for the treatment of disorders of the nervous system and various diseases such as anxiety, insomnia patients. epilepsy. How to eat it. Of the normal sleep is difficult. And are sensitive to sound. But after I tasted it. I sleep easier. And sleep longer. Waking up with a fresh and clear mind.

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The benefits are worth the price.

Posted by Somtit on Jun 30, 2012 | Verified Purchase

Vitamin C Ester (Ascorbyl Palmitate) antioxidant efficiency. Vitamin C Ester is fat-soluble vitamins. We retain the nutritional value and long lasting surface. Not fall on my environment. And antioxidant properties. The advantage like armor to protect skin from free radicals. Reduce the destruction of the cells 40 to 60% on skin exposed to sunlight. Vitamin C Ester serves to stimulate collagen. This is like the structure of the skin and elastin (Elastin), thus providing flexibility to the skin. Reduce wrinkles. It also reduces melanin or Melanie Min. With the clear white light. Make your skin look younger. Skin and skin from the inside out naturally. Is gentle to the skin. Does not cause irritation to the stomach. The result of eating. Reduce the incidence of influenza can. The skin is smooth and cost effective. For those with a stomach irritation.

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Reduce wrinkles. Generate new skin cells. Clear, radiant skin. It also reduces pain and knee pain.

Posted by Somtit on Jun 30, 2012 | Verified Purchase

Increasing collagen and elastin that are missing from the cell surface. It keeps the skin healthy radiant skin collagen and elasticity to the skin. And helps retain moisture that is lost. Reduce moisture loss of skin cells. The wrinkle reduction and wake up. Help build the connective tissue under the skin, bones, teeth, cartilage, skin, cornea and scar tissue that requires a vitamin C helps in skin and nails. Products of this collagen. Containing ascorbic acid was mixed with Which reinforces the collagen is absorbed better. Fully and effectively. The wife has to eat. Note that some of the wrinkles. Skin smooth and soft. It also helps reduce knee pain as well.

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1-3 of 3 total